Jim Acosta: There's a new 'big lie' making the rounds 1

Jim Acosta: There’s a new ‘big lie’ making the rounds


CNN's Jim Acosta spells out why he says the Fox News hosts and GOP lawmakers pedaling the "big lie" about the 2020 presidential election are spreading a new, more toxic falsehood. #CNN #News


    1. Is that the same guy that said liberal whites are the most racist of all and will try to divide the country by race

    2. @Mark Green the country spoke and elected a white supremacist racist with dementia.

      Good job America.

  1. I’m Canadian. I never heard anyone use the ‘N’ word out loud until I was 14…. in Erin, Tennessee.
    I can still remember how shocked I was.
    I’ve had Canadians use it near me a few times since…. they don’t do it twice.
    Teach your children well…. please.

    1. You may not have heard it until you were 14 years old but I bet there are people in Canada that use that word just like here in the USA.

    2. I guess you Canadians never lived in Ontario. Specifically Ottawa or Toronto. I’ve heard it a lot. Surprisingly I recently moved to Alberta (2yrs ago) and haven’t heard it since.

    1. @Bat Boy Technically, yes, you are absolutely right: there is but one race — the human race … but try persuading the racists of that fact.

    2. @John Prekurat – What we mostly encounter is unconscious (implicit) bias. And rarely, conscious bigotry, prejudice or racism. Because a racist rarely says, “Hi. I’m a racist”, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference. Only groups like the KKK, (neo)-Nazis, and some others, we can be sure are racists. But we can fight the injustice of racists, without believing in race ourselves.

      Edit: Implicit bias is more insidious, and diligence is need to root it out, with data on race, like, for a hiring manager, to avoid bad hiring practices. The data on race is not a problem, in itself, an issue might arise in its improper usage. Recognizing race in this context is helpful, not harmful.

    1. “We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about. That’s what — I think that’s propaganda.”

      Charlie Chester – CNN Technical Director

    2. @TheDiamond2009 Let me tell you how lost this country is. You are literally here posting information you got from a propaganda channel about propaganda.

      To be clear. CNN is FILLED with propaganda, but the source of your information is FAR worst than CNN. They are literally funded by wealthy republicans and the Koch brothers and even TRump.

      You are watching a propaganda source that just shows you the left, misleading you. Then people watch CNN who tells them about the propaganda source you watch. Both the viewers of Project Veritas and CNN are being manipulated and being distracted by only calling out the other side.

    3. @Joey Havarti so cnn got 1 director talking about propaganda,
      and actually telling people,
      yet in fox news everyone talks about lies…everyday yet never admits anything.. they master,how to inject fear and lies by saying ,’ im not suggesting anything but simply asking” those words comes up after a 10 mnts non stop suggesting it is really whats going on!!
      it is fox news who tell people live on air that corona virus is a hoax..and when the skyrocketed suddenly saying they believe covid is true.!!
      like i said nowadays people identofied as republicans it is becoming usuall that they wil be called cockoo, lunatic or mentally disable!!!
      what can i say.. you cant argue with people thag has mental problem


    1. @Tim Kozlowski I believe you are. He’s just telling it like it is. You insecure KKK members can’t handle the truth. Y’all can’t even be men enough to take responsibility for your actions when you get caught.

    1. I agree Jim Acosta has had to deal with death threats, hate, direct one on one confrontation (at trump rallies) for over 4 years of trump being president and before with trump’s first campaign. Trump and “his administration” tried to destroy Jim A. with lies and a “set up” at a press conference but still they lost in the courts. I remember how after the courts said Acosta would get his press pass back and he came out to all these reporters outside of the courtroom, he did NOT spout, or boast or show off or anything, he remained very calm and cool as a cucumber and just said to all the press “Let’s get back to work”. and he walked away. He seems like a humble type human being.
      I remember a time when Kellyanne Conway got in Acosta’s face outside the WH at a press conference and said “Everyone hates you Jim no one likes you you are a terrible person and terrible at you’re job” and all these reporters were standing around him and her. And Acosta didn’t flinch didn’t blink, did NOT REACT. He remained (once again) calm and cool as a cucumber and just kept repeating the question he had been asking her. She kept at it spewing hate and immaturity at him but it did not work. This is what I’ve noticed about Jim Acosta, he is one of those reporters and journalist that is the opposite of “political theatre, grandiose, or star struck”…he just keeps his head down to the grindstone and continues on with his job. So glad to see you got you’re own CNN show Acosta YOU SO DESERVE IT after the way trump and all those hateful trump cult supporters treated you.

    2. @Mike Weisberg You are welcome. Have you read Acosta’s book “The enemy of the people..a Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America”? It is a great read. He is a very serious thoughtful highly intelligent human being”. The books says it all about him.

