Johnson: The Only Thing More American Than Apple Pie Is Mass Shootings 1

Johnson: The Only Thing More American Than Apple Pie Is Mass Shootings

Founder of Punchbowl News Jake Sherman and editor-at-large at The Bulwark Charlie Sykes discuss our national gun violence epidemic and project if Congress will ever pass gun reform instead of just “offering thoughts and prayers"
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  1. All this is gonna do is make even more states make it easier to buy guns so people can “protect” themselves by killing others with military grade assault rifles.

    1. If you’re calling the civilian version of AR15s “military grade” and “assaults rifles” then you’re confused. Civilians can’t buy military grade assault rifles. Also AR15s are used in less than 4% of shootings.

    2. @Joseph Gerarde The AR-15 is not a traditional rifle. It follows the same concept as the Sturmgewehr 44, from WW2.

      -Intermediate rifle cartridge.
      -Autoloading action
      -Detatchable magazine of 10-30 rounds.

      And it’s no coincidence that preparators of modern infamous crimes still use it.

      Unlike a Winchester 94, or Remington 742.

  2. As a mother, hearing a child say they were prepared, literally crushed my heart… Im so sorry little one, you should not have these experiences…

    1. @Aaron “Every illegal, dead person, people voting more than once and so on eliminates your vote” well sure, but that’s not happening, so your argument is meaningless.

    2. @ejay D lmao so long lines equal beings easier to buy guns? You’ve clearly never purchased one

    3. Bull come to Illinois it’ll take u 3-6 months to get a f.o.i.d. Card then another 2 weeks to a month to get a firearm

  3. My heart broke when hearing that little girl said she is always prepared and always expects something to happen. It’s good to be prepared for anything, but a child her age shouldn’t have to constantly go around worried about shootings. It’s crazy that kids in the US have to have shooter drills. I’m Swedish, and when I was a kid, the only drills we had was fire drills. We hadn’t even a thought about someone coming to school and shoot people, even though the school was completely unlocked during the day, with no reception. Today as an adult I find it shocking how low security we had, but it was another time period, I guess (it wasn’t long ago though, I went to that school between 1990 and 1999).

    1. Hey there! Sweden now has the highest rate of gun crime in Europe. Due to *koff* *koff* *koff*

      I bet you support the same government policies that created this situation, don’t you?

  4. “The Only Thing More American Than Apple Pie Is Mass Shootings…” …and Mass Incarcerations.

    1. It’s sickening, we are supposed to be one of the leading countries, not anymore, gun violence has destroyed this country.

    2. @AJ Tate so has opioids, poverty, car fatalities, wealth inequality. The democrats won’t tell you that tho instead focus your tunnel visoned mind on the most recognizable danger to your safety and their power

  5. there’s ten year olds taking a gun to school,no wonder seven year olds say no biggy its my second shooting incident.

    1. Lmfao you see this stuff on the news and automatically assume your immediate environment is dangerous????? There is literally a less then one percent chance of you being involved in something like this yet throw the whole country away?

    2. @Dwayne Smith So it’s all based on “you” isn’t it? Those who die from guns, tough luck, right? Like I always thought, a human life comes cheap in American’s eyes. Besides gun deaths, it would also explain the abnormally high death rate by Covid per capita in comparison to other “civilized” nations.

    3. @Michèle Gagné As an American myself: That’s pretty much what it is.

      There’s 2 Americas here:
      1. Normal America
      2. ‘murrica

    4. @Emu Riddle Time for Normal America to put its foot down. Elected officials are going against at least 60-70% of Americans who want some sort of gun control. Big money is controlling the agenda, not the people.

  6. I wonder when your travel industry will step in complaining that no one wants to come to your country any more. I have family and friends in the US and they already know that we won’t meet again unless they come here (we, Canada, won’t let you for a while yet, you refuse to vaccinate).
    Your status in the world is SO low now. And it keeps getting worse, daily.

