Jason Kenney announces vaccine passports as cases soar in Alta. 1

Jason Kenney announces vaccine passports as cases soar in Alta.


Alta. Premier Jason Kenney announced that a vaccination certification system is coming as the province's ICUs near capacity.

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  1. What are the odds that Covid would be going completely out of control in Alberta just as the federal election was about to be had?

    1. @Gnarlen how is the election going to show if you’re smarter than Trudeau? You really think voting PPC makes you smart or something?

    2. @M M the humour is he got it. With all his money and power he still got it. I didn’t so if he and conservatives can’t protect themselves how are they going to protect you?

    1. @moira oneill don’t worry Karen, it is spelled exactly as intended, phonetically so even you and your thugs can understand. Tata!

    1. @Aaron H At the cheeseburger picnic in July he said it was going to be the best summer ever. He also said, that it was one cheeseburger per provincial resident.

    1. @ryan radcliffe I’m willing to meet in person and you can tell me that to my face

      Or not and you live like a coward….physically intact

    2. @Cam Petrie weather or not india exists a viral mutation would have developed else where in the world with similar effects, it was bound to happen. also what difference does it make if it came from india?

    1. Imagine that. Responding to changing circumstances. Not you though! If you are walking barefoot and see broken glass, you just keep on walking. Can’t be one of them flip flippers lmao!!!

    2. @Jeff Anderson lol the fact you think youre brilliant yet a 5 year old can comprehend the concept our healthcare is collapsing. I guess it turning into doctors deciding who gets ICU and who doesn’t is your kind of healthcare hey?

      Shut up child and let the professionals handle it

    1. @RPM’

      i seemed to have missed you, friend. i waited here for nearly 20 minutes but you never showed… that was quite rude 🙁

      put your money where your mouth is, next time.

    2. @Derps [] I’m.not in Toronto and I can’t fly…..but if you want come to Alberta To my ranch. I’ll show you how we make steers

    3. @RPM’

      you’ve already proven yourself a coward, little boy. i’m officially your master. how does it feel to *LOSE,* boy?

    1. He’s someone profoundly dishonest, who will anything to anyone for the sake of power. Des politiciens comme lui sont extrêmement dangers.

    2. @Johnny Zooka well, l am old enough to remember Stephen Harper. That is why l don’t vote in any federal election outside Quebec. Parce que ils sont tous des imbéciles.

  2. Here’s a thought. If I catch covid, I’ll fight it myself at home, docs and nurses need a break. If I die, it was my time.

    1. @shizuokaBLUES 1 last thing, “It was xenophobic to close borders at the beginning”, “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, “no one will take your rights away” and now everything we did day to day pre covid is now “privileges”.
      I really hope you don’t think some portions of the population should be bussed or put on “trains” to segregation camps.

    1. @MegaJuniorJones What a ridiculous and infantile thing to say…no wonder your name has junior in it….leave and let the adults speak…!!!

    2. @GNR1978 FOREVER Says the fool with guns n roses 1978 forever as his YouTube account…Go and play with yourself skippy and leave the conversation to the grown ups…!!!

    3. MegaJumiorJones. They have not isolated the Covid 19 virus yet. Just the mere fact that you are arguing the way you do, tells me that you have most probably only three brain cells. One is trying his best to keep you breathing, and the other two are cheering him on. Your level of stupidity, and still being alive, is astonishing.

    1. It’s funny how the word “hate” And insults, just easily roll off the Liberals tongues!
      But of course, we wouldn’t wanna blame you’re baby For not stopping the Intrusion of the Delta variant!

      Lol, I guess it’s all Donald Trump’s fault

  3. Vote WIPA at the next provincial election. They’re only choice if you want a premier who prioritizes Alberta’s interests over Ottawa’s.

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