Jeremy Bash: As Russia Spread Disinformation, Was Giuliani 'A Stooge Or In On It?' | MSNBC 1

Jeremy Bash: As Russia Spread Disinformation, Was Giuliani ‘A Stooge Or In On It?’ | MSNBC


Jeremy Bash joins Andrea Mitchell as new reporting comes out about what may have prompted the FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani's home and office, and how Giuliani was warned in 2019 that he was being targeted by a Russian influence campaign to spread disinformation. Jeremy Bash says that, "one question for the FBI is, as Russia was trying to sow disinformation, was Rudy Giuliani willing or unwilling? Was he a stooge or in on it?"
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    1. @Demetria Karnavas Yes, the goal of these Trump “Republicans” is far greater than that as evidenced on January 6th by the vote of the 139 Republican Representatives and 8 Republican Senators who voted to object to accepting the lawful vote for Joe Biden and thus provided aid and comfort to the insurrectionists. Their goal, like that of their “brown shirt” insurrectionists has become, by all recent evidence nothing less than the overthrow of the rule of law and the the US Government.
      BTW – there MUST BE consequences for those who would attempt to overthrow the US Government, otherwise what happened on January 6th will only prove to have been practice for those whose goal is to overthrow the US Government.

    2. How about justice for the victims of fentanyl Floyd. Let them sue the George Floyd estate

  1. I think possibly stooge at first and then in on it. He was warned by the FBI that he was being targeted and he went to Ukraine anyway to gather more “intel” in late 2019. OAN had him on for hours spreading disinformation after that trip.

    1. he didn’t care, he wanted to get trump in at any costs, he probably thought he would make a lot of mone out it. But he’s only getting jail time

    2. He’s just a typical Republican who will stoop to any level to hang onto power. Sickening that their faux patriot base cheer for this behavior.

  2. I don’t think him being a stooge or in on it are exclusive of each other . I’m sure most of us recall his presser at the wrong four seasons.

    1. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year Actually, I oppose the 2 party system because it is just a way to attempt to circumvent the checks and balances built into the constitution by the founding fathers. Along with lobbying, which is just rationalized bribery, I think it is the biggest threats to Democracy. Democrat and Republican should be banned as a betrayal of everything the founding fathers stood for. The only thing I hate more than Democrats is Republicans.

      I’m more of a conservative leaning centrist if you need to lable me, but you are an example of what is wrong with American politics. Sticking with a side even when they are wrong and backing the lies your party spews out even when you know they are lies. Whenever you take a side, you choose party over what is right. You have sold your soul and you can’t accept the truth because that would mean all the lies you told for the party were just a waste.

      The only reason I wouldn’t complain as much about Democrats is that Republican administrations have had over 90 times as many convicted felons as the Democrats since the end of the LBJ admin. They are also more conservative than the Republicans, who talk a good game but never actually do anything they promise. The Republicans have abandoned conservative values for increasing the deficit, creating recessions, banning more guns than the Democrats and failing to do anything about abortion.

      Other than just attacking Democrats because you think they are the enemy and not the Republican politicians lying to you, do you have any real political beliefs?

      Personally, I doubt you are that deep.

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Wait 30 years then. White people will be the new black. Or that what Fox keeps saying.

  3. Rudy Giuliani: The police pulled me over and gave me a ticket. That’s a political hit job, WA, WA, WA

    1. Leave it to the rugged individualist tough guy Republicans to whine and exaggerate like little children.

    2. @Mainely how about justice for the victims of fentanyl Floyd. I hope they sue his estate for 30 million. Chauvin had a unfair trial. The city paid a thugs family 27 million already passing judgement on chauvin.

  4. SHE should get justice .. this was horrible they shamed her for doing her job, for being a patriot to the United States of America
    proves how treasonous Trump is…

  5. the entire Republican Party was in! Bill Barr was in too! he legit opened a special unit for Rudy to funnel Russian disinformation so he could be heard.

    1. IKR. I watched this unfolding and wondered if these people thought they would never be out of office, never face review or accountability. wTF

    1. Trump, Putin, Manafort, Flynn walk into a bar…the bartender immediately shouts White Russians for Everyone!

    2. @Liz Pedano , I just told the joe bentz joke and showed these comments here. The Swede nurses are apoplectic with laughter.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Interesting comment. The Trump administration had ample opportunity to do just that but were unable to come up with sufficient evidence of criminal activity on any of these people to charge and jail them. In the end all they did was make fools of themselves just like you are doing of yourself.

    1. Got some big swamp rats still in congress,though! They’re clogging the drain!(Cruz, Hawley, Jordan, gaetz,Graham, to name a few!)

    1. Agree with you! I CAN’T WAIT! I.dont care what they charge these TRAITORS with, but jail must be in their future.

  6. Giuliani is in on Trump’s Moffia family business, which includes the Russian Moffia and Vladimir Putin.

  7. They need to hurry up with these investigations…like the more time you take the better chance they have to get away with it.

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