    1. Politically, socially Amerikka is 3rd world country. Wealthiest country & citizens beg for charity e.g. Go Fund Me! Because Corp Dems are (feckless)& GOP give tax breaks to wealthy & U.S.A. will never pass M4All

    2. Trust me. There’s a reason why road rage has increased in this country recently.

      Normal people would have a hard time coping with all this.

    3. @Tina Horn Because basic necessities are just commerical products, in this country.

      And there’s a reason why we have a lot of homeless people here.

      You can’t have a place to live in this country, if you don’t have income.

      And it doesn’t matter if you’re disabled, in debt, or got hurt on the job either.

      The message is still the same:
      “Too bad.”

      Some people get so desperate, that they borrow money. Just to have some chance at a normal life.

  7. ‘I’m always expecting things to happen.’ That is so phkd up. Young kids living with flight or fight every day.

    1. It kind of breaks my heart to think about it too.

      But also surprised that they’ve kept themselves together.

  8. That’s sad to think that at 6 years old, it’s not her first shooting and she always expects something to happen.

  9. USA gets no sympathy for this state of affairs, it is totally and wilfully self-inflicted.

    1. @Bingo Sun Noon republicans fight it in their states and federally.

      They’re perfectly happy to let the big cites in blue states take guns from all the black people.

    2. @Joey X How many gun deaths in New Zealand last year? Hint: It was zero. How many gun deaths in Fiji last year. Hint: It was zero too.

  10. The USA is insane. Civilized countries don’t allow citizens to have guns except for licensed hunters

    1. @Michèle Gagné Also, I’m pretty sure they don’t have their kids listening to drill rap and watching all these postapocolyptic violence shows as much there. Probably alot less SSRI s and Xanax prescrbed there, less opiates and meth. A big chunk of violence here is from the powers that be deliberately promoting it at the same time as banning church and grandma’s house gatherings.

    2. @Michèle Gagné We all know, sketchy people are usually kids on drugs trying to imitate what they see in mass media not nra gun rights enthusiasts and the type of people who shoot people not self defense are not going to obey any gun law there’s already laws against murder

    3. @Brandon West Other factors ? There are mass shootings every week in the U.S. and none since 2001 in Switzerland. But you cannot compare a civilized society with a barbarian one and the U.S. falls into the latter category, a bunch of overweight, baseball cap wearing yahoos carrying guns.

    4. @Brandon West I see you’re into conspiracies and possibly a Q and Twump supporter. Good luck with that and the alternative facts

    5. @Brandon West Swiss Culture is focused on “Defense of the Nation.”

      Everybody gets along, and cooperates. Like normal people should.

      American gun culture is completely different. It’s focused on “self.”

      If somebody feels like buying 2,000 guns: They do it, because “F*** you.”

      (And then the Swiss look at them, like they’re weird.)

      But Americans don’t take into consideration the words “Security of a Free State.”

      When they constantly talk about the 2nd Amendment.

  11. The first sign that America was getting back to “normal” when the pandemic appeared to be ending was the return of mass shootings. The U.S. is the only Western nation where gun violence is part of daily life. The political will to change just isn’t there largely because of the “Republican” Party. If guns made people safer the U.S. would be the safest country on Earth.

    1. @Not Sure Your first sentence is directly contradicted by your second sentence. The problem isn’t Democrat cities, it’s the lack of national gun standards.

    2. Awkward fact: When certain well-defined demographics are excluded from the staistics, American gun crime is the same as in other developed countries.

    3. @SquishyFletcher No, the problem actually is Democrat cities. Nine of the top ten cities for gun deaths are run by Democrats. Look it up.

    4. @SquishyFletcher Nothing makes a liberal angrier than showing him that something he wants to believe isn’t true.

    1. There weren’t any children shot. This was a drug gang in Washington DC.. The pedophile left are the ones committing crimes against children.

    2. @Kevin Maguire
      What news clip did you watch ? Not the ball park shooting but the previous day a 6 year old was shot

  12. Tough on crime is never going to solve anything. As the gap widens between rich and poor crime will rise.

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