1. Yo! Canada I need Asylum also , is there one you could put me in 😃.
      Check it out “🎶Oh Canada our home and native land , , ”
      Just wait, I’ll do it in French 🤓.

  1. A three ring circus is giving them too much credit. Even a clown circus is full of people who are talented.

    1. Seeing how 19 of 20 of the most violent cities in America are democrat I think democrats lack talent in governing

  2. Jefferies needs to talk to Manchin in his own party if the Dems want to accomplish anything.

    1. The dems continously bring spoons to a gun fight with the rethugs…
      I mean..dems hold the majority and still falling for the rethugs rope-a-dope compromise line?….demons don’t compromise! The January/6th commission should have started in months ago.

    1. @Feral Human 😂😂😂😂 just like he claimed 2016 and 2012 elections were fraud dude. How dumb are you folks 🤣

    2. Even the typical career republican politicians wanted Trump out. They put in more votes for the impeachment than democrat politicians did.

  3. I think ANY submitter’s BILL that even HINTS as being detrimental to democracy is CRIMINAL! ⛓️⚖️

  4. “I have nothing to hide.”
    Can we see the unredacted Mueller Report?

    Can we see the full unredacted Ukraine call?

    How about your taxes? You told us at least 12 times during your presidential run that you’d release them like every other candidate since at least 1980.
    “No, and if you try I will sue you.”

    We’d like a bipartisan team to look into what security breaches took place before during and after the Capitol Riot. Are you on board for that?
    “I’m totally innocent and have nothing to hide, but no way. And my loyalist lapdogs will go along with that.”

  5. Fun fact:
    The Congressional mandate to hold the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack was issued on… wait for it…

    September 11.

    (S. Con. Res. 27, 1945)

  6. Sure, asking the foxes that broke into the hen house, “fed the chickens the 2020 ballots then roasted the chickens”, to help investigate who broke into the hen house sounds like an effort in self incrimination. It would appear they have some intelligence after all.

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