1. @Daniel Eagan Donald Trump doesn’t know anything he just does things and he is always wrong always lies constipated most of the time and can’t even pass a cognitive test 😃😄😆.



    4. @Alfred Basurto “nobody cares about a few humvees or drones.”
      F-16’s, Abrams tanks, artillery pieces, drones and MLRS’. You are right, no one cares about hummers when they were left will a fully equipped army.

  1. This is what the majority of their population want. It might not make sense to you but it makes sense to them.

    1. @SkyLizardGirl
      I can do more by mocking Islam here in the West.
      Every time you do not condemn Islam, then you support the Taliban

    2. The same people crying outrage against the taliban here are in the next breath trashing isreal and praising Palestine

  2. Taliban: “We have changed. We are modern. We will let girls go to school.”
    Everyone: “No one’s that stupid to believe you.:
    Stable Genius: “The Taliban are our friends! They’ll help us fight terrorists!”
    Everyone: 🤦🤷

    1. @Vladimir Putin _Are you taking hard drugs or does your brain not work correctly?_ In other words, you have nothing to add. Do you? Do you know anything or have a comment that means anything?

  3. Wake up we should had done better, but they soldier ran in gave up why we train them for nothing……

  4. Ironic the comments from Americans when the Christians in their country want to do the same thing with Christian Dominion.

    1. While the Talibanization of Afghanistan is of concern, of far greater concern is the Talibanization of America by Reich-wing plutocrats, Reich-wing media, Reich-wing demagogues, Reich-wing politicians and Christian nationalists.

  5. The things we take for granted like education and opportunities
    for girls and women just don’t exist for millions around the world.
    Wasn’t that long ago in the so-called civilized world either.

    1. neither it is in USA in many areas…. Unless you are talking of schooling, in the sense of having the possibility of parking children in a building for a certain amount of hours per day, given that in certain areas physics or other subjects are not part of the curriculum or that there are books which have nothing to do with scientific facts and these are used to teach science in some states of the union….

  6. Ok….here we go…. We cry save the women of Afghanistan….. But you don’t think we should save the women and children that are starving from other countries….. We alone can not save the world !!!! Here is an idea… Trump said he could do it all alone…. Send him there and let him…take care of them….

    1. Hahahahahahaha. And if the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and 3 percenters wanna hail their beloved American and Confederacy Flags there, let them go fight the Talibans. Ooops… these guys are only bold when on American soil

  7. we left….I wouldn’t call that a “loss”, the evacuations were botched for sure. Trump pulled the plug last year…by 2016, we stopped most offensive actions anyway

    1. It’s worse than a loss, it’s an embarrassment. Hard to be embarrassed when you have no standards.

    2. MOre than ‘botched’, titanic sized breakdown in leadership, strategy, dereliction of duty on many levels. Otherworldly stupidity throughout… why give up Bagram Air Base before our personnel and citizens have been evacuated? That’s insanity! Trump would never had let it deteriorate like this, unimaginable. This is on Biden and those clowns aka Joint Chiefs of Staff, they should all resign in disgrace and Biden should be forced out of office, as he’ll never resign.

    1. Women are stoned for adultery, but I’m glad that you support a woman getting slapped in the face with a toothbrush because she talked back to her husband

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith You have a very innocent viewpoint at what actually happens. 6 years ago, one woman was passed around between the village men, then her arms and legs were chopped up in 6 inch pieces and tossed about the village center as a warning to the rest of the women. That’s something we have nightmares about that they view as ‘normal’.

    3. @Manabozo
      I was mocking his comment.

      You are right. The Quran is horrible when it comes to women
      2:223 (women are tikthes)
      4:34 (beating of women)
      Bukhari 229-232 (Aisha washing his clothes)
      Bukhari 5134 (aisha married)

  8. It’s easy to identify the cowardly leaders abroad. We have cowardly leaders domestically after 2 impeachments, a legal election and an inserection. What memo didn’t the Republican party understand or is fear greater than integrity

    1. Own your President Biden and his disaster of an administration you coward. You voted for this.

    2. @Win Big with Lena & Mike own your 45 negotiating with known terrorists and inviting them to Camp David. Creating an impossible situation to effectively extract our people and our Afghan allies. Biden didn’t cause the train wreck, 45 set it in motion with deadlines. Own your ruthless bully/coward. He lost and without facts to substantiate any claim of fraud.

  9. thee well trained well armed afghan men didn’t even put up a fight- they didn’t even think of protecting their wives, children , mothers and freedom.

    1. @Raptango_NA there have been millions of brave men and young boys who have fought for their countries even knowing they may die. these guys didn’t want to fight.

    2. @Sarah DuBois cause they would have been slaughtered. The us predicted it would take 90 days for the Taliban to reach Kabul. So if you’re standing between Kabul and the Taliban, either your killed in battle or captured and executed within 90 days. I’d have walked away too.

  10. Now the world watches as an Islamic version of the Khmer Rouge destroys the people of Afghanistan for thier own puritanical nonsense

    1. I wish we could put all you evil people on one continent and let y’all go at it. Your no better then a Q person or a Trump supporter. Looking like a entire can of biscuits

  11. It’s back to what the Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, and sons should have saved them from, not any outside force=P

  12. Back to the Middle Ages, Afghanistan never left. Obviously the majority of the Afghan people welcomed the Taliban or the Afghan soldiers would’ve fought.

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