Jeff Bezos Buys $500M Superyacht As Americans Sink Into Poverty | MSNBC

“Things are still really bad for a lot of people in this country, which makes it especially jarring when you remember that the wealthiest people in America have not just weathered the crisis—they have thrived,” says Chris Hayes.

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    1. @jsean g ppl who have ivy league education moderately wealthy super middle class upbringings don’t have rags to riches stories. It must have been helpful to have parents who can lend you 250k in start up captial and to just have a garage and the ability to live, eat, pay bills without working 40 +hours a week as an under paid CNA because 12$ an hour is technically above min wage. Real rags to riches stories are athletes and actors who grew up in parts of this country that would be considered third world if they were politically independent and through their own skills talents and hard work gained opportunities for upward mobility. Ppl who started life with even a stainless steel spoon in their mouth are not rags to riches. Today’s rags to riches start life with a plastic spoon and living in apts that motel 6 would ridicule as unhygienic

    2. Bernie’s Mittens I do believe that’s the most adequate description to date!
      Is he creating the *Legion of Doom* next?…

  1. “Money can’t buy back, youth when you’re old, or a friend when you’re lonely, or a love that’s gone cold” – Johnny Cash

    1. @K Cooper They also said that about indoor plumbing, cars, cameras, computers, cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc. There was a time not long ago when the idea that people would have “personal computers” was completely outlandish. And now most homeless people have one in their pocket.

  2. What’s crazy is that he could buy like 120 of those yachts with the money he’s made over the last year.

    1. @D S Trump ignored plague, caused lock downs. Oh, it is “border” and Amazon sells spelling books.

    1. @Dave Clark Exactly, bezos plays by the rules that “hope and change” and “fighting for us” clinton/obama allowed over 16 combined years of governing. I’m not a fan of bezos, but i prove that by not using amazon. Let any corporate liberal stack up a billion and we’d see how they’d be no different than bezos.

    2. @paulstin1 Yes because there is an infinite number of jobs available to anyone at anytime, who can take the time and afford to go to school to get this infinite supply of better jobs.

  3. Jeff knows all our Amazon wishlists and has enough money to give every American everything on the list. He is actively choosing to not be Santa claus.

    1. @Diana Casey also he pays them what he does cause that’s what they are worth. Someone packing boxes which takes no skill does not need premium pay

    2. “has enough money to give every American everything on the list”
      What about the rest of the world that he also takes money from?

    1. Sorry, not sorry, not stalking you. After covid and relocation I ACHE for any literal commonality in this world. Of course, many have read hemmingway but my collection of classics include so much more. I shall seek thatcommaradery now, thank you SO MUCH for the simple inspiration

    2. forgive me, as i ran it through my head i saw i mixed huxley’s island with v’s cat’s cradle ha ha

    3. Ice IX was discovered in 1968, five years after Cat’s Cradle was published, but probably wasn’t named for its fictional counterpart. Its assigned number just happened to be next on the list of what is now seventeen known laboratory-created ice derivatives. So what about that room temperature ice?Jan 4, 2021

    4. WF
      The house, the study, is dark behind him and he is waiting for that instant when all light has failed out of the sky and it would be night save for the faint light which daygranaried leaf and grass blade reluctant suspire, making still a little light on earth though night itself has come.

  4. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher intentionally set this in motion in the 80s. Trickle Down economics. “A rising tide lifts all boats” That’s really how they sold it to us. 40years of taking the GDP.

    1. @jc caparas Reagan deregulated a lot of industry.
      Well-regulated capitalism/ free market can work, but there have to be regulations to keep the scales from tipping as hard as they have in these times

    2. @Scott Kidwell There’s the issue – you said “well regulated”. Problem is that the more $ you have, the more you can get the “regulations” that suit you

    3. @C&B Jones yeah, I get that. Sidebar- kind of like “well regulated” and the Second Amendment
      (not to detract from the main subject)

  5. It makes you sick when you realize his company paid no taxes. Our system is so broken. 🤦‍♂️

    1. @Breton Luna well blame the government that cut funding to the IRS for the last 4 years. republicans have been under funding and cutting the IRS budgets along with education and social services for decades and people wonder why so many rich people get away with tax fraud.

    2. Sick enough to bypass this clip.
      Then I seen another clip, it spoke of a employee who died at Amazon facility (unnoticed 20 mins.), now I’m really sick

  6. If you earned $50,000 a year it would take you 4 million years to earn 200 billion dollars.

  7. As a former Amazon delivery associate, I will tell you this man doesn’t deserve this much money. The labor of delivery is crushing.

    1. It’s my fault, I’m lazy
      When I grew up there was a ‘bodega’ or local grocery store every few blocks in purely residential neighborhoods. If you needed someting special there was a bigger market within a mile or two walk. Downtown had specialty shops. cigars, lamp shades, certain styles of clothing, etc. Then came the MALL, the downtown was like an evacuated bowel and people traveled to the same kind of place only different. There was an inport shop downtown, it moved to the mall. Then came walmart, right? Crushed every little local gorcer and most of the chain stores, then the chain stores were all bought up by hedge funds if they could survive other conglomerates trying to take them over. And then online. Jeff made a marketplace where everyone could sell everything to anybody and even the malls died.
      Then came covid, relief money, people stuck at home -all the money went to jeff.

      Honestly, he wouldn’t mind paying 73% tax on the last years earnings, why would he?

