Joy Reid: Cuomo’s Exit A Product Of Democrats’ Higher Standards

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's announcement of his resignation comes one week to the day after State Attorney General Letitia James’ office released a report accusing him of sexually harassing 11 women. Journalist Ronan Farrow, New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim, and MSNBC legal analyst Cynthia Alksne join Joy Reid with their analysis.
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    1. ​@Psyche GoddessofLight, assumptions, the blind can’t lead the blind, convict the guilty. NO MATTER WHAT PARTY.

    2. @B Mo Trump made a comment about women which is fine as long as you don’t carry them out which he didn’t!

    3. @rolback The media has covered for Biden and his crack head son so long as he – Biden continues to destroy America!

    4. @Psyche GoddessofLight I don’t know if you’re a brain dead liberal or what but I agree with you 100%

    5. @*** pua*** “No one’s looking away.” Really?? Because I hear nothing from the Left, EVER, about holding Biden accountable. So, yes, that’s intentionally turning a blind eye bc it’s politically expedient. Which is being COMPLICIT.
      And you can spare me with the self appointed “hero” pathetic attempt at a…comeback? You’re just mad someone’s calling you out for your hypocrisy. Cope.

  1. Democratic governer resigned because of sexual misconduct now that’s a good sign…wow really good standard… Now celebrate Cuomo for resigning!!

  2. Trump: “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump said. “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the p. You can do anything.”

    This pretty much sums up the state of the republican party’s moral standards.

    1. Exactly, trumpers are still supporting a man who has sexual misconduct with 20 women. Qpublicans are still looking the other way. For an Independent voter like me. I’m ready to KICK OUT all traitor Qpublican party (R) next to their names. VOTE FOR ALL BLUE 2022 and 2024. RIH GQP.

    2. Does Tara Reade’s experience being assaulted by Biden sum up the Democrat party??

      Don’t make this a partisan thing. Grow up. Admit y’all just feeling embarrassed bc you were worshipping Cuomo until recently.

    3. @B Mo not rent free. He’s getting away with criminal stuff. And the republicans aren’t holding him accountable as they’re suppose to but continue being a tool

    1. @9753flyer He really didn’t have much choice, it was either step down or be removed, and then he could have never run for any office in New York again.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Agreed but that does not change nor have relevance in regard to what I said.

      Point being that if he were a Republican, he would not have stepped down and the Republican party in general would rally behind him and attempt to whitewash/justify/ignore/deflect what is being accused even in the face of tape of their own words/actions.

    3. You regard a man as having even a shred of integrity when there is clearly an issue of harassment in his office and he sanctioned the move of covid sufferers back to nursing homes, killing thousands of residents? You’re morally bereft.

    4. @TheDiamond2009 He resigned.. show me a Republican in the past 20 years who has shown even that small shred of integrity… You cannot.

      That clearly shows that while he may not have any integrity, even that is more than Republicans who have done similar and even worse as well as the party as a whole since Democrats as a party denounced Cuomo.. the same cannot be said about Republicans, just the opposite in fact.

    1. @Mildred Delherhosensmith Shhh. You’re shattering the delusion. People are either literally psychotic or have severe memory problems around here. Denial is a helluva drug and a lot of people out here overdosing.

      OP lives in an alternate reality. Republicans may be gross, too…but at least they don’t pretend to be the BELIEVE WOMEN/VICTIMS crowd (unless the accused are on Team Blue). The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

      A lot of people lack any semblance of integrity. At least they’re showing themselves.

    2. @neb yeah but let’s not forget that Trump has only himself to blame for losing the election. He was such a HORRIBLE President that he just had to go.

    3. @My True Crime Library its true I’ve heard him described as a horrible president, a corrupt president, the worst president, a lying president and so on.

      But what does that say really, when everything of importance this president was accused of never materialized evidence or conviction?

    1. It just seems like the REPUBLICANS don’t want OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM TO WORK!!!??? A least NEVER in the Democrats favor???!!!😳🤔🤥🤨🤪😔😠!!! THE TRUMP REPUBLICANS AND HIS HINESS are literally killing off the people of especially FLORIDA but other places, too???!!! Some people have literally lost it 😳🤨🤪🤔🤥

    2. Justice doesn’t know silly partisan lines. Either we hold them all accountable or everyone on the left can STFU about claiming to believe women/victims. What a bunch of phony liars. Our sitting President is a r*pist. For shame.

  3. his resignation is because the evidence became so overwhelming and public that democrats and their media lackeys like yourself couldn’t successfully cover for him.

    1. Yeah, that’s why he’s being force out of a state that’s overwhelmingly majority Democrat.

      It’s almost like this isn’t the first time a Democrat has been given the boot due to simlair allegations.

    1. @Jim River there hasn’t been a trial for Coumo but the DA of NY said after her investigation, Coumo did engage in criminal behavior. She said she will not bring any charges but instead leave it to local authorities to decide.

  4. face it getting grabby with women is not a good thing. and needs to get you in some heat . he got what he had coming .

    1. @Michael Bray nice go to insult mode along with the offensive to throw people off. Typical when people know they are wrong.

    2. @DO NOT RESPOND I am here when you want to admit I am right on this point. Otherwise you are just being obstinate.

    3. I understand that you don’t have much going on upstairs, but you should at least be aware of the fact that Trump is no longer in office.

      You folks ought to stop watching leftwing media so much — it’s rotting your brains.

    4. @A A But why Trump is not in jail yet?? Since you so smart, you should know. And why are you watching this too.

  5. The title for this video is not quite right. It does not need to be ” Not higher standards” it just needs to be “standards”.

  6. 3:15 pfffp 🤣😂🤪 that was so mindless and wrong that even my dog is laughing, and he’s a Democrat. Oh gosh that was too good. This is government people. Dogs, cheats, and liars are prolific regardless of affiliation, ain’t neither side better, or morally superior than the other. You ain’t gonna find public servants higher than the local level.

  7. Justice matters and anyone breaking the law needs to be held accountable, regardless of party or position.

  8. 3:14 — “…because democrats hold their own to a higher standard of conduct.”

    I haven’t laughed that hard in so long. That was a good one.

    She’s such a moron.

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