Judge Cites Election Fraud Rhetoric To Lock Up Capitol Rioters 1

Judge Cites Election Fraud Rhetoric To Lock Up Capitol Rioters


Scott MacFarlane reports on the latest cases related to the January 6th insurrection. 

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    1. 20 plus is what terrorists should get especially if they are attacking our country.. basic.. lock them up for good along with rittenhouse and get them all mental help while in prison.

    2. Why do you judge people I have said the capitol cops let the trump supporters in for refreshments they have done nothing wrong. WE SHOULD LOCK YOU UP AND THROW THE KEYS AWAY YOU HATE WHITE POEPLE RIGHT

    1. @D P
      As far as pardons go. But flexing his power he installed political appointees to everything from DNI to postmaster general. Diced up the state department, commandeered the CDC, hijacked the coronavirus task force, got Barr to mass fire US attorneys and compel resignations, firing multiple cabinet members and inspectors generals. Trying to sell the Saudis our smart bomb production machinery and software. Single-handedly ruined trade with China, on and on and on.

    2. @John Humphries –
      I didn’t know until recently, but the Postmaster General is chosen by a committee within the USPS, and can only be dismissed by them.

      So unless they have actionable charges, and he doesn’t resign, he’ll be there a while longer. And what he did hasn’t been done before, at least not by the PG, so there’s a statutory lag, like how there were no specific laws against stalking in the 80s, and no video stalking laws for years after that.

    3. Jan 6: “fine people”
      Jan 7: They failed, so he threw them under the bus to distance himself.

    1. @R Smith you have to be obvious to be caught. A lot of things are illegal in hiring that still goes on.

    2. @Just Saying the megahax talking points and straight up stupidity is a dead giveaway for Trump supporters

    3. @Tyeler Nowell
      Half the country are voters, the other half are non-voters. Of the voters, 74 million support Trump. How many non-voters love him? Could be another 74 million. I used a low estimate here.

    1. @The Logic Party this is your fifth post being majorly triggered & deflecting while liking your own comments. Chill with the outrage culture. Stop trying to cancel me, Snowflake.

    2. @Horizon Eyes this is your 4th post of you refusing to answer a question as to what you think triggered means. Why’d you use it if you didn’t have an idea of what it meant? Why avoid answering?

    3. @The Logic Party Why are you copy & pasting comments? Are you really That triggered? If you’re so upset Go Watch some qanon propaganda to make yourself feel better. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

    4. @Horizon Eyes this is your 5th post of you refusing to answer a question as to what you think triggered means. Why’d you use it if you didn’t have an idea of what it meant? Why avoid answering?

    5. Too late to throw the library at adults who cut routinely high school Civics and American history class.

    1. @Jerry P You have not said an intelligent thing all day, lol, you just come up with nonsensical after nonsensical. You need to FACT CHECK (and not with qanon) before you comment, it will stop you from looking more stupid than you already do. No wonder traitor trump and his cult are a worldwide laughing stock

    2. @Vrooman You really think 81 million people voted for Biden? I find it hard to believe that anyone is that stupid. Don’t get me wrong — I know some of you are, but it’s still hard to believe.

    3. @Shirlee Hicks Of course… everyone knows it, everyone believes it.. the only people who don’t are Trumpist conspiracy theorists…

      Honest question for you, after Trump claimed fraud in the 2016 Republican primaries, then claimed fraud in the 2016 general election, once again claimed fraud in the 2018 midterms, and now claimed fraud in 2020, do you honestly STILL believe him? I find it hard to believe that some of you still fall for it. He hasn’t ONCE proved fraud in any of the 4 consequetive elections he’s claimed it in, but you are STILL falling for this?

    4. @Rick Pascual that comment made no sense. I can only assume you meant it for someone else.

    1. @tripalong not true about the wall work stoppage or about smashing a phone does not erase anything?!? Any text or call you have ever made can be found as with any email that’s a fact. And the wall work did stop. Nothing I said was incorrect so you’re welcome…. but the comments of yours I was responding to, both are false so not sure what you are referring to?

    2. @jr harlow I never said it didn’t stop. I said that Biden is picking back up on it. Now also I don’t think I said anything about emails. I said Hillary’s smashing of the phones which did happen. I mean that’s totally normal thing right?

    3. @tripalong the wall was a joke from the get go, they already defunded the entire project America defunded not mexico… I would hope any story of the wall passes by and is done and forgotten and Hillary did nothing wrong and the point of the last comment was that smashing phones doesn’t hide anything, no charges ever came from anything she has done. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 16 and I dare say several hundred thousand people wouldn’t have lost their life’s if she had became president.. life is going to get back to normal and with any luck hate goes away with trump

  1. The leaders of the insurrection, Trump, Cruz, Giuliani, Hawley etc remain free while their soldiers are jailed.. lol

    1. @tony u After all thats happened and you are still drinking the cool aid…he lost….the majority of the country hates him….thats why he lost and the GOP didnt….it was him the country hated….how gullible do you have to be to believe his nonsense. 5Minutes of independent thought and research shows what apathetic excuse for a human the orange fart is.

