1. We should always be individuals who are socially conscious and inspire others toward roles of benefactors and social transformers

    1. A trick : you can watch movies on Flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies recently.

  2. As for the Republican horror it is an act of desperation in present demographics

  3. CON-servitive= to con, to limit, to hold back
    Liberal= to liberate , to have freedom and liberty

  4. God bless the love of family! I was actually first here but would rather hear the truth spoken by this family 🙏 🐻

    1. Every time I see him or his brother my heart still hurts knowing he lost his father and step mother days apart from Covid.. Hurts my soul but so glad to have them and their mother still fighting..
      What’s even more sad is that, WE’RE STILL FIGHTING in 2021 for the same thing because it’s worse now in 2021 than in 1975.. That should bother EVERY American no matter the party..

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ Yes! I am hugely sorry our country is so polarized right now, because there is work to be done.

  5. We are in 2021 and Republicans are making it HARDER to vote now than it was in 1975.. Think about that seriously.. We should NEVER EVER go backwards but forwards…

  6. Voting:
    Florida the state of one voice, one party, and one media outlet. Sounds like Germany 1933!

  7. I had NO IDEA of the Castro’s Mum in political history‼️‼️ They are a fabulous gift for Texas and the United States ‼️👍🏽🇺🇸🌎💚⚖️

  8. Julian Castro debased himself at the Democratic presidential debate by trying to humiliate Joe Biden.

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