Mayor of Bucha: We won’t forgive Russia ‘on this earth or in heaven’

CNN's Brianna Keilar speaks with Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk of Bucha, Ukraine, after horrific images emerged showing civilian bodies strewn across the city's street. #CNN #News


  1. Brave Ukrainian soldiers and civilians facing Golden Horde invasion, you are all herоes, praying for your victory…
    SLAVA UKRAINE🙏❤🙏❤🙏 Stаy strong Ukraine 👏💪🇺🇦🇵🇹🏳❤🏳 Бабушка – настоящая украинка! Низкий поклон. А оккупантам, хлеб с солью не обещаем, а пирожки с мышьяком – всегда пожалуйста!

    1. What is your praying gonna do? Send them donations or go help in some way yourself , and skip the part where you pray to farm likes on the internet.

    1. @Carlsbad Cael “Have fun Russian men and get you some.” Yeah, get you some…bread as you wait in line for hours! Yeah enjoy those bread lines, Russian men! hahaha

  2. They need to NOT examine the graves, they need to secure them for forensic evidence to be gathered.

    1. @einfach nur Leo No… forensic evidence of torture, execution, rape, mutilation. Like Serbians did to Croatians, remember?

    2. @Rebecca It’s not in question who is responsible for the war crimes though.

      It as if I stabbed somebody on live TV. There’s no need to dust the scene for fingerprints, get blood samples and test for DNA. There is already evidence and witnesses to who did it.

      Doing forensic analysis of the graves doesn’t yield anything they don’t already know and have proof of. Forensic analysis is using science to determine why/ how something happened. There’s no question to who did it and how these people died.

  3. The destruction left behind looks like something out of a zombie movie unimaginable what is happening there . Stay strong Ukraine


    1. @Carlsbad Cael Bet youre happy to be trolling in russia and not with your comrades fighting in ukraine. Amirite? Sounds like putin is calling up another 134,000 conscripts so maybe soon. Fox news says putin is running out of cannon fodder.

  5. It’s worse than I ever imagined. Ukraine! You know what you need to do to every russian that steps foot in your country.

    1. Before this I would never condone such a thing, now I agree with you 💯 what these savages have and are doing to innocent people is beyond dispicable. These soldiers deserve no mercy, what mercy did they have on all these innocent people? NONE!!!! They are monsters they deserve the same treatment and worse. I never thought I would feel such hatred and disgust and feelings for vengance but there is no justice in war, nothing will come out of thse “war crimes investigations”. Horrific simply horrific what’s happening.

  6. Mayor of Bucha I agree with you 💯%. I am so upset 😡 😢 with what has happened. Russia the rest of the World 🌎 will never forgive you. Ukraine 🇺🇦 my heart ❤ is with you all 💔💔❤❤

    1. @John Town did you notice the white fabric tied on the arms of casualties? If you tell me what that means, you probably find the response for yourself

  7. My heart goes up to all the people of Boucha Ukraine. May Lord take good care of your soul. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Justice will be done.

    1. @Mr Smartypants they will pay..and reparations to Ukraine after this FOR DECADES..
      more fights are coming and will be discovered even more horrors. Wish them we all in the region we know what Putler is capable of and that he won’t stop

    2. Forgive your enemies. The Lord God knows whats the best solution better than the whole world of mortals put together

  8. If they had done so much atrocities with murderous intent in a close by area of the capital,then i can’t even imagine what could they have in cities and towns like Mariupol,Kherson,Kharkiv etc. My heart goes out to Ukrainian people.

    1. @Helen R I was NOT excusing anything done by russian military. I pointed out that Egor had absolutely no point and was being disgusting. I just didn´t reply directly to him in case he was trolling for pay. And I don´t disagree with any of what you said.

    2. @Egor Dmitriev War crimes always happen on both sides, its a matter of life or death to win. That being said, I have far more sympathy for the defenders. Russia can’t invade a country, bomb cities, murder children and expect to be well treated in captivity.

    1. @Lawrence Skelton Do you live in the U.S? Because as a citizen, our collapse is coming. Economy is doing pretty piss poor at the moment…. Gas prices are double/tripled in some spots, housing market is as expensive as it’s ever been, small business/farms are being put out of business, food/electronics prices are also consistently going up….

  9. Russia will never be forgiven. Not this time. We’ve hedged our bets with them too often now. Time to never forgive, never forget. I was willing to think out was just putin, not the population but… more. Russia must be ended in its current form.

  10. I hope the people responsible for this horrible atrocity will be punished in kind. This is worse than animals.
    🇺🇦💙💛 GLORY TO UKRAINE 💛💙🇺🇦

    1. Animals are not committing crimes like monstruos people, only people do disgusting things like this!

    1. so you don’t sit in your America, come and help the “poor unfortunate” Nazis. At the same time, you will communicate with the locals and look at everything with your stars and stripes eyes

    1. Only Putin and his military guys? C’mon! Putin hasn’t come from nowhere… The absolute majority of Russians supports him.

  11. I hope all who done these horrific acts are given the same back. my heart breaks for Ukraine 🇺🇦 💔 😢
    Bless all of Ukrainians and I pray this ends soon with Russia on their knees

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