Jeff Bezos And Crew Emerge From Blue Origin Capsule After Flight 1

Jeff Bezos And Crew Emerge From Blue Origin Capsule After Flight

Amazon's Jeff Bezos and three other civilian crew members emerged from Blue Origin's New Shepard capsule after a successful flight to space.

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Jeff Bezos And Crew Emerge From Blue Origin Capsule After Flight


  1. All that money for a empty void of space that we are not fully prepared for. Oh boy this we have to see.

  2. The only one im happy for is the old lady who never got to do her spaceflight when she had trained for it. But yeah this is what modern slavelabor for a long time can give you.

  3. I don’t think most folks know how important something like this is. Sure it is a stunt by a billionaire to get recognition but it also shows the possibility of inexpensive space flight which can truly benefit the entire planet in the future. This and Branson’s flight are the first steps in the advancement of the human race beyond the confines of this planet. That opens up incredible possibilities for the future (albeit many years in the future) which we did not have 2 weeks ago.

  4. By the way media. Events this past weekend have just given you ALL
    an out.

    If government leaders can benpersuaded to take a back seat for a moment – you ALL can be forgiven for ALL your conduct in relation to this matter


  5. The reason they returned so quick is so they could repackage the ship and return it for a refund.

  6. Remember the movie The Spy Who Shagged Me ? Jeff looks like Dr. Evil. His rocket looks like the one that Dr. Evil had in the movie . Just a couple of things missing. The rocket should have 2 spherical external fuel tanks at the base of the rocket. And Dr Evils side kick Mini Me was not on board.

  7. What a total waste of money with all of the problems we have going on in the country like homelessness etc. This is why America will never be great and is doomed to fall. In greed we trust.

  8. Interesting fact: Bezos designed the ship like a male anatomy. If there was a catastrophic event that required them to abandon ship they would all be squirted out from the tip. If u ask me Bezos is a really sick man.

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