Jamaican Teen Turns to Construction to Help with Schooling | TVJ News 1

Jamaican Teen Turns to Construction to Help with Schooling | TVJ News


In this week's edition of A Ray of Hope, we highlight the story of a teenager who is trying to beat the odds of the covid pandemic by taking up a job to assist with his education in Jamaica.

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  1. Wow this is so beautiful. I really hope someone reaches out to help him. A suh me like see youth try and put out the effort. People like Nathan I aspire to help.

  2. Goverment should be supporting youth training schemes..All good putting them through school, but give them training skills too.
    Well done to this young man..May God Bless him

  3. You’re my motivator because, to be honest with you there are times when I feel like giving up.

    1. I pray that you stay encouraged, continue being motivated and as the young man said, make yourself proud.

    2. Be encouraged, love you can do this don’t giving in and never give up we are praying for you.

  4. This makes my heart smile. This is an outstanding young man; so driven, motivated and focused already! The best is yet to come. Keep going sir! ( I say “Sir” because you are mature and wise beyond your years and earned that respect).

  5. That how fathers must influence their children..big up daddy..big up youngster keep your head up indeed better days are up ahead..

  6. This boy gave me life, praise god!! I’m praying for him. I wish I personally know him to send him something, god protect and provide for him

  7. God b with u my son, u could b out there slinging guns with blood on ur hands, just keep hope alive n keep the company at arms length. Progress is waiting for u in foreign countries.

  8. His motivation will enable him to become a conqueror. He will succeed with the help of the village.

  9. Good father,one of the best gifts a father can give , you lead by example in a good way, it will never vanish from your son

  10. So y all the other youths of Jamaica can’t keep this positive energy and keep pushing youth love that ambition is the key (positive role model)

  11. This is what we need to see about our young men in Jamaica, of lately most featured news are about young men robbing and killing people and themselves being victims in the process. The word of God states “ By the sweat of our brow we shall eat bread.” Jamaican terminology “Wuk fi weh u want.”

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