John Bolton on his new book "The Room Where it Happened" - FULL INTERVIEW | USA TODAY 1

John Bolton on his new book “The Room Where it Happened” – FULL INTERVIEW | USA TODAY

John Bolton, the former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, talks with USA TODAY's Washington Bureau chief Susan Page about his new book, "The Room Where It Happened."
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Bolton has gained national attention for his criticism of Donald Trump after spending nearly a year and half as the president's top adviser on national security. Bolton continues his criticism and recounts for USA TODAY some instances in which he questioned Trump's acumen, intelligence and dedication to issues of national security. Susan Page asks Bolton about the impeachment efforts led by House Democratic Party leadership, to which Bolton responds that he would have convicted Trump on Ukraine. But Bolton is not interested in supporting Joe Biden, or any other Democratic candidates in 2020. He plans to write-in a conservative of his own choosing.

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    1. He didn’t testify because it’s all malarkey that’s why he wrote a book like the rest of team Satan. May as well be listening to Whoopi Goldberg on the view.

    2. He didn’t testify because house democrats were focusing on Ukraine and only “considered” information on other corruption.
      Impeachment wouldn’t have gone anywhere with their playbook. Might as well impact the US voters with a book.

      Bolton agreed to testify before the Senate who could be much broader, but the senate republicans voted to not have any testimony hearing.

    3. Bolton is a greedy soulless psychopath. He should be indicted for not testifying on dumb Trump’s impeachment. Bolton is the king of lies. Bolton is evil.

  1. That’s the problem !! we’ve had for the last four years electoral constraint ..hopefully that means the eye of the storm will move over !! i’m waiting for the sound of chinooks and Blackhawks at 4 AM. Get this party started

  2. This POS reminds me of a CCR song; Fortunate Son. Here is one of the verses. “Some folks inherit star spangled eyes – Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord – And when you ask them “How much more should we give?” – Ooh, they only answer “More! More! More!”

    1. It reminds me of proud Mary….big wheels keep on moving,big wheels keep on turning, Bolton book rolling, rolling down the river

  3. I did not go along with Bolton’s politics or his hawkish foreign policy but in this interview, he comes across as honest and truthful.

  4. ive never thought of Bolton as a very funny or personable person but I laughed when she pointed out some negative things trump said about him and he said “whoever hired bolton should be fired” lol

  5. So the guy with a 40 yr political record serving 3 administrations; gets hired by Trump, kept on the payroll for 17 months and Trumps says he is a “washed up nobody” and that he didn’t agree with anything Bolton wanted him to do. Only an idiot (Republican Deplorable) would buy any of that dribble.

  6. When Biden wins Biggly in November we need to send all those Trumpies to North Korea to be re-educated, not that it’s possible but if anyone can do it Lil Kim can.

  7. I’m afraid the Senate has to be given to the Democrats because those senators and McConnell have caused a lot of problems to our country and we will not tolerate anymore corruption from them.

  8. Very weird opinion: Elections are every two years (mid-term) and four years. Why should the people wait so damn long to remove someone from office? Maybe Trump can insert two more judges, destroy the whole NATO and so on, before the next election. IMHO it really should be impeachable! To stop and show presidents where the red line of democracy is.

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