    2. The authorities are making preparations to jail a lot of Trump’s team, proud boys, Qanion followers. The best part being, those GOP members who threatened to destroy democracy and the constitution are getting barred from holding public offices. Lots of vacancies in house and the senate. Care to fill them?

  2. I love this judge he or she knows these fools don’t belong on our street not ever, they make those choices themselves.

    1. @Brian Hudson peaceful transfer of power for a stolen election I think not never give up obidon is a usurper and a fraud and the whole world is laughing at the USA

    2. @Jeffrey Hershey Pretty sure a fascist group like maga is not patriotic.. You say pro communist like you know what those words mean…

    3. They should be happy it’s only a book , there are other countries where you are simply DISPOSED / Tortured to death or locked up and starved .

    4. Books have spines; Trump and his supporters don’t. How about throwing a ream of paper at them and watch how it scatters over their heads – just like the amount of lies and stories told about the election?

    5. @Jeffrey Hershey …Of course you parrot Limbaugh’s strategy of telling others what they think but rudely never just politely asking. By the way, I have read every word Mr. Jefferson ever wrote and I doubt you are better informed as to what he stood for.

      I can tell that you limit your inputs to phony news stations and self described pundits. I can also guess your education level just by the use of your made up word ”demoncr@ps”..

      Oh yes. If I were stupid enough to listen to King Giant Behind and storm the Capitol, I would deny it too.

    1. @francisco perez garcia jones then why is everyone investigating him. Why didn’t he want to show his taxes?

      Come on. You sound so stupid with defending him. You don’t know what he did! Think about this, why would a man want to keep a job he had no interest in doing? The same job he never really did? Because he needed the immunity being a President afforded him!

      Remember, that NY is investigating him and will charge him on events, PRIOR TO BECOMING PRESIDENT!

    1. If only GOP would practice what they preach on “moving on,” from years of trying to smear and frame HRC for anything to 2020 election results.

    1. @Landon’s Channel WHAT were the ridiculous “proud boys” there for, Americans have a right to peaceful protest, they were not insurrectionists dressed in combat gear and carrying handcuffs or shouting for the death of elected representatives because of a LIE. White supremacists are not welcome at a protest about black men being killed on live TV, we ALL know how the world works.

    2. no officers were assaulted , most of the uniforms you see on the few bs vids they allowed out are not real police.

    3. @Matthew Thompson YOU wouldn’t see “proud boys” there but WE ALL DID, and the Police did and they ADMIT they were there and they were ONLY there for one reason, they are Armed white supremacists!. IMAGINE trying to defend WHITE SUPREMACISTS in 2021! We are not ALL blind and we KNOW how the world works pal so dont try to pull the wool over our eyes, were not gullible “orange fart” supporters. Justice is coming

    4. @Brian Neil IMAGINE supporting White Supremacists in 2021 America?, I would be deeply ashamed wouldn’t you!. that orange weasel has put America back 100 years.

    5. @Grateful Fredly Everything I saw at the Kavanaugh Hearings was completely legal and followed the allowed format. IS that not what is supposed to happen now after your orange god made you believe insurrection was an OK thing to do against your own Government!. Your some judge of what is right and wrong matey

  3. This is what happens when you believe a pathological liar.45 did this he’s free where are you.

    1. @Brian Hudson I don’t agree. These people could have figured out they were being lied to. They could have Googled the consequences before breaking and entering into a Government building that held Representatives. They could have chosen to stay home. They allowed themselves to become outraged and chose to be violent.

    2. @Mark Berryhill , refusing to see the facts and just hearing what one wants to hear. They feel
      safe in a crowd and didn´t expect to get caught.

  4. These terrorists are extremely high public safety and flight risks. They should ALL remain behind bars.

    1. @Dave Nope, was glad too. Sick of all the double standard and hypocrites from the left. BLM and Antifa have hurt way more people and caused way more damage to this country.

    2. @A.J. Rodgers There is no “Cancel culture”. There´s only CONSEQUENCE culture! Deal with it! MAGA-Time is over… 🙂

  5. Trump needs to be locked up and forgotten about for what he’s done to this country and it’s people..

    1. @Siddy Sid is that why trump got in trouble with the courts twice for not renting or selling condos to black people because he is not racist. How about why all the racist groups love him. Is that because he dont stand for what they are about? All the fine people on both sides.

    2. trump did nothing but show how violent racist and crazy the dfl party and leftists truly are

    3. @Siddy Sid Anyone who makes q,statement Like is also a racist by the way Our president Biden Got 97 percent of the black vote

    4. @MoralSingularity coming from the party that stormed 3 Capitol building and you call the left violent. Who was beating police officers at the US Capitol trying to make trump the king? Oh yeah the Republicans.

  6. imagine if you assaulted a cop in a act of insurrection then had the white privilege audacity to ask to “just get released”

    1. Yeah, and that girl who was leading them, Says “I need to be released because I need to get a job so I can pay my cell phone”. Who would hire her?

  7. “Derek Evans is in the capitol!” Lol I love the complaining, “can you let us out of jail, it’s been 4 months it sucks in here!” Yeah, no.

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