Judge Calls Out Trump, Barr DOJ For Punishing Cohen Over New Book | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. poor cohen tried to expose trumpf earliest, to his credit. he deserve’s limited freedom.

    1. @Patti Gouker I agree with you but right now realistically it won’t happen . I can see 45′ s goons starting chaos during election time and inasmuch as I hate to say it, he will proclaim himself the president again.. I hope people ,myself included will have a million peaceful protest to denounce him .

    2. @Roger Pile my biggest fear is election day. I’m thinking Barr is already making plans on how they will destroy our election. . His goons will be out in the street everywhere , creating havoc & therefore in the end he will proclaim himself the winner. Should we just take this in stride?
      We are all going to be muzzled , freedom of the press out the window. 45 was being honest when he said he’d like to be like president Xi , ” president for life ” & he is not kidding .

    3. Teresita Uy We are living in very dangerous times. Never in my adult life did I believe our wonderful free country would be under siege by an obsessed wanna be DICTATOR/KING! Please stay safe.

  2. never in my wildest dreams did I ever thought Americans would elect a derange psychopath as president.

    1. @Jacqueline Wernett Is this the new liberal game to report comments that hurt your feelings . Then again everything hurts your feelings . Rude nothing compared to the vile filth from you liberal freaks . Please take the game to the next level we are waiting .

    2. @Jacqueline Wernett – And well-nigh *desperate* for us to reply to him/her… 🀯
      “Sad!” 🀣
      #NoLucreForThoseSillyTrolls πŸ’Έ

    3. @CynAnne1 nope…you are another moron …but thanx for the laugh..one day you’ll grow up.

    4. @CynAnne1 ..it’s pretty funny how people think calling someone a troll is horrible..I’m laying Easter Eggs.. Enlightenment made me very happy. I feel very sorry for many peoples stupidity and lack of educations.

    1. The word execution here seems wierd… wow… what if Barr was Trump’s Executioner……..?
      Awe…. just thinking …… right…. like that would ever hapoen….

    2. @OnWingsOfHope
      Abdul you too…..

    3. @James Carter
      Yep…. singing .
      “Ya can’t always get what you want”…….

    4. @James Carter
      Pretty sure they will not sing…..
      “” And i’m proud to be an American “” unless they change the words to :
      “” I tried to be an Authoritarian””…..

    5. πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

    1. @mike mann songs The Electric Chair would be a good fit for trump and family and the Republican enablers and trump’s goons.

    2. Let’s hope the Real Justice Dept. are gathering up all the evidence and witnesses to prosecute trump and company and conspirators to prison.

    3. @Robert Lee you are right but I figured he would not get the amount of time he deserves due to age and what’s good for the entire country.. But I agree Trump2Prison20201 😝

  3. Trump doesn’t want you to do mail-in voting. Trump and his family do mail-in voting. Trump wants you to send your kids to school. Trump and his family aren’t sending their kids to school. Trump and his family are going to live. Thousands of families like us are going to die.

    1. @Fred Freddy – And let us consider *HOW cretinously giddy* #45✳ was at Putin’s invite to *the communists* “May Day” celebration *IN Moscow.* 🀨
      *Or* that *ONLY* Russian ‘press’ *were allowed* to film #45✳ and Putin in July of 2019…as Putin ‘joked’ about *”…getting rid of…” American reporters.*
      And #45✳ *LAUGHED right along* with the former *KGB agent who RULES over* Russia.
      *NO* other American President *would’ve allowed* such insults to *our country AND constitutionally-protected ‘free press’.*
      But #45✳ *LOVES* his banker/mentor/like-minded ‘leader’.
      *SO* embarrassing for America… πŸ˜’

    2. @Just Say’n hmm, did these children have co morbidity factors? Or did they have the virus and died from something else?? Because you die with the virus doesn’t mean you die from it.. Due to studies and experts from Sweden, Finland, Italy, and John Hopkins University, healthy children do not die from this virus! I will do my own research into these deaths because these are highly unusual…and you just can’t trust the media. I have a few aqaintences that work in Tampa’s medical field..

    3. @laksh nayyar
      Why are you so confident that he does not… YOU KNOW THAT IT IS NOT BRAIN DAMAGE…but there is 100% noticible something going on and for the ones who do not …. I have no clue what to tell you….. SAD…..

