Ivanka spent hours trying to persuade Trump to call off rioters, new book claims 1

Ivanka spent hours trying to persuade Trump to call off rioters, new book claims

Explosive revelations in an upcoming book obtained by CNN detail the final days of former President Donald Trump's term. According to excerpts of "I Alone Can Fix It," Ivanka Trump spent hours attempting to convince her father to call off the rioters behind the January 6 Capitol insurrection. CNN’s Victor Blackwell, Alisyn Camerota and Jamie Gangel discuss. #CNN #News


    1. Maricopa county audit showing massive fraud. 74000 votes from nowhere. Milley is a clown, a paper general, pushed through the system because he is leftist.

    1. Not just him. Liberals hated Bush. Not so much anymore. He helped the worst presidents in history no longer be the worst presidents in history.

    2. @Matt Rogers Oh! I didn’t know that. I knew he finished his second term as President, but I didn’t know he was impeached. Knowing is half the battle.

    3. @Shane OBrien Well he hired an African American female scientist to create a COVID relief called the COVID vaccine.

    4. @Shane OBrien This guy gave you the list of things Biden accomplished (including the one I just gave you) and you’re still deflecting.

    1. Only ONE person died because of January 6, and these people are still lying about there being more. The medical examiner reports are available, but people are too lazy to do their own research because they care more about partisanship than the truth

    2. @helen turner What’s it like.. Being a naive individual that’s easily manipulated by misinformation..

    3. @This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians- No one cares about the Clintons. Just you Trumpers with CDS.

    1. @jon massey proof you are fascist thieves are everywhere now. Prepare for defeat traitors

    2. What about congress people who said BLM riots were mostly peaceful and that looting is just reparations and the voice of the unheard. Can we lock them up too?

  1. Never thought I would live to see an American president try to overthrow his own government! That is entirely traitor Trump’s shame for all history.

    1. @james kamara I had been expecting it for days, there was just so much chatter online, even here. I really thought it would be worse but I didn’t know his obvious plan until it was over. It was a miracle we survived.

    2. @NickGurrsAreSlaves
      You are not a wise person, but someone who don’t have a good understanding of human nature, trump never in his life ever did any thing good for any one unless he could benifit from it.

    3. @NickGurrsAreSlaves get some help you certainly can’t establish fantasy from reality . Just watch him live looking at a eclipse asking earnestly is light or disinfectant could be used . Watch it over and over until you realize that was as serious as you can get definitely not sarcastic and even suggesting nuking a hurricane is totally outrageous. He actually accomplished nothing on his own claiming plenty of other president and politicians accomplished economy ect. AND YES IT WAS RESIDUAL FROM OBAMA.

    4. @Harry Johnstone amazing how many could not see it coming. He set it up for months even before he lost!!

  2. From what I see, “I Alone will be King of America.” Trump your time to shine is long gone Old Man.

    1. @Carnell Bell Ahhh…you are suffering from Trump Derangement/Orange Man Bad Syndrome. Joey the sniffer Biden is doing and saying whatever his millennial handlers are telling him and allowing him to. He has nothing more serious in his skull than what kind of ice cream are they serving today and what’s that warm squishy feeling in his diaper.

  3. Mike Pence was afraid if he goes in the limousine, he’d be shot killed. This may be his fear too.

    1. or more “Fake news” after all murdoch the mossad israeli owns fox news, who owns CNN, one his pals… it is all “propaganda”… and bullshit… hey, let people sit there and be retards… their lives, that are slowly coming to an end…

    2. Honestly I feel Bad for Ivanka and Trump’s sons. A child cannot choose their parents and it is not their fault that their dad is a liar, thief, racist, rapist and scammer. They have been loyal because he is their Dad and love him while he has never cared about then with the exception of Ivanka. I do believe Ivanka tried to convince him because at some point a child has to stop herfather when she knows that something is wrong and do not doubt that there will be a fallout in their family

  4. Donald’s legacy is shot. When he and his “true-believer” supporters fade away donald will go down in history with Benedict Arnold, Mussolini, AH, and the list goes on and on.

    1. “down in history with Benedict Arnold, Mussolini” well that would imply his execution ….. which he deserves for sure

    2. @Gary McClellan what is he failed on exactly ? economy is coming back vaccination is a success (except for the idiotic trumpist states which is now loosing more and more people 1 in 5 new cases in Florida ???? 95% of hospitalized are the unvaccinated … speaks for itself ). Second checks were distributed (did you send yours back?? just asking) … if the current infrastructure bill works (I think it will) it will be also a big success. Trump tried this every week for 4 years … nothing came of it…

      So far what has failed … maybe you should watch less Fox and AON and Newsmax

    3. This is fascinating. I’m from the UK so not enmeshed in US politics but the Trump derangement syndrome sure is true. Could you explain anything that DT did that compares with AH?

