Jan. 6 committee member describes Kushner’s demeanor during 6-hour session

For the first time, the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot got to hear from a member of the Trump family. Jared Kushner voluntarily spent six hours before the committee on March 31. CNN's Jim Acosta speaks with committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) about Kushner's appearance. #CNN #News


  1. It’s way past time this conman and his family of grifters Be permanently put in our rearview mirrors. Never, in the history of our country, has there ever been a first family like this one. What an embarrassment for our people, our country.

    1. According to the polling and the numbers, bobo the potato joe is the 3rd worst president we’ve ever had…..so who’s the embarrassment??

  2. By not indicting Meadows, Garland himself is actually defying the will of Congress.
    He should do his job or step aside.

    1. @B. T. C’monnnnn Mannnnnnn! Garland and the swamp hate you more than they hate trump. Take that 7th booster and keep voting Dem.

    2. @JJ Gragas…yeah thank you captain condescendingly because we only think what cnn tells us to think, what a smug …You want to know who convinced me trump was a bad person? trump!!!

    3. Stop. Have you been paying attention to EVERYthing that has been and is being done? Seriously. All the things you all whine about not being done are being done.

    1. This is a Congressional Select Committee. They neither charge, prosecute or go to trial. They are not a criminal Committee, they are a hearing Committee, a fact finding Committee which is their Congressional duties.

    1. @DPG In Civil Court there are consequences for pleading the 5th. Regardless, the public can view it any way they choose

    2. Using lawyerly evasion. No different than a coached witness qualifying a statement by saying “to the best of my recollection” or “if I remember right” that way if on witbess contradicts the testifying witness by some small degree, there is no perjury charge.

  3. Merrick Garland should at least charge all those who have been supeoned to the 6th committee and didn’t show.
    At the very least. Cheers 🇺🇸🇨🇦

  4. If he remembered what happened,is a euphanism for; he was skilled at not providing any relevant information.

    1. Memory loss is very convenient when you’re on the witness stand. The quote is “I don’t recall”.

    1. Just like the coverage of the Maxwell trial. And Jessie Smollett trial and Bill Cosby trial.

    2. Public hearings will be in the next few months. Supposed to be May but looks like a bit later.

  5. A request to testify before a congressional committee isn’t an invitation to an afternoon tea. Anyone who refuses to cooperate should be allowed to contemplate it in jail.

    1. @Brandon Shirey He testified, he just didn’t hand over documents, but eventually did hand them over.

    2. You’re so right about that. If we refused to respond to a subpoena, we’d be in contempt of court the next day!

  6. Are we going to get an “official statement” from Trump now about Jared and what a terrible person he is, and how Trump’s “heard of him” but doesn’t really know him? Maybe he’ll describe Jared as just another “disgruntled ex-employee”?

  7. I am sick and tired of everyone identifying Ivanka as the president’s daughter when discussing her appearance before the Committee. SHE WAS A SENIOR ADVISOR TO THE PRESIDENT. She has no right because she’s his daughter to evade an appearance. Elections have consequences, but so does NEPOTISM. Trump appointed her, she accepted and she must be accountable!

    1. ABSOLUTELY! She isn’t in trouble because she is Trump’s daughter, but because she was his senior adviser, precisely as you said. So, she is accountable like everybody else would be taking this position.

    2. She was inexperienced, unfit, complete wrong, just to take advantage for made the contact for her business.

    3. Well at least they weren’t referring to her as one of Trump’s children like they usually do. She’s not a child and is responsible for everything she does like all adults.

  8. PS — time for Congress to use the power of inherent contempt. They have that Constitutional power; they should use it

  9. I’m pretty sure he answered every question with ‘to the best of my knowledge’ or ‘I don’t recall.’

  10. Let’s get the show on the road already. Either they’re going to be held to the same laws the rest of us are bound by or they’re not.

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