  4. never has one president worked so hard to fail to convince us that he doesn’t have brain damage

    1. Zero brain damage.
      I’ll prove my point.
      Trump’s brain is like new, still in package and still sealed.
      Trump’s brain has never been used.
      6 bankruptcies prove that.

    2. Vince F, let’s be fair, nobody else had ever done that. Nobody knows more about camera, man velvet, than he does.

  5. Barr and Trump just keep getting caught doing shady nefarious sh”t. And I would be very careful if I was Barr. Because as a sociopath, Trump doesn’t have friends, he only has victims, and accomplices, who will later end up as victims themselves.

    1. @CynAnne1 Of course, Barr denies he was at Epstein’s prison. Whatever happens now, will be determined by whether Ghislaine is ready to talk.

    2. @Sheila White she wont live long enough sadly…..this world is more corrupt than most care to believe.

    3. @Goldie let’s hope so it’s been a looooonnnnnnnggggggg time since America has seen true justice.i think the everyday people cant even wrap thier mind around just how corrupt our country has become. I know I have trouble w it, it’s just too crazy to believe its true, isn’t it????

    4. @Sheila White – Barr *can’t deny,* however, that *Epstein worked FOR Barr’s father* in the 1970s…’teaching’ *preteens at a posh private school.* πŸ’°πŸ€”πŸ’°

  6. Wow that’s out President??!?! Horrible horrible thank you for a great enlightening report.

    1. And how do we stop them… making sure the carnival ‘con’ man.. the ‘barker’… and he also plays the ‘clown’. He and family with his rolling circus leave town ASAPLy… mark BLUE in every checkbox…2020.

    2. We have always preached to other countries how to behave. Now all our sins have come out in the open.

    3. @DJ Architect We know this. 80% want the CDC and Dr. Fauci in charge of the Covid task force. The fact that the don is looking out for himself and is desperate drives this debacle. He is a malignant narcissist and he’s not done yet. He was an object of mirth during primary season 2016 but those days are long gone. He is unfit for the office he holds and the only reason he wasn’t removed by the Senate after his impeachment was because most Senate Republicans do his bidding or is it Putin’s bidding?

  7. Barr is corrupt & will do anything to protect Don & cover up his crimes like lobbying for the British Open!

    1. By all accounts he has ruined Turnberry. He also ruined an area of outstanding natural beauty to build a golf resort near Edinburgh.

    2. @1tonykirk I believe Cohen. He admitted his crimes and accepted his punishment. Flynn pleaded guilty too.

    3. @1tonykirk Barr has been breaking the law non stop. Their are dozens of charges in multiple cities being brought up as we speak

    4. @1tonykirk ‘Cohen is a proven liar.’ – Absolutely true. Cohen lied on the orders of Donald Trump. Also absolutely true. In Cohen’s verdict Trump is all but named as an unindited co-conspirator. The southern district of NY’s case is still open. Further charges will most likely be filled in February of 2021.

  8. Cohen deserves to take Trump down. He has literally suffered for Trump. He has 3 months to do that! Come on tell us where the bodies are buried Michael 😁

    1. Trump will complain about how the judge was being biased and released Cohen just because of what he’s expressed regarding women, just like he did with the California Mexican American judge.

  9. Once again, what more does this President and his administration have to do in order to confirm how corrupt they are?

    1. Greg Hill The sad thing is Trump’s supporters could care less. The Trumpy Bears have been on me hot and heavy. I can handle it but I’ve asked them factual questions and not one has answered me. Vote Blue and send the Entire Trump Criminal Good Squad to Jail.

  10. Trump wants to shut everyone up just like he’s doing in Portland with his Gestapos. Nazis started like this.

    1. Trump has been doing this with NDA’s his entire adult life! Now he doesn’t even have to bribe people to shut up, he just has Barr and the DOJ

    2. Cohen needs to “double-time” on that book, so every American has a chance to fully digest its contents before the November election.

  11. The ONLY PEOPLE that SHOULD BE in jail are Donald Trump and Bill Barr and ANY PERSON that does Trump’s ILLEGAL DIRTY WORK.

    1. That would include most members of the Senate and a few from the House. The clean up could last for years. Many congressmen resigned in 2018 to get out of the way.

    2. McConnell MUST go as well come November. Kentucky has to vote this scum bag out of office.

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