  5. He turned around when he saw that even more time was not going to make things turn in his favor … basically the ‘soft coup’ had failed

  6. How could anyone convince a 5-year old boy in a 74-year old body!? Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!

  7. Really doesn’t matter what she or any of the others did privately because what they did publicly is what counted. She tweeted that those people were patriots.

    1. @Miss G You responded to someone taking about fascist insurrectionists and then self identified as one of them. You stepped in it racist.

    2. @Miss G you are either a straight up liar or you’re so delusional it’s a great tragedy your brain is in such a state.

    3. @mustafa1name I don’t think of myself as a victim at all. I just know what I seen and what MSM is telling you is complete BS. I’ve never changed my story once. And yes, it WAS terrorist group, Antifa, and YES it was FBI, local police and Nutty Nancy all in on it. No doubt in my mind. Was there a few select idiot Trump supporters who decided to join in? Maybe so. And FYI, Ashley Babbit was a total false flag,,,100%! NOBODY DIED. It was ALL part of the plan to make that day look the worst it possibly could. If you were there, instead of watching MSM’s amped up version of it, you would’ve seen something totally staged. It was almost so blatant it was humorous.
      I’m not here to argue with anyone, I’m just trying to tell the truth. What your being fed is a disgusting lie. IDC if you like or hate Trump even, cuz that’s not the point. The point is the corrupt government and media are creating all these lies to divide you and I. That’s all I want to bring across.

    4. This “book” is written by two New York Post activists.
      We know what they do publicly.

      You children sure are loyal characters.
      I watched one puppy lap up another puppies vomit once.

  8. I can’t believe the orange one and his gang are getting away with a word that rhymes with reason

    1. Ya. Just like they locked up Hilary? How’s that working out? This clown has to be the first millionaire businessman in history who is clearly a criminal sleeve to still get support from the common person. Your buddy Trumpy will be in jail soon. Hopefully people like you will follow.

  9. When he slithered down that escalator. Y’all knew he wasn’t even qualified to run for the county dog catcher…

    1. And I love when you used the word, “slithered”. Makes it easier for me to picture him as a snake

    1. I didn’t notice. She doesn’t need to hide. She’s a very successful woman.
      You need to evaluate your hatred and anger issues.

    2. @Joe wears a drool Bib Oh so her not showing her face in public isn’t hiding now? A successful woman? you know she made $83 million from China that daddy got patents for her from the Chinese? also maybe you shouldn’t have anger issues toward president Biden since Trump lost the election and your butthurt about it?.

    1. @Christian Nwadike Trump originally got political traction with his birtherism scheme. Remember he promised you that “stack of evidence proving that Obama wasn’t a citizen” that his “crack team in Hawaii” had compiled? Was he lying to you or is he just sitting on this “stack of evidence?” Doesn’t he owe this “proof” to the American people? Had he released it last year it would’ve bolstered his credibility to the point where people would think ‘well maybe he doesn’t lie every time he opens his mouth.’ It also would’ve discredited the Dems to the point where he would’ve cake-walked back into office. Where’s this evidence? Where even is this “crack team?” Where’s just one member of this “crack team.” You can’t say that he never promised you this. What’s pathetic is that this lying New York carpetbagger can tell you people yuuuge, obvious lies. He can literally pee in your face and call it rain. America won’t survive on this dumbed down level.

    2. @crxess How about not lumping morality in with particular economic ideologies? We’re all well aware by now that there are moral and immoral actors on the left and the right. I’m gonna be a raging centrist here and suggest that the mixed economies we currently enjoy are essential for providing counterbalance in the power struggle between private industry and representative government. It’s how we keep from falling into Dickensian or Orwellian tyranny. How individuals act within the mixed framework is then the responsibility for journalists to uncover and courts to adjudicate. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than any of the one-sided economic dogmas proposed in the last two centuries.

    3. @MrZlathan3 First, removing the LIES like Rapist and drug addict, you could just as well be speaking of the Left and Joseph R. Biden, so why the Hypocrisy?

    1. @Charles Spesock Where did I say there was election Fraud?
      That said, you might want to keep an eye on Fulton County Ga.

    2. @Dave Part You seem confused. Perhaps to much sun.
      My head is in Fresh clear air in Maryland, not up anyones Azz, not will it ever be.

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