January 6 Committee To Examine Networks Of Capitol Attackers 1

January 6 Committee To Examine Networks Of Capitol Attackers

Rep. Jamie Raskin talks about how the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack will look not just at individual rioters and lapses in security, but at networks of attackers that may still be plotting, now with the benefit of lessons from a first, failed attempt at a coup.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    To get to the White House’s bigger TV so he could watch his people attack the Capitol.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Haha – that’s even funnier than the first chicken joke – keep ’em comin folks

    2. @Bud Fudlacker A church was damaged. If it were burned down, do you think the priest would have been offering shelter with protestors as well as being in the crowd with them. If you missed the implication, Trump took a photo op with a church because the priest wasn’t there and was actually in the crowd helping with the protest. No, they didn’t try to get into the White House, but that didn’t stop Trump from fleeing into the bunker.

    3. @Bud Fudlacker you’re so full of crap my phone stinks when I scroll past your anti American propaganda misinformation and disinformation.

    1. @A T it’s tresspass ON government property. Yes gov’t property can be closed to the general public. Sounds like you’re a foreign trollbot or from the kirk bongino shapiro kiddy trollbot farm.
      Watch real American heroes. They stopped the seditious conspiracy in it’s tracks.

    2. @Edward Riley Muh Russia. In any event, we won’t use the term “insurrectionists”. We’ll do no such thing. Also, our primary concern is on The Summer Of Love. Portland, Seattle and other cities all across the country.

    3. @A T yes let’s talk the difference between ANTIFA and anarchist’s. A in that sign are ANARCHIST’S they are affiliated with the insurection party. They were interviewed and said they were going to overthrow America but they’re going to wait,. We think t will help us.
      It was boogaloo that assassinated cops in Cali. They’re anarchist’s. They planned them murders on FB. To frame BLM AND ANTIFA to start a civil war. There’s actually proof and evidence of that. Why don’t you know about it!?
      Read the FBI reports saying right-wing extremists were framing BLM AND ANTIFA in most gun deaths and rioting during the George Floyd protests. Watch Wray say t forced the FBI to downplay right-wing extremists framing BLM AND ANTIFA. Get your facts straight.

    4. @Edward Riley Wild, bonkers off the wall conspiracy theories abound about super secret right wing interlopers who are “behind” what we saw throughout 2020 and 2021. Not buying it. I’ve seen the footage. I’ve watched the first hand accounts. I’ve looked at arrest records. I’ve seen the coverage so won’t be fooled.

    5. @A T I’m too angry to talk to any liars today. Bye bye. Why are you afraid to watch the testimony today. If you looked into all you said you did it using tuckums and his pack of Russian DISINFORMATION machines.
      Answer that for yourself, I’m done here.

  2. Trump was delighted as he watched his insurrection on TV. He refused to call off his supporters or send in the national guard.

    1. @TruthSeeker08 Did you miss the part where he waited three hours before breaking up the “party”? (But at least you acknowledge the insurrectionists were his supporters!)

    2. @TruthSeeker08 : No, we didn’t. What’s your point, madam? Too little too late. And he rewarded them all with his, “love,” making sure not one of them left feeling they’d done anything wrong. This, coming from the same guy who argued that, “anyone resisting the police should expect to die.” Oh yeah, we know who you are, Karen. You wasted five years of your life on trumpism. I hope they were paying you? The idea that you do this for free? Even your mom would be ashamed . . .

    3. TruthSeeker08 sorry you need to pick another argument, we all saw and heard what transpired and it was beyond CRIMINAL. Did you miss the part when they were literally calling for pence’s head and calling for Pelosi in a menacing tone?? Did you miss the part where quite a few trump insurrectionists came in full gear, armed and equipped (i.e. zip-ties, bear mace, etc…)?? Did you miss the part where POLICE OFFICERS were brutally ATTACKED?? putin’s puppet DID NOT miss 1 second of that horrific day, and neither did our allies, adversaries and the majority of America…

  3. Donald Trump and his family fully support the attack on the Capitol of The United States of America to try an overturn an election and are glad it happened and love and thanked the people who did it and almost all Republicans support this as well.

    1. @TruthSeeker08 Yeah, just handguns and rifles and tasers and bats and knives and bear spray and pipe bombs and molotovs… not a single weapon in sight.
      Oh… wait…

  4. Let’s hope this Committee’s Congressional subpoena power has more teeth under the Biden administration (and DOJ) than was shown during the past four years. And I hope the Committee has the temerity to take the investigation as far as the evidence leads, including any in government who aided and abetted the insurrection.

  5. Question that Megaphone Lady! Where did she get that hand drawn map from? If she drew it, who gave her access? How come she knew the inside of the Capitol so well that she could shout directions through the window to the people inside? Was she on a, “tour,” the previous day? With whom? She has a LOT of answers!

    1. Indeed Ash. If you mean Rep. Boebert, I am with you. That airhead would be dumb enough to actually show us in broad daylight that she is a criminal and treator to her country. These horrid politicians need to be removed from their post!

  6. The very sad thing about all of this that is it really only one conman influencing the masses that brought together a lose connection of groups who believed they had a right to attack people.

    1. I would bet good money that a lot of the people who did this are not even tRump supporters at all and just used this as an excuse to do what they have always wanted to do. A lot of terrible people just support him because he makes it possible to advance their horrible agendas.

    2. @Derek Brandell Almost every one of those people, if not all, who participated in the attack on the Capitol were Trump supporters. We know this because a lot came from a Trump rally, (for example) and they have said so in statements and court documents themselves etc etc. I think you will find that all these associations will be traced in the congressional hearing.

    3. @Ian Home I think you are arguing with me about nothing because I know they were all “tRump supporters”. Again, in general, a lot of tRump supporters don’t like him at all, they only ride him to get their racist agenda done and to spread their bigoted views. This is not an excuse for the insurrectionists, nor is this some “antifa planted people in the riot!” nonsense. It’s just a fact.

    4. @Derek Brandell I think you have a point, however at the same time most of them are still Trump supporters. They have other motives as well. Trump attracts these type of people because they probably have no other place to go politically.

  7. Watch any video from proud boys events in Portland, and you’ll see like half of the super dangerous ones.

  8. He’s right that the first attack, although it was a failed attack, it gave the attackers information about the weaknesses in the govt’s ability to defend itself. We can’t afford to let them move forward in that process.

  9. The tentacles of this long planned out coup is still on course for the fall of America.
    Stalin said that a failed coup is only practice for the success of the NEXT ONE !
    “you get the government you deserve “

  10. The committee will certainly establish the truth. The bigger problem will be to show the totally biased and myopic Kool Aid guzzling cultists that what is presented is the TRUTH.

  11. Yet the party of law and order, the GOP, voted against giving the police any form of recognition for the work they did to save their lives!!!

  12. For all those who think is was not a big deal, what’s the problem? I’m sure nothing will come out of if because if you did nothing wrong you should welcome any investigation.

    Please get the vaccine everybody. Come on

  13. “By rejecting the addition of domestic terrorist sympathizers like Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken a principled stand in defense of democracy. You don’t get to investigate a crime you helped commit.”

  14. My question is. Why is Miss Lindsey being so quiet? She knows who’s involved. I’m not a betting person but I’d bet on that!

  15. They’re going to be looking for the “tourist guides” for the average everyday “tours” that the people took on the 6th.

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