  2. Yo I’m Laura Ingram and I know systemic racism doesn’t exist because I’m white and I’d know even more because I’m a Republican where my whole philosophy is to cover my ears shut my eyes and say lalalala lalalala elmos song.

    1. @John Freedman”stay in the streets” is a far cry from “trial by combat.” And let’s not forget how both of those situations ended: the magats assaulted the capital, the Floyd protestors celebrated. No equivalency.

    2. @Information Warfare Sounds like you’re quite the “expert” on Marxism. Tell us, oh wise one……what is Marxism and tell us, in your own words, how the big bad world is “Marxist.” Give us examples so we can UNDERSTAND what you are trying to say.

    3. @Maree Keay And here you are watching CNN as your news source, the news outlet that got busted as brainwashed propaganda for the left

    4. @Jigzaw Tactics I tuned in for this particular segment, not my go to source at all. You are aware that fox used the fact that it’s shows are opinions in a court of law, not news, right? LOL
      I believe the term ‘no-one with a brain cell watching it would think any different’ ..
      Playing segments of fox talking heads talking and you still want to go with that narrative?
      Sure buddy, CNN really needs to stop making these clowns talk..

  3. Sen. Ron Johnson says he “wasn’t concerned about the riot”… Well, I didn’t see him hanging out or taking photos with them during the assault. In fact, Wasn’t he gone away to hide?…

    1. @ghostsintheforum – you have a lovely, “baa aa aa aa”.
      Comes quite naturally to you… good for you!
      Let’s hear it one more time… just as a parting gift, please?
      Come-on… one more.

    2. Yes, why didn’t Trump march down with them as he said he was going to do in his speech? Giuliani and Baby Trump Jr both told the people to go and fight — but I didn’t see either one of them either. I would like to see Baby Trump presented with the need to fight — see Don run!

    3. @Paul 4 even Aleda King and Breonna Taylor’s mom both say blm is a joke. But I suppose you know more about it than they do right?

    1. @Crazy Fingers – People are debating if racists and systemic racism is real. When they should be asking themselves if race is real. Racists exist because they first MUST believe in race. That there is this distinction between human beings. This creates others believing in race, to fight the injustice of racism. And everything is downhill from there. More people need to snap out the delusion. There is no significant difference, people call race. It’s a mental illusion.

    2. @Crazy Fingers – I know the mind has a problem with this fundamental truth, and attempts to find ways to reject it. But, always keep in mind. RACE does not exist. And when your mind comes to accept it, these debates become very silly and sad.

    1. @Kara Middleton idk why they think it’s insulting to call people communists. After all, trump really likes Xi Jinping and Putin, who are communist leaders

  4. Thanks, Jim. I hated having to watch you being insulted & discounted everytime the cheeto man got a chance. I am glad to see you have the mic & the floor.


    1. “I haven’t seen anything about focusing on the color of people’s skin that aren’t white. They [CNN] just aren’t saying anything. You know what I mean?”
      Charlie Chester – Technical Director, CNN

      Keep calling them out.


  5. Jim dont forget when BLM were protesting literally all of Americas ally’s were protesting with them – very important, you are not alone on the fight against racism. And the liars still need to be held accountable for Jan 6th.

    P.s. Trolls – he lost, GET OVER IT

  6. A well put together NEWS story, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I truly don’t know how the liars sleep at night. ~sigh~

    1. Those lisrs can sleep great at night because they have no conscience! or maybe they are drug addicts like Trump. The drugs keep them up at night. Trevor Noah published a book of nothing but Trump tweets. It is horrifying to see the number of tweets between midnight and 6 a.m.
      Say no to drugs!

  7. God will bring this wickedness 2 fold to those devils of fox news, and then I wanna hear what they have to say at that moment, with tears of anguish.

  8. Yeah the roiters on January 6th were hugging and kissing the police so much that they hugged and kissed one’s eye out. And then they hugged and kissed one to death. Sounds like no threat to me.

    1. No police officer died at the capitol . No officer was attacked. Selznick died the next day from a heart attack. The fire extinguisher attack was a lie

    2. @Rafat Nasrallah don’t waste your time talking to these fools, if you show them a picture of their parents and told them it was their Mama and Papa, they call you conspiracy theorists and then tell you the people’s first name. Just to make you look like you’re wrong even though you’re not. They fools and doofuses

    3. Actually no cop died from the mostly peaceful protesters, but an unharmed mostly peaceful lady protester did die by bullets of the capital police!

  9. Reporters like you Jim make keep believing in USA…Great job…God bless you and bless your family and friends…Keep up Jim

    1. Talking to Imaginary friends in the sky makes you seem unhinged. actually totally unhinged. You might want to stop that.

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