Joe Biden Says He Opposes Defunding The Police | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Jacob Israel This is not about politics, this is about what is best for disenfranchised neighborhoods. You really need to research the Camden, NJ model to truly get a feel for what is being proposed. #$UCKPOLITICSRIGHTNOW!

    2. @New Blue 2 We are not talking about doing away with all cops. We are talking about using community resources to help people who really need help through comprehensive programs and services, instead of just throwing people in jail. These programs can give people hope and move them in a direction to whereas we can prevent the need for so many police officers in the first place. And the police that do remain should be trained in community based policing. Please look up Camden, NJ as a reference where these types of policies have made a real difference for the residents of their impoverished communities and the safety of their police officers as well.

    3. Janine Landham btw the Camden police wasn’t abolished they just doubled n upgraded … I understand the pain n frustrating corruption but why not abolish ? The broken government ? If we want to rid the police what’s the point of a government? Or would u ask the national guard to help if chaos n lawless take over because believe me . I’m Colombian many places in South America n Latin America have the cartel or paramilitaries in control I dont believe no one wants that

    4. @Jacob Israel defund not abolish! Cutting the budget to institute programs to actually make a difference and help the community as opposed to OVER policing. Read what you actually see not what you THINK you see.

    1. ruth depew – that’s probably what they’re doing, shutting down poice departments so they can throw away baggage like the unions and then instituting a new police department with new policies. If that’s the plan, go for it! But if you just wanna get rid of police, then you’d better start building your bunker.

    2. Yeeah. I’d think it huge redflag to not hire when someone psychologica profile includes going postal and had well over 40 complaints and several ongoing investigations. Perhaps that should be taken care? after all the entire point of a independent system to keep the police in check is because of when they go totally mental and decide that itd be a good idea to blow up somones house or chocke the live crap out of a frightened person with mental health issues.

  1. How about starting with demilitarizing the police and get them back to serve and protect instead of confront control and imprison.

    1. Aug 28, 2017 – President Trump rolled back Obama-era rules that limited the transfer of surplus military equipment to local police departments.


      When your Police are armed like the military and trained by another country that has very poor human rights records. What do you get?

    2. @ricky Tiki SOme police departments have tanks. Like they need to battle militias and regular soldiers instead of criminals.

    3. @Manny Lugz I didn’t know the police in Colombia had tanks! I thought only the drug Lords did!! So what drug do you smuggle? SFB LMFAO

    1. Adaryll Kelly Joe Biden is much worse than Trump. Joe will put ya back in chains his words not mine.

    2. @Tanner Shortnacy how is Biden worse then Trump? And do you have video evidence of Biden saying this please?

    3. @Tanner Shortnacy oh I know what it is. He served with our only black president for 8 years. And he was just gathering inside info on them. That makes way more sense then he isn’t racist.

    4. @Gillian Landry Obviously it was political. They can’t support a Democratic proposal on healthcare even though it was their idea. Mitt Romney had a lot of problems with his base in 2012 because his healthcare policy was exactly the same in Massachusetts.

  2. I just wish we had a choice where our taxes went to. I would put most of it into schools. The 1940’s and post WW2 America had awesome schools. Now there is no science, no chemistry, no math. These kids are barely learning how to read.

    1. That cause school focus more on teaching ideology.
      You dont get teached how to think, but you get teached what to think.

  3. I believe Police needs to be demilitarize and reformed, we still need the police whether your Democrat or Republican.

    1. @oblivion85 – Funny that you think an almost out-of-control situation where looters and rioters are hiding among legitimate protesters is how you think every day life works and that defunding police won’t make that situation far worse.

    2. Randy Couch -Which system of welfare are you speaking of? Would that be welfare for the 1%’rs? Or is it the trillions of dollars provided to corporations for bailouts? I do believe welfare reform, for lower income is in order; however, the first reform must start at the top and not the bottom. (😂Although no one else is talking about welfare in this thread).

    3. Randy Couch thank you!!! Out here protesting against police, Iv been wanting to take away a welfare and food stamps. I

    4. ruth depew but not every Police officer isn’t bad. So you want to throw away the good with the bad. There is no proof this will change the situation, you may be firing good and replacing with bad.

  4. I just think there should be a fine for non emergency calls to police by “Karrens”. This happens to much

    1. Atite Lometen : No. I’m black everyday day of the week 😀. The fine is the least punishment

    2. @Susan Stanley bbbbbbbbut WHAT? He is stunned just because someone called the cops on him? Do you REALISE what and INSANE reaction that is? US citizens seem to have become desensitised to what good policing is all about.

    3. I’m Just Saying Though But, I believe it’s does at this point need more defined than Vague language. If you don’t specify it will just continue as the law that’s already on the books and we all know who those laws protect.

    4. Karen Shelton : many laws can and will be interpreted as the officer or the judge sees fit. Many tickets given are at the officer’s discretion. Therefore many of these Karens will get off with a verbal warning. I was a cop in the military we didn’t have to give a ticket if we didn’t want to.

  5. In many European countries there are actually two (sometimes even more) three-digit emergency numbers: one for the police and a different one for the fire brigade and medical emergencies.

    1. thegrandfinale2 1) I assume American kids are capable of memorizing two 3-digit numbers. 2) The dispatcher should have the mental capacity to make the right decision.

