John King: This is why the CDC director is worried …

CNN's John King takes a look at the vaccine numbers and state-by-state trends for coronavirus case counts in the United States. #CNN #News


  1. Yeah just wait until the numbers come in from Tx, FL and Mississippi who all opened up 100% with no mask mandates.

    1. @Jay M Ah yes, name calling to deflect from answering the question. Typical liberal tactic and shows your lack of objective thought.

      You didn’t address what I said.

      When referring to New York lying about the number of deaths, that actually DID happen, regardless of whether NY is open or not. Cuomo’s staff is on tape saying they covered up killing thousands of seniors in nursing homes. Hardly the gold standard in morals or an effective virus strategy, you agree, right?

    2. @CR E you dont listen do you troll. I caught covid at the beginning from my best friend and his woman who came back from a cruise before the pandemic was declared. Right after it hit my state. I have done the right thing since and have been okay by the grace of God. I wasnt taking precations yet and it almost cost me all genius. But you keep soaking up and following things the conspiracy way. Good luck with that. Now kindly fk off and get a life

    3. @Ryan Wicks Such language! Yet you still survived and will probably run and get Vaccinated! What a liberal! I’m willing to trade you for the migrants!

  2. bad policies usually come with a 2-3 week lag. Meaning if Today, mask mandates are abolished and businesses allowed 100% occupancy, the numbers won’t reflect them for at least 14 days.

    1. @Mahin Deshmukh I bet I make ten times what you make. India is a third world country… You probably don’t have air conditioning and your children are probably covered with flies like in those unicef commercials begging for money from Americans…🇺🇸

    2. @Mahin Deshmukh If you really make 800,000/yr, why don’t you buy your village a decent water purification system, you third world savage?

    3. @Raptor F-22Jet Liberal Democrats (Communists) are as predictable as the sunrise. We need to replace the RINOS in the GOP with Conservatives. RINOS are saboteurs in our own Party and we can vote them out.

  3. It’s simple as this: lots of americans still live in the middle ages in terms of how they see the world.

    1. Amusingly, many Americans have not even travelled overseas. Many Americans still like to live in the past – just look at Donald Trump and his trumpsters – attempinting to make America ‘great again’. This will never happen. America had it’s place in history and now it simply cannot compete with stronger economies and competition from other countries. Amusing how so many Americans like living in a dream in preference to waking-up and facing reality.

    2. It’s as simple as this: lots of A mericans still live in the C N N b r a i n w sh land in terms of how they see the world.

    3. @Meedeeuh Areliars Say it how it is mate. I imagine you still adopt the view that the world is flat and that man have never really travelled to the moon. We have electricity now too by the way. Time to move with the times. If you don’t like CNN news then why watch it? You seem more content with watching seasons from Seaseme Street.

    1. @M.A Lopez Go get both of your masks on. Right now. If you want to live. If you don’t add a 3rd mask then you’re a science denier!

    2. @Byron Allen You spelled Donna Jaylin Trump wrong (not a man since a whiney little drama queen). 🤣

  4. Most politicians work only for their next elections and interests, and have no interest in the future of their country or the planet !!

    1. @robvlob I haven’t seen a single person in a few hours spouting ‘Demonrats-aren’t-helping-the-people’ gibberish. Except her. Maybe she nodded off praying for the nation to be stricken by Dump angels’ iron rods so that he can be reinstalled March 20th-25th-ish since that March 6th deadline petered out.😂

    2. @Karma Hunsaker Thomas Jefferson did not think that Christianity was true. Jefferson put into the Declaration of Independence the words, “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” That means to leave out Story Gods such as Jesus of Christianity and Christianity, Story Gods can just be made from the ‘Minds and imaginations’ of humans.

      Humans can make up stories. Philosophers during the Age of Enlightenment asked the question, why would a God who thinks that humans are sinners, why would a God leave humans to deliver that Gods most important message? Humans, if sinners, are also liars, mistaken, corrupt, forgetful, embellishers, deceitful, scammers, etc..

      So what can’t humans make up that a God would know? A God would have a great amount of knowledge of the natural world. Humans in the ancient world, if making up stories about a God, would have that God do faith healing to prevent or cure disease. Easy, easy, to make up.

      A God that really wanted to be good to humans and help humans would tell us humans about the value of sanitation, cleanliness, sterilization, inoculation, medications, social distancing and face masks to prevent disease. Faith healing is Fantasy Fiction.