      It’s my fault. I walked to Safeway one day instead of the corner grocer. I walked to buttry Osco instead of the other corner grocer. I walked to Safeway instead of the THIRD LOCSAL GROCER that was within 6 blocks of my house. And then (many years later) I went to the mazon marketplace.
      He shoulkd cut all of you guys who took care of us during the pandemic a check big enough to buy a house.
      Thank you

  8. Wall St: “How much is enough, Gordon? How many yachts can you water-ski behind?” I’m getting my torch ready and sharpening my pitchfork, or, Trident in this case.

  9. The reason Jeff Bezos keeps getting richer is because people keep shopping at his online store Amazon instead of at their Ma & Pa’s shops.

    1. Ma and pa shops died from rise of target, walmart, and other big box retailers.

      This displacement of competitors has tighted the demand for retail works => allows amazon/walmart to have low wages for their employees.

    2. @▂▃Zaggnut▃▂ True, that was the start of the demise – then sharks like Bezos came in for the burley.
      Remember too, that the Walton family (Walmart – worth $75B or so) are still enjoying the feeding frenzy

    3. tj mak true. People want convenience & cheap buys over quality & locally owned community businesses.

    4. @S Miller Also variety, ma and pa shops are limited in their products they sell.🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. I am a marine photographer based in Maine. Last year I photographed the $150,000,000 290′ long private yacht of the owner of the junk tool retail outlet Harbor Freight. Like Bezos this guy also has another 200’+ vessel who motors along with the other yacht while serving as a “support vessel.” Among other things she carries helicopters, sailboats, motorboats, jet skis, and who knows what else. The price of this support vessel is not known but an educated guess would be around $50-75,000,000 when you include the helicopters and other “toys.” And all this money came from the sale of third rate tools manufactured in third world countries using workers paid pennies an hour if at all.

    1. No, that money came from people who buy the stuff, then the subsidy and tax system that encouraged that business model. That’s what we are up against – all of the power in the world (money is influence is power) and the working man just wanting a living wage, maybe a chance to support a family, maybe buy a house and leave it to ur kids.
      This is all going to come down to unions, because that is how America became America, how we built a middle class. The Koch et al side of it has already set up against it. “socialist” “commie” (add abortion guns and immigrants so you can make them see red instead of think) and it goes right back to when “America was ‘great’. Cops bnusting organizers heads, burning towns, robber barrons, etc.

      What to do?
      Stay HOME on your universal living wage after eviction moratoriums are in place again, and FIGHT THE POWER. The thing is, all these chuckleheads who think they are patriots will end up as white or any colored slaves if WE THE PEOPLE don’t socialize all automation, robotics, and artificial inteeligence

    2. We the people must own and control all commerce related to Industry 4.0 the 4th industrial revolution is here, and Biden is actually on that sh8t

  11. Well, maybe if folks would leave their homes to shop at local businesses, instead of sitting on the couch buying online. You know, leave the house that they seemingly have been so anxious to get out of for the past year. Here’s your chance. Take it!!

  12. As a disabled person this sickens me. I can’t even afford to buy a cheap car just to get to my Dr appointments 😥 Must be nice

    1. Mel, there are 8 billion of us, right? Kwitcherbitchin at least you didn’t get your legs blown off trying to go to school in kabul, right?
      But I hear ya. Just don’t hate the playa, WE gave him that money, most of it was gubment money. He just needs to give 3/4 of it back and so does ANYone who has over 500m, right?

    2. I hear you I hope they hear are cry’s people on disability don’t get enough to pay rent people on S.S. don’t get enough either the biggest majority are below the poverty level rents are rising so are utilities and food gas and they have the nerve to complain about homeless we have a lot of divorced women in their 50 60 and up with just the one income and they are living in cars tents and we here ever they can it’s sickening those republicans know that s.s. has been shorted for years but republicans use poverty to control people and keep them in poverty. Never again will republicans have the respect they once had because never before have they had to be exposed so infamously but they can thank their dear dictator Trump for that he was so corrupt we voted him out now he left these tainted republicans that are just as corrupt and racist and liars. Nope republicans by their own hand lost their appeal.

    3. @Princess Tiarra It truly is ridiculous how out of touch all politicians can be. I am 53 divorced and don’t even make enough on disability to even afford to rent a place. I get $1100 a month and it’s not like I never worked. I was a teacher then went back to school and became a mental health counselor until I could just no longer physically work anymore because of my genetic disability progressing. There have been many, many times I’ve cried myself to sleep not knowing if I’ll even be able to afford my medications each month. Yet they say I make too much on disability to be eligible for food stamps or Medicaid.

  13. I’d like to see pirates and Vikings come back in a big way to sail the seas again after this news.

    1. Nope, envy and class warfare get us no where, we need the next competitor to amazon to arise and break up his dominance. Attacking bezos who earned his wealth while letting career politicians and mega preachers stack wealth off the backs of the people is the opposite way we ought to be moving. Tax these gigantic churches, pass term limits and ban stock holdings for sitting congressmen/women and America will be much better off. Bezos is an innovator who is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

  14. What’s kinda crazy is, my daughter and my nephew both just received over $2 an hour raise working at Amazon and pretty sure company-wide event, but that’s not made any news? Of course, they’ve both lost 100 lbs in the last 9 months walking 5-10 miles a day at work and my daughter looks like a worn out skeleton but…

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