1. @Alli Notte聽 Biden is a 50-year war criminal and has been banging away at children since before we were born.

    2. No one is touching them really, this is all will end in a day or two, when Ukrainian fascists army will surrender. CNN is pushing BS as usual.

  1. This is so heartbreaking for the people of Ukraine, they do not deserve to be treated this way

    1. @Clyde C McElroy he taught me alot about myself. He taught me I that I really do love my country. So much so, I got out and volunteered during the election. He got me out of my funk by becoming a much better person. All in an effort to VOTE HIM OUT.

  2. Listening to that woman ‘s testimony is incredibly heart -breaking. My heart goes out for these people. Especially for the children.

    1. I bet you Dementia Joe supporters are proud today of the choice you made for president. Putin is taking over Ukraine and looking at Poland next. And Dementia Joe is completely powerless. What a JOKE.

    2. @Enrique Morales you don鈥檛 care about the people of Afghanistan you disingenuous creep. You are begging for us to remain in war because Trump lost. You are a sad and sick person.

  3. May The Higher Power be with everyone that is in the subway station and the people who weren’t able to get inside of it.

  4. I hate war. So many instances are affected馃槩My prayers are with you all. 馃晩馃檹馃徑馃檹馃徑馃檹馃徑Lord protect your people馃檹馃徑馃檹馃徑馃檹馃徑馃晩

    1. @alex leer Please tell us how Biden started this war, was he personally leading Putin’s military?
      Keep your 馃悅馃挬 to yourself.
      This war is Putin’s fault, only Putin’s.

    2. @Blue Lagoon Obviously you cannot think for yourself, who spoon fed you the GOP, Tucker the turd, of Diaper Don?

  5. She is everywhere from Afghanistan to Ukraine. What a great journalist. Wrold need journalist like her for getting real news.

    1. @originalmb聽 You’re vaccinating 5-year-old children with an experimental vaccine in the name of science. The suffering will be felt for generations. Mockingbird media isn’t going to tell you the truth. They will divide you on every issue. Stop watching the media and find your own conclusions. We’ve been lied to since day 1 and it’s going to be a rude awakening for a good amount of people, unfortunately.

    2. @rolback Have you read what Trump said about Putin鈥檚 invasion? He basicaly congratulated him on his genius!

    3. @Ted the ” heartthrob ” Rodriguez So Where do you get your information? Are you sitting in a cave and your inner eye is everywhere seeing everything first hand so that your unbiased mind can form your unbiased opinions?

    4. @Glondike Ink No. I just thought it was obvious that every human,especially American, can choose what they want to put in their body.

  6. That child is so brave god bless these innocent people my prayers are out to them they have no involvement in this petty war 馃檹

    1. @plgeorge1000 Dems are about to get SLAUGHTERED a total blood bath and well deserved… lol… I think both parties are horrible, both are completely owned by the Military Industrial Complex , big banks , big pharma, corporations and Wall Street. This country is in the worst shape I’ve ever seen it, shameful.

  7. My grandma was from Ukraine and was there through ww2. She still spoke broken English when I was little and she told us about war and air raids and occupation. This lovely woman with her beautiful accent and broken English sounds exactly like my grandma. It all brings up memories and makes it feel so personal. It just breaks my heart for these people. I talked to my mom and she said it is the same for her.

    1. I’m happy for them. Deep inside, the Ukrainians want to be part of Russia again because their lives in Ukraine are shitty. Millions of Ukrainians work in Russia. I’m glad, they will be Russians again. Kharkov is now encircled. Happy for the people of Kharkov, Russians again any moment now

    1. @rostropovichforever1 it doesn鈥檛 matter just live with that I can鈥檛 believe your making this out to something just chill

    1. Actually, they are excited, it’s shitty to be a Ukrainian, very poor. Millions of Ukrainians work in Russia. Deep inside, they are excited they will be Russians again

    2. Actually, they are excited, it’s shitty to be a Ukrainian, very poor. Millions of Ukrainians work in Russia. Deep inside, they are excited they will be Russians again

  8. Heartbreaking.
    When the mom held up that little bag of food and realizing that that鈥檚 all she has for her and her two children, brought tears to my eyes.
    I wish them all the courage in the world and hope they will be okay.

    It feels extra scary personally, because there are only two countries between Ukraine and the country I live in鈥.

  9. Stay safe Ukrainian people, we are with you in spirit, I鈥檓 in the U.K. and I鈥檓 hoping for decisive action from the international community.

    1. They are excited, it’s shitty to be a Ukrainian, very poor. Millions of Ukrainians work in Russia. Deep inside, they are excited they will be Russians again

  10. This is heartbreaking and hard to watch . All this suffering for one man鈥檚 ego and his demented realities. Stay strong, Ukraine 馃嚭馃嚘 will prevail.

  11. This is so heartbreaking..i hope those innocent people will be well-protected. What is happening right now is surely not right.

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