1. This is heartbreaking for the people of Ukraine, they do not deserve this, the people of Ukraine have to fight the invaders.

    1. What about Americans fight off the invaders to the south? No, wait this is CNN almost everyone here is 12 and braindead

  2. So if Russia is using the axis powers handbook from WW2 would it be a surprise if China does the same thing Japan did in WW2 when they jumped on the opportunity and attacked Pearl Harbor while the US was pre-occupied with a European war.

    1. @rhyfeddu Uhh, nope. However, those that naively follow the MSM narratives are idiotically supporting the enemy. Sound familiar?

    2. Study Chinese history they have been invaded by Euro powers over and over. There is zero chance they invade Taiwan. For the first time in 1000 years Mainland China is united under one Government council. They built the Great Wall to keep invaders out. They only desire to do business with the world. Russian’s are weak at the trading business so they have set themselves back 100 years with this sickening move.

  3. Despite this seemingly grave situation, I still feel heartened by the reaction of the international community. Clearly, the world no longer has any taste for overt wars that costs lives such as these. Of course, all of these “condemnation” may not amount to much if it doesn’t change the current trajectory of Russia’s actions.

    1. @Dani Adventure-dog Heya Captain Non-phenomena, coming to CNN to get your daily dose of propaganda? They love “useful idiots.”

    2. @Dani Adventure-dog – “”little green men … Russia has been fighting that war for 8 years as a proxy while he rebuilt his military ya feckless dink””
      – Yes, of course, Russia fought for 8 years, and then… decided to invade ..
      And tell me, in what year did Ukraine declare war on Russia?
      Nope .. Ukraine 8 years shyly called its CIVIL war – “an anti-terrorist operation”.

      The USA also fought in this war – proxies – instructors, weapons, intelligence, funding, media … So I can call it the Russian-American war ??

    1. @Albert B. wow you do realize they attacked use
      by turning our air plains in to flying bombs the Pentagon, the world trade center ect. Not the same thing .

  4. None of this surprises me…so many people played it down like this would never happen when all the signs were there…and look what’s happening now ! Never take your enemy for granted

    1. @sammyshott23 when did I cheer for Russia to be honest Americans really don’t care about Russia Ukraine. The fake news is doing their best in these fake comments to make us think there are many Americans support Ukraine and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t want a penny in weapons or aid or one bullet until Americans are back on their feet because of covid lockdown. The establishment will figure it out one day whether they want to or not wwg1wga

    2. @Richard Horn You think using Brandon is suppose to accomplish something? What are your plans to defeat the Russian attack in Ukraine?

  5. The world needs to stand up against Putin. He doesn’t care who he hurts , as long as he can amass great powers for himself. Praying for the innocent Ukrainian people🙏❤️

    1. Russia has the right to conduct it’s own policies.

      “Mitt Romney, the 1980’s called. They want their foriegn policy back.”

    1. Stalin and Hitler were allies until 1941. And he carved up Poland with his pal Adolf in 1939… massacring thousands of Polish officers at Katyn. Red Army soldiers defeated Nazism true, but certainly not the Soviet leadership. And the USSR would have never defeated Nazism without lend-lease from the US and through the opening of the second front in June 1944 with D-Day.

  6. One day you’re having a get together with friends, the next, you’re looking for a place to hide to save your family. It is just devastating! Too much sadness in this world today. Prayers the Ukrainians!

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