1. Meh, not so much. In Fact, China is the biggest geopolitical threat. Russia is trying to revive its glory days. China has written books about its destiny to own the world, their Devine Right. Russia, it’s just concerned with getting their lost states back to their former glory and refuses to accept that it will never will. The video is poorly researched drivel, just a bunch of edited snippets made to look like facts. Maybe this is a communist propaganda channel like they told me it was?

    2. Tough question to answer because the biggest geopolitical threat may not actually be Russia or al Qaeda. Since the preemptive strike on Iraq, which collapsed the US power base, several world leaders have been jockeying to see who will be the next superpower. Putin is known, and faces opposition in his country. The old-timers tore down the wall. Putin and Xi believe this is Asia’s century to shine. Putin has four weapons systems that are beyond US military capacity to stop, and China manufactures strategic parts for US military systems. al Qaeda has been quiet for a long time, since the death of Osama bin Laden. He had the money and the power. The biggest threat may be ISIS. Al Qaida announced that ISIS was not part of their group of terrorists. During Obama’s terms in office, the heads of the CIA and FBI announced there are ISIS sleeper cells in every nation and in every US state. The leader of ISIS is still secret, and he comes from the Middle East. He was supposedly assassinated, but it is not unusual for deaths to be staged to get people off his trail. ISIS is a slave organization, and the nature of the game he plays is based on weaving an illusion. The schism that is tearing apart the entire world is still collapsing the existing structure, so people are being backed into the corner. What is worse, none of the world leaders that are jockeying for power can solve the problems we are facing as a planet. No one is in agreement for Putin to become the emperor of the planet, and no one is in agreement for one man to enslave us all either.

      During Obama’s terms in office, a plan for an international government based on the US Constitution was opened to debate. Many people around the world support the plan, but it has met resistance by those whose security and support is based on the existing structure, but slowly, as the existing structure collapses, the only one that will be accepted is the one that benefits everyone. There are three potential futures now for mankind. Two are untenable, and the third one is rising.

    3. @William Gum
      Palin said in 2012 Russia was going to invade the Ukraine, and they did shortly after. Obama said “The 80’s called and they want their foreign policy back”….. Hilary said “Russia is more of an ally than an enemy”…. The Dems and Russians have been working together for decades. They pretend to be enemies, and accuse the republicans of being buddies with Russia, when historically republicans have hated Russia. It a huge con job designed to fool the simpletons. Whenever you want to know what a communist or democrat is doing, just listen to what they are accusing their opponents of doing.

  1. Can’t we all just make room in our hearts to admit that there can be more than ONE threat to our political systems in the top spot? It is like saying that you can’t get hit by more than one person at one time.

    1. Who’s worst than Russia? There’s only one military greater than Russia. Romney was right. He said GREATEST threat. He was correct.

    2. @Consuela Allen, it is not merely a military issue. Russia wants to undermine ALL democratic nations by getting people of those nations to lose faith in the democratic institutions and those allied with them. Therefore, anyone who tries to push an agenda in which public democratic institutions are corrupt is in effect carrying water for Russia.

    3. Lol…I always found the republican party a threat, and no one listened and now I’m right…dam I can see the future.

  2. It was time to admit it back then. One can’t just bury their head in the sand and think that everyone has good intentions. There are bad people in the world and one has to try to be ahead of them or else they will become the victim.

    1. I feel it’s Moreso, they alternate threat levels through time. Biggest threat or 2nd biggest….?? What’s the diff

    2. So it has begun…..What will you Marxist Democrats do?
      Send your WOKE army, highly trained in “Critical Race Theory”? Will you send your “Diversity”? Will you send your “Inclusion”? Will you send your “Equity”? Will you send your “Gender Neutral Pronouns”?
      You know who the Russians will send?… THEIR BEST!!!!

      What is your military strategy? Run into battle with your Rainbow Flags and Transgender Flags? I get it… You’ll make the Russian Army Laugh so hard, they won’t be able to shoot straight. I’m sure with General Milly (General Gender Studies) in charge, you will be good hands, as he will be very concerned with “White Rage” is in the military.

      This would never have happened if President Trump were still in power. Now you will learn a lesson you will never forget. Merit is the only thing that counts, not Diversity, Inclusion, Equity or Representation.
      When tanks are rolling down your streets, that purpled haired fat feminist activist with a PHD in Gender Studies, won’t last too long.

    3. @BidenIs NotMyPresident merit is the only thing that counts?
      Merit, defined as “deserving or worthy of”, you think defines the guy who cheated on his pregnant wife? The guy who used campaign contributions to fund his legal issues? Seriously? Did I find the one Republican atheist? Doesn’t sound “Christian”….🤭

      Your ideology doesn’t align with you supporting Russia. No Republican, until your guy, supported a communistic Russian regime, yet decades of Republican policy is ignored just to mess with the dems. Are you 7?

      Your focus (and name) just shows that you don’t really care about America, you only care about being right. Well sir, you are WRONG, and regardless of your opinion about this war or Biden’s actions, you openly support un-American ideals!

      Go hate Biden and support Trump. Who cares? But your American patriotic/sovereign citizen/ Tucker-Carlson-approved-Republican values were DONE the SECOND you supported Communism. The REAL McCarthy is rolling in his grave over your ignorance.

    4. @BidenIs NotMyPresident Tell you what – I’m going to wait until you put on a uniform & earn a bunch of stars on your shoulders before I take any military advice from you. And you’d better have at least as many as General Milley before you try mocking him. But then, it’s easy to be a big shot “tough guy” from in front of a keyboard, & behind a phony name, isn’t it? And just how long would YOU last when the tanks start rolling?

