Judge Rules Andrew Brown Jr. Bodycam Videos Will Not Be Released, But Will Be Disclosed To Tamily 1

Judge Rules Andrew Brown Jr. Bodycam Videos Will Not Be Released, But Will Be Disclosed To Tamily


After reviewing the body camera footage from the fatal police shooting of Andrew Brown Jr., a North Carolina judge ruled against releasing the videos to the public, but said that they will be disclosed to Brown's immediate family. The judge said will bodycam videos could still be released in 30 to 45 days.
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    1. —-> See the description area “…. The judge said will bodycam videos could still be released in 30 to 45 days.” They will release the tape if no charges are brought agaist the officers. Also, the FBI is now part of the investigation.

    2. It will need to be copsplained because they are going to show the most blurry, least informative, and most obscured video.

    3. @Raymond C Potgutsby Sure. What is the point of these camera’s If the video’s are keept secret or is it the idea to only release the video if it exonerates the police officers?

    1. @Jason M

      You only care when it’s blks. You and the media don’t care when it’s whites.

      Ergo, IDC care at all.

    2. Leftists are so in denial about getting shot that they will continue to end up that way.

      It’s kinda hilarious actually lol

  1. I will like to hear what the judge,The sherrif etc are saying behind closed doors,just like what the cops that arrested the 73yrs old woman were saying

    1. @John Swanson how insensitive are you!! What if this were one of your family members? justice should be same for all

    2. @เจน วงษ์หัสดล – Hatred dont comment unless you know the whole truth………. should someone fleeing be killed??? there are other ways to handle – also did George Floyd flee? please be sensitive

  2. Time isn’t going to lessen the impact of this. Anything short of open transparency will be very bad for society as a whole.

  3. So, this is going to be one of those, “Don’t Believe What Your Eyes See and Your Ears Hear, Let Me Tell You What You Are Seeing and Hearing, situations”?
    Oooookay, yeah, right, Gotcha.

    1. Sometimes the legitment reasons to not release body cams, but the most about protecting witnesses, but watching this clip to the end, not ingurent a protectial case and a promise from the DA is if the evinstagation concludes not to process changes he will released the tape and given a public explanation of why, so this is more are wait and see.

    2. @Jason M when have you ever seen bodycam footage released by a department when they aren’t subject to a charge? I haven’t seen one that doesn’t involve police interactions…
      Are you speaking about surveillance cameras which would not be a represention of a body camera …

    3. @pr0xZen if the situation is justified there was nothing aweful done.. justice isn’t designed the way your posting. It’s not form of guilt or revenge..

    4. @Jeffrey Snipes I mean a camera is a camera, why are security cameras ok? How does that video not taint the jury if we go by your logic?

    5. @Jason M no a camera isnt just a camera.. your saying body cams are shown if crimes are committed..but the only time they are released is when there is an interaction with a department…
      Video doesn’t taint crimes that aren’t high profile..no one cares if johnny down the road is shown on tv or not.. his trial isn’t national news and generally speaking the crimes involved arent centered around legislation, if you see someone robbing a store or highjacking a car.. there no interpretation of that but a crime.
      It’s generally used to indenty a suspect for the crime that was committed.. so yes there a huge diffrence.
      Actual evidence is held for court..
      If you seen this person call…

  4. They claimed he hit them with his car first, that’s why they shot him. Odd that they never mentioned that part before now. Even more odd that they won’t release the footage of it. You know, the one bit of video that would completely justify their actions. You’d think they’d want that out there.

    1. @Auntie Pha I’m not making excuses by saying if he was shot in the back of the head an officer was behind him. It’s called logic

    2. @Chrvsalism Fair enough. It sounded like it could be an excuse. He was shot in the left arm several times first that was holding the steering wheel, then the fatal shot hit him in the back of his head. It is logical what you said but it is still speculating without facts. That was my point, if the cops want us to know the truth they would release the body cams. They shouldn’t have the power to withhold the footage ever.

    3. @เจน วงษ์หัสดล – Hatred I think most people being critical were offended by the use of deadly force. The public is tired of the rate of police killings justified or not. I didn’t like the outcome either but the officer had little choice under the circumstances. The reality is there could’ve been two dead people that day so that was the best outcome unfortunately.

  5. The public should see all complete unedited body cam videos now.

    This delay is proving that these cops screwed up.

  6. It won’t be released…? They might as well just say they’re guilty. What’s the point of the footage if they don’t release it. I hope the family releases it because this is atrocious

  7. The family needs to get the Feds, to grab any existing videos and audio recordings, covering this case. Even Ray Charles, will have seen through this attempted cover up!

  8. “We won’t show you what happened. But it’s not a cover up! Just trust us okay! Pinky Promise!”

    1. People aren’t entitled to see the bodycam.. the suspects family has already seen the footage…others should be willing to wait til any investigation has been concluded..it’s quite simple.

  9. This is North Carolina guys these guys all hang out together good ole boys there definitely are going to hire somebody to edit that video

    1. I live in Eastern NC, Carteret Cty., & ur right. ALL Law Enforcement Agencies have circled their wagons

  10. The body cams must really be damning. Every one who can should show up in that NC town to stand for and demand what’s right

  11. So basically what they are saying is we need to cover up our wrong doings before we can release it.. I heard from 3 witnesses that are independent of each other and they ALL said the same thing basically. He was going AWAY and they opened fire on him.. All shots are from the back!

    1. I don’t know why. The community isn’t entitled to see the video. Only the family is.

      The family and community should’ve put this much energy into Mr. Brown while he was still alive.

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