    2. kein ng….you’d thing but the average kid now can’t even find egypt on a map, form full setences even they’re not super complex. Way back in kindergarten one of my class mates when asked where do you live? “a house” and this financially poor, as well as poor soul of a kid didn’t have the proper eductation even or just 10 or so to ask: what do you meen? I live in a house, or what ever nothing complicated.
      I also had class mate with fairly a fairly sever case of Dawn’s Syndrome, and that person was struggling. As we now know that’s the case for how that’ll have them process things. But when asked even simple things: what colors do you like “crayons” (no nono that’s what you like to make colors with. Do you have one of these you like more than another) [blank stare] Not even pointing at somecrayons they like more than others.
      So that makes me think it’s a bit…dubius for people to memoriuze more than 1 maybe two urgent care numbers.

    3. In the UK they already do that. If you phone 999 they ask you fire police or ambulance

  6. I have two police officers in my family and believe me they are all for this because they spend so much time answering calls that could have been better dealt with by having more social services and social workers and psychologists. They would rather just answer calls that are serious and require an armed officer to respond.

    1. @ronchu
      Let it go Ron. Let it go. The bank will launch its own investigation if it makes it past the cashier.

    2. Cathy Morrone and I think that last name of yours hints the truth. Can you figure that out.

    1. they are so protected by the system impossible, the youngest and brightest are the first to go. Just slowly move what they can’t do to other services.

    2. @Ber
      You must understand that any punishment you give to the police will only make them retreat from the black communities. This isn’t a hypothetical. It’s called Detroit, Michigan. Trust me, actually innocent blacks suffer there, not violent felons like George Floyd.

    3. YES!! Put these new cadets in an extensive physical and MENTAL training and evaluation to find out who they are before signing them on! They will find a LOT of bullies!

    4. @Cleon P.
      So you want to now decrease the amount of police in cities with heavy crime? How do you think that will end?

  7. I am a retired Sergeant who fought with the criminal justice system to treat black people as equals. I am also a veteran of the Armed forces. The solution to policing is the implementation of the military model for recruitment, retention and advancement. Non commissioned police officers should receive 2,3, or 4 year contracts. With a required yearly performance evaluation. This gives supervisors and management the direct ability to release problematic officers with minimal effort. Respectfully submitted.

    1. I also think MAYBE, forcing community hours (yearly hrs requirement) I think this will help them connect/understand the community. Everyone has a story (especailly kids on the streets) and most of the time all they need is guidance. Hardship can blind anyone and lack in common sense even if it`s just for a second. All of this falls under Mental health help.

    2. @Liby Gmz You must be a very wonderful person. I say that because it was this very type of activity that raised my awareness of problematic policing. Kids have a way of saying and telling the truth bluntly. Lol

  8. The word ‘defund” is a word too vague and controversial in meaning, too hard to understand. Restructuring the police response is what’s called for.

    1. It’s a really bad slogan. Reform, rebuild, remake, etc. It needs a positive spin on it. This only deserves to give Republicans fuel to keep their base

    2. Yes it is. It’s taken as there’s no more money going to the police so they’ll lose their jobs and we’ll have no more police force…I agree.

    3. It’s fun listening to the dems explain the difference in defund and disband…the way it was explained to me is… replacing police patrols with more daycare, replace police helicopters with better high schools…now, isn’t that simple.

  9. We, as a society, have moved beyond the “brute squad” version of police. We need the guys and gals in suits and polo shirts who truly keep us safe. It is time to defund some of the police. They exist to intimidate and harass the citizens. They kidnap US Citizens “in the name of the law” but in fact for the billionaires who own private prisons. It’s time to reroute the resources. The defund the police movement is good. We need to change the culture of the police department in America now.

    1. We also need to evolve beyond mass incarceration. Another place the racial disparity shows is in the prison populations
      Black people are inprisoned at nearly 6x the rate as whites.
      The conversation will have to eventually come around to economic opportunity as well as social services (education, upward mobility access, addiction treatment, mental health, etc.)

    2. And when violent criminals take over your town, the nice polite police can ask them very nicely to please go away. Sounds like a realistic plan!

    3. Ha! They exist to intimidate and harass citizens huh? Does that include black men and women who serve our communities?

    4. Yeah I do have a problem with private prisons. I think they`re useless and waste of $$$. They go in for steaing a car and come out with cartel experiences (or more)

  10. However it gets accomplished, The police are an occupying force that needs to be curbed.

    1. Let’s just abolish all law enforcement and life will become a utopian paradise where we can all sit around and sing kumbaya. If something bad goes down in your neighborhood, call Ghostbusters!

    2. The police need more money. Joe is right. As long as there’s someone assaulting a woman or smoking a joint, we need MORE police. Just not racist police. #Biden2020.

    1. People pushing the idea of defunding the police are going to get Trump reelected IF that idea gets alot of traction.
      The #1 problem with police IMO, is they don’t get rid of the ones showing they abuse their power. That guy Chauvin should have been fired a long time ago, Thao also. For whatever reason they protect bad cops too often.

    2. R L T Shouldn’t you be protesting or something or Spreading a deadly virus ! ALL LIVES MATTER!

    3. @Mary R We are not in the 80s anymore, the police does not need military grade equipment.

  11. You need to fire and rehire with proper profiling,in my 74 years of life I’ve had two cops I met at a social level,both of these cops were right leaning racists.

  12. First step is to cut the “unions” out of the picture. Declare the contracts null and void and start over. period.

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