      Humans can write stories like Star Trek and Star Wars about space travel. But real space travel is done by NASA in the United States and other Governments and businesses around the world have different ways of actual space travel. They have knowledge, rather than just stories about space travel. Jesus of Christianity and Christianity just has stories about Faith Healing as medical care. Natural methods of preventing and curing disease is reality medical care.

      The Bible Belt area of the Untied States has the largest number of diseases.

  5. Here in Australia we get worried when 1 case appears, and shut down the state if it starts to climb

    1. @C Macd Not sure – thought we where on track – not that worried anyway – will get it eventually.

    2. @C Macd It seems that Europe is holding up the shipping of the vaccine to Australia and now Australia will send their vaccines to the huge outbreak in Papua New Guinea to help them out since Australia has the virus more or less under control. A generous humanitarian decision.

  6. If there’s a cure for COVID-19 now when do we start looking for the cure for what nasty people we’ve become?

    1. @Qwarrior Patriot fake so governor greab abbot of texas said that the spread of covid is the fault of illegals and is demanding that the feds give all boarder agents a covid vaccine?

    2. @John Norris lool yeah never was good at spelling nor won any spelling bees but sure did pay attention to science class.

    3. @n?a You mocked OP (and likely others) for “failing science class” and then said of flu/COVID, “it will never go away.” I gave you a specific example of a flu pandemic that DID go away. My point is/was, if you are going to mock people, you better make sure you are right (and you weren’t).

    4. @n?a – Wow, you sound pretty well educated! I never took a “science” class like you did. My university classes had different titles like Chemistry I and II, Physics I, II, and III and Biology. Thermodynamics and Statics/Dynamics were pretty tough. I’m sure you would have aced them all had you enrolled.

    1. What state? In Texas we have been opened since September and masks in schools will be used this entire year.

  7. The British mutation just exploded in Norway – massive outbreak, worse than one year ago, now going back to full lockdown. What is new now is that we see patients born in the 70, 80 and 90s admitted to emergency care.
    The Brazilian mutation has been detected and is looming…

  8. More vaccines for Democrats, if the GOP don’t want them lol let them get infected at least Democrats will be protected

    1. @newmove I agree I wanted everyone to get it but I’m not gonna beg Trump cult to be safe anymore so let them get infected and be hospitalized thats their well deserved choice

    2. @Joaquin Lomeli
      No the idiots have already likely made this endemic, as in permanent because of the variants and mutation. These 33% of conspiracy fed moronic village idiots will just keep the virus alive and mutating. It’s likely only a matter of time before one evolves where the spike protein mutates and renders all vaccines useless.

  9. Remember that them traitor republicans were in Florida having one of their hate rallies were they wore no masks!!!!

    1. @John Walck You just wished it on yourself. You just wished for the virus to spread. Got anything more to say about “hate?”

    2. @John Walck You’re not good for wishing people to get sick and spread the virus. That’s beyond scumbaggery.

  10. I always laugh they talk about ventilation in schools etc…folks have no idea about the state and condition of many of our schools. Especially those in at-risk communities. Hilarious.

    1. @Daniel Arcadia Nothing you just said has anything to do with the nature of HVAC system qualities and up keeping of public schools. You reaching for the stars with T-Rex arms. Go play….

    2. @The Mosaic At Largo Station It is not uncommon for those never involved with “system’s( like you ) in either Education , health, or basic engineering , to see how failed systems which includes performance ( Grades ) , building structure (HAVC) and performance in higher education and work, are all one pakage in social services

    3. @The Mosaic At Largo Station I am sure you may be weak at your job …. minimum , basic understanding of systems and sytem failures are required for low level managment ( see education , health )

    4. @The Mosaic At Largo Station Only because I like you ….can you explain this …Feb. 19, 2021 — The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is bankrolling a group of activists who believe math is racist

  11. Unfortunately, I still think we’re in for another surge. Between spring break, travel and states reopening too quickly and irresponsibly by getting rid of mask mandates. Only my opinion. I hope I’m wrong. But if we are hit by another surge, I hope finally citizens and state politicians realize we need to reopen slower with mask mandates in place.
    Again, I hope I’m wrong.

  12. It would be amazing if the gop refused “enmasse” and they all just ride off into the graveyard together

    1. @K No person with 2 working brain cells would believe anything MSM, Fauci or Bill Gates have to say regarding their health. They peddle fear and disinformation, it’s becoming obvious to more ppl. Do you have 2 working cells? Asking for a friend.

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