Jamaica's Murders Up 6% | JAMCOVID Breaches | Covid Concerns | Face to Face Classes 1

Jamaica’s Murders Up 6% | JAMCOVID Breaches | Covid Concerns | Face to Face Classes


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  1. Accountability continues to be Jamaica’s issue and until our Government is accountable and responsible issues will continue. Our government must remember The People are their priority not their power and finance. They must be responsible and penalised when they fail

  2. The young men need to retrain to protect their country instead of proctecting their community leader. They should be allowed to join the army and learn a skill

  3. I agree with mr Overton yes redirect is one way to go but u can only lead the horse to the water u can’t force him to drink it and again some of these youths are recruited into gangs for their ability to do good in every areas academy vocational or any other areas which the gang see the need for

  4. This really sad what is going on in Jamaica .. I am Jamaican living in the US Moving home soon i hope it changes demons is on the run in Jamaica

    1. You might want to reconsider that. They have a special pick for returning residents. You can’t even trust some family members.

    2. @Dawn Palmer I agree!! My husband migrated to Canada from Jamaica in 2019. We’re planning on going back at the end of this year, but I don’t want to tell anyone when and/or where we’ll be! I’ve heard some crazy stories!

    1. a lot of detailes and questions cann’t be resolved by on line services. hire more stuff, open more locations. angry people it’s bad people.

    2. It was the US that hacked our system to brew doubt in the jamaican people towards the government. They’ve done this before.

    1. Am with you on that note … where the guns coming from there have to be a way to stop this madness… our beautiful island gone to the dogs…there is no love no more…

    1. @Serega Nochvin lol keep dreaming.
      Do you know how many innocent people have died throughout the years? Children , elders , men and women.
      Why must they suffer while the rest be spared?

  5. There also needs to be a revamp in how police in Jamaica investigate. My stepfather was killed last year and the Investigating Officer on the case cared more about the vehicle my stepfather was killed in than the case. He had no issue asking if the vehicle was being sold but cannot answer our questions about the progress of the case and sorting documents so a death certificate can be issued. If the police aren’t doing their job then how will be crime be solved and these parasites be placed behind bars? Some people want to talk but many Jamaicans don’t trust the police cause they at times tell the criminals who come back to kill those who talk up.

  6. The Jamaican government needs to talk about this bad man thing in schools. We have to challenge or change this killing culture.

  7. Education is lacking, Crime is increasing, Self-ego and self benefit in leadership and folks are just lost, wondering what if and how to

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