Planned Parenthood CEO Reacts To Extreme Abortion Ban In Texas

“That is the intent of these laws, to create these unbelievable extra burdens unto patients who are seeking access in an effort essentially just to control our bodies,” says Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson discussing the attack on abortion rights across the country. 
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    1. Leave asap. You may have to right from outside that state if you want electric service and reasonable health choices as a woman.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.1 Move to California or New York or even Michigan or Illinois. Heck just move to Portland you will love it.

  1. The American system is designed to serve the people in power. It is designed to breed apathy among the working class, while cementing the rule of a few people at the very top.

    1. Its not your body anymore at that point. Entirely new body. New genetic structure.. entirely new life. Stop being selfish.

    2. AGAIN “IF men could get pregnant there would be a birth control pill dispenser in every bar restroom, 7-11, Bus Stop, McD’s, Uber back seat and Gym in this country.” STOP the BS

    1. Good thing literally zero people care what you Canadians think. Lol!!! We are the ones who protect you 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Yeah idk wtf is going on. People are just choosing to be silly and immature and completely serious at the same time. 😐

  2. I wish they could also have this same passion for children after birth !! Example children in cages.

    1. @Danger Close Yesterday it was 4.0. Just an orange putin loving donkey praising the TV like the rest of em.

    2. Ah yes, a silly argument claim of, “If you agree with this, you must disagree with these” and vis versa.

    3. @Howard yep! I’ve called her out and she puffs up like she’s hard but will NEVER speak to a grown man like she does online face to face

    4. They “care” about those few cells until actual child is born they couldn’t care less about it and parents. Payed maternity leave, healthcare, education…republicans are vehemently against helping that kid get a better future.
      Not to mention that man in republican party are known to “like” children a bit too much, or they are enabling for those man an/or covering for them.
      Just the most recent example – square headed Gaetz.

  3. Roe v Wade, that STARTED in Texas, was thrown out by a CONSERVATIVE United States Supreme Court.

    1. AGAIN “IF men could get pregnant there would be a birth control pill dispenser in every bar restroom, 7-11, Bus Stop, McD’s, Uber back seat and Gym in this country.” STOP the BS

    1. 20 – 30% of the Evangelical Theocrats are still controlling what the majority of people want and want to be able to do.
      Remember that we now have FIVE illegitimate far-right SCJ’s: 2 from Bushy Jr who did NOT win and 3 from 45* who did NOT win.
      If the majority of the people had their way, we’d have 5 SCJ’s right now who would affirm a women’s right over her own body and life determination and this wouldn’t even had come up.

    2. @Progressive Humanist You are correct. Bush Jr. stole his election. Thank God Americans are working HARD to expose election corruption and fix it now.

    1. You see where some states want to bring back the electric chair and firing squad because they can’t find drugs for lethal injections?

    2. Again the, “You disagree with this, you must agree with this.” Though, real convincing how you hate the death penalty, yet you still allow the government to pay for murder through abortion as well. Now that is hypocrisy.

  4. When “I” was pregnant “I” developed Eclampsia and suffered from severe migraines for months. Then, because “MY” blood pressure got deathly high and we couldn’t get it lowered “I” had a stroke and started seizing and had to have an emergency c/section as it’s the only way to stop Eclamptic seizures. No man has ever died or almost died bringing a child in this world, so they need to stay out of it. It’s none of their business until the fetus leaves the woman’s body.
    End of.

    1. @Howard No babies are “slaughtered”, it’s a clump of tissue that comes out when you go to the bathroom, then it gets flushed.

    2. @CShield That is sick dude. Millions of years of evolution just “gets flushed”.? The father has no say over his child whatsoever.?

      All because the mother couldn’t resist and failed to think about condoms, birth control, or even emergency contraception? Those kids who never had a voice to be lost – that’s true oppression in my view.

    3. @CShield We are not talking about extraneities and complications. We are talking about abortion as birth control.

  5. This is a very private family matter. No one else’s. No going back to back alley or coat hanger abortions..

    1. “IF men could get pregnant there would be a birth control pill dispenser in every bar restroom, 7-11, Bus Stop, McD’s, Uber back seat and Gym in this country.”

  6. Greg lost both his legs when he deided to go jogging immediately following a storm.
    He should have no say in any medical procedure.

    1. @Heather Burnside No honey, it’s a fact that no one dies during abortion. Mind your own uterus.

  7. These states are scary, they are simply driving intelligent, enlightened people away. It’s a slow road to even deeper long term impoverishment.

    1. @White girl And proud of it with this grammar, you shouldn’t be proud of anything at all.

    2. @White girl And proud of it did you get pregnant at age 14 and drop out of school? Your verb tenses seem to indicate this as a strong possibility.

  8. Our Texas Governor is a lunatic ‼️🤦‍♀️🤬 The GOP doesn’t believe in quality of life for ANYBODY and they sure don’t want benefits extended to these babies they protect…astounding hypocrisy.

    1. @Danger Close I am not vaccinated and I don’t wear a mask. I may just start wearing a mask cause these people who have been injected are shedding the virus or something that is harming people around them.

  9. That anyone can sue is a legal absurdity that violates the bedrock legal principle of standing.

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