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      🟦🟦🟦 SLAVA RUSSIA 🟦🟦🟦

    2. Ukraine RETREATS from Bakhmut!!!

      💙💙💙 SLAVA RUSSIA 💙💙💙

    1. @Eh…  yet he did nothing to stop the nationalist from killing the Russians and violated the Minsk accords to the point he got invaded lol what a politician says and does are always two different things not matter what country you live in. He got to the top and realized nato ran the show and they wanted a tilly with Russia which is why we helped build and train thier army knowing damn well what was gonna happen. Imagine if Russia started training and equipping the Mexican army lol.

    2. @Dutchmaster I agreed about leaders saying one thing and doing the opposite. Now though,the Russians have a habit of invading their neighbors. Ask my Baba,who was born in refuguee camp. while her family was running away from the Russians.

  1. Bring on the other Pulitzer Prize, winning journalist, Seymour Hersh we’d love to hear his reporting and analysis

    1. @Dutchmaster If course they are it’s a big conspiracy by the “collective west” 🙄
      Unlike some commenters I check before I comment.

    1. @Navam Sinna Russia is committing genocide, rape and torture.
      Russia invaded Ukraine.
      Russia is a terrorist state.

      Nato is not Russian bot.

      By posting you help support Ukraine.

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      🟦🟦🟦 SLAVA RUSSIA 🟦🟦🟦

    3. @U.P. dan Putin cherry picked ideas;
      Hatred of the other
      Contempt for a free press & free speech
      Intolerance of mockery & humour
      Profoundly conservative social values
      An unfree market in hock to political power
      A reverence for the ‘organs’; KGB, Cheka, GPU, OGPU, NKGB, NKVD, MGB, SVR, FSB.
      = A fascist =. a shove out the window so we can live & let live

  2. Early in the war, Ukraine’s tactic was to trade territory for time. Let the Russian rush in then grind them slowly. What a smart..
    Now we see Russian tactics is to trade life for an ammo. Let the ammo take the comrade, then rush in when the ammo is low. Just make sure there is enough stock of comrade for the trade. What a mess…

  3. Erin, thank you for giving time to this important issue, Ukraine. It truly is obvious this test of our will to support democracy and freedom. It is probably more important to us in that they are saving us from spending a lot more money and blood in the future, in dealing with this self proclaimed adversary of democracy. Also in backing our allies, that we will need when the time comes for dealing with China. Thank you for seeing farther than your nose, like the morons in the Cult (especially in Congress).

    1. Zelensky & Biden is the reason, for entire situation,
      There was a chance to restore the situation,
      Zelensky & Biden should answer the UKRAINE people,
      Who lost their lives & Shelters

    2. Ukraine isn’t democracy and it’s population has no freedom. Zelensky banned 11 opposition parties, thrown in jail or killed opposition leaders, banned opposition media, banned males from leaving the country and was bombing civilians for years to make them obey

      “From spending more blood in the future” – Putin never attacked any country that wasn’t bombing civilians at Russian borders. And he haven’t attacked NATO now, despite its being at weakest state in history. Why do you think he will attack NATO acter finishes with Ukraine ?

      NATO isn’t supporting Ukraine, they giving them enough equipment to not die, but far too little and far too late to win or even have a chance of winning. Prolonging the war only causes more deaths and has nothing to do with EU or NATO security

  4. Thank you to the Brave Russian heros standing with Ukraine and fighting along side them against invaders.
    You are unbelievably brave and we see you! ❤

  5. Wow, lots of respect for that kid at the end. Walks across the border from Russia to defend Ukraine… that takes balls of steel right there. Good for him.

    1. That’s if he actually exists or is actually russian? Along with the “intercepted phone calls” its more than likely a ukraine psyop believe it or not.

  6. As they lay down to sleep forever
    The children’s prayers cease
    Lives shortened by a cruel dictator
    A dove mourns an unlikely peace

    A ruler’s greed cold and heartless,
    A conscience empty as space
    Saddened parents cries bombard us
    As the world offers a warm embrace

    1. First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear’d with blood
      Of human sacrifice, and parents tears,
      Though, for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud,
      Their children’s cries unheard that passed through fire
      To his grim Idol.

      John Milton, Paradise Lost

  7. Zaza is a dude cut from a different piece of cloth! Years ahead in maturity AND A BIG PAIR OF BALLS on this dude!!! Much respect to you Zaza!!! You are on the righteous side of this terrible war. May God have mercy and bless all the innocent!! SLAVA UKRAINE, God bless Ukraine and the rest of the free world. With love and support, from Los Angeles USA

    1. Ukraine RETREATS from Bakhmut!!!

      💙💙💙 SLAVA RUSSIA 💙💙💙

  8. At 3:03 into Ellen’s report with Lynsey Addario, I can’t help wondering what it’s like to have been in an active war zone and then out of it and back in your country where everything is normal. It has to leave you ripped and torn inside and emotionally shaken up in ways no one could explain. How do you in the news business manage reporting on things like wars and earthquakes and then be able to brush it all off when you get back home? I guess the answer is of course that you are like trauma surgeons; you focus only on getting the information back to the folks who need to hear it and do your best not to take home seeing the loss of life and human suffering that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Bravo! Good luck Ellen and Lynsey and the CNN Team!

    1. while true for sure, i think that over the past decade, the vibes and tension within american society here where i am, is edgy, palpable and very dark. And i had orginally planned a career in one of severl parts of international affairs, from emergency disaster mgmt, to other ‘stuff’ shall we say. To me, i’d feel easier and happier over there in ukr now, than in many places in teh USA right now. That’s just me, but it goes to show we all perceive negativity, risk, and horror—viasivs feeling useful and fulfilling our personal missions.

  9. She is very BRAVE!! going to the front lines to talk people in a WAR..😱..💯 can’t believe it 🤨 why would she put herself in danger like that?

  10. Kudos to Erin Burnett – she has done excellent work bringing this tragic story to the attention of viewers. Very professional interviewing, she asks questions that everyone can relate to, and shows empathy for the horrific circumstances happening in Ukraine

  11. I’m so glad the highlighted that Russia kid, apparently he’s the Youngest ever accepted into one of the foreign legion units, he fights in one of the ‘Freedom for Ru’ Divisions, so inspiring to see Decent Russians following this whole vileness
    There’s a interview on Ukrainian journo Zolkin’s channel with him and a few more Russians.. truly the only time I’ll use a Capital R is for these True Russian Patriots
    Slava Ukraine Indeed! 💛💙🥳

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