      And, finally, as far as your Orange Hitler is concerned. Old Batty Bone Spurs would be IN the street – with a Welcome Party (including Sucker Carlson, of course) & a bouquet of flowers for his Master Putin.

      Oh, by the way…….I’d take the feminist activist over you in ANY crisis or dangerous situation.

    1. And of course you get what you ask for when you choose your nation’s leaders based on popularity contest — their zingers — and not their actual accomplishments and actions.

    2. @JoJos HoHo It’s insane. We have Democrats supporting Biden reducing oil & gas production in the US that resulted in importing the most oil from Russia in over a decade, which is now helping fund Putin’s takeover of Ukraine.

    3. @Jeff Heyer 🤣🤣 what foreign policy disaster can you name under trump? Even liberal media is tearing apart Biden right now and you have the ignorance to act like this is trumps fault????? Or people are laughing at trump???? You are worthier ignorant or dumb, possibly both I guess

  3. Anyone who has paid attention to Putin’s rise to power saw this coming. He’s been anti democracy and willing to take military action for years. I think Romney was trying out a bit of platform at the time, very Reagan-esque platform, but it did turn out to be prophetic.
    Well done to CNN for drawing attention and crediting Romney; admitting someone else was right and admitting to being in the wrong is a trait that used to be common among American adults. Nice to see it’s making a comeback.

    1. Except invading Ukraine has nothing to do with Putin being anti-democracy. Most wars since WWII have been about economics. This is no different! Invading Ukraine & making it a Russian ally or territory of Russia is all about OIL!

    2. Go back and watch the whole speech and then come back and pat a Democrat on the back. He’s not talking about anything that isn’t common knowledge. It is Obama and Bush putting missiles on Russian boarders that is problem. What would you do if the situation were reversed?? Remember Kennedy?? Same thing as that.

    3. In Fact, China is the biggest geopolitical threat. Russia is trying to revive its glory days . China has written books about its destiny to own the world, their Devine Right. Russia, it’s a communist country just concerned with getting their lost states back to their former glory and refuses to accept that it will never will. The video is poorly researched drivel, just a bunch of edited snippets made to look like facts.

  4. Some of the commenters miss the point of Romney’s reason – Russia always supports the worst party. That tells you everything.

    1. Russia supports the party that they can manipulate the most to destroy America the most. (GOP). It also helps if you can blackmail a playboy who becomes President one day…

    2. @Darryl Edington Did the gop stop the xl pipeline and give the go ahead for norstream? What on earth are you talking about. Trump has nothing to do with this. Putin smell weakness. We all smell the stench of weakness in this administration unless its against its own citizens.

    3. @M90 Rider Trump just praised this action by Putin, because Trump is owned by Putin who has been blackmailing him for 5 years now. You can’t see that? Really? So, an ex-president claims election fraud to start a civil war and never shows the evidence… and you think he’s not working for an enemy? You aren’t really thinking this through. Trump is a lying traitor – on top of being a rapist pig.

    4. So Russia supporting Assad good or bad? USA supporting Osama bin Laden good or bad? Our overthrowing Qaddafi good or bad? Russia providing us intel on the Boston bomber, good or bad? Things aren’t always so black and which

    1. Only because the law prevented Putin from staying in power. Medvedev was Putin’s puppet. Then Putin got the laws changed, so he could stay the leader forever.

  5. I read a book that talked about Romney’s plans and what his transition team was doing in case he won that election. Based on that book he would have made a good president. He is smart man and makes very logical decisions. And I’m in no way religious myself but there is no doubt that intense religiosity makes people more hesitant of committing shameful acts. All in all good guy, even though I disagree with him in almost everything.

    1. You must be joking, you have to be, or else you are completely deluded. What you wrote is completely opposite the truth, have you forgotten history. Most wars/mass killings/genocide were done in the name of your so called “RELIGIOSITY”

    2. @John Smith there is difference between having very strongly faith and letting that dictate your own life vs wanting to force your religion onto others. Those wars and crimes you are thinking of happened because of that forcing. Romney won’t ever try to make others be like him, but he himself will stay true to his faith. He’s that sort of person.

    1. @Darryl Edington first off, as a disclaimer, I’m not an American citizen. I’m a German living in Peru. I follow politics in your country closely. I have to say that – though I’m rooting for the Democrats since I started following international politics as a kid – I’d love to see the GOP turning back to normal; I really wish for this. So far though, I haven’t seen any signs of this.

    2. @Darryl Edington : I’ve been a liberal democrat my entire life. Yet, I hope some intelligence & kindness can come back to the current trump-republican cult. Sadly I’m not hopeful, 81% of farmers of all people voted for trump, 62% of the military times look grim.

    3. @Darryl Edington one could even hope for that if it might not also entail the danger of the end of American democracy.

    4. Sorry to bust your bubble but no…. No Democrat will vote for him cause he is not a Democrate and no republican will vote for him Cause he is not trump

    1. @Comrade illhan and AOC already acknowledged.
      Apologies for mistaking Trump as President who would deal with Russia for AMERICAN interests and not personal 🙄

    2. @DoctorChained He probably wanted Trump because the Democrats we’re training rebels in Syria to fight Assad until they went on a Caliph. Afghanistan started with Carter and ended with Carter 2.0!

  6. Maybe some of the media that claim to be the most trusted name in news should have a nonstop round table discussion on this amazing topic into reality….. kinda like they do whenever some politician sends out a mean tweet.

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