Juneteenth Could Face Pushback Battle Like Critical Race Theory

Juneteenth became a federal holiday today, yet nationwide prominent Republican leaders seeking to demonize Critical Race Theory are using the law to ban discussing America's racial history in K-12 education. Harvard professor and historian Annette Gordon-Reed joins us on how celebrating the historic end of slavery as a nation is an opportunity for Americans to learn about our past.
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    1. @Bryan B – I don’t need a whole day off to vote. You don’t either. But communities of color in GOP controlled states do, because they have to stand in line hours to vote. I’ve never in my life had to wait longer than a couple minutes to vote.

      If you could change federal law to prevent that problem, then I might agree with you. But I’m sure you would oppose such a law.

    1. @Steven Chadwick they were talking about slavery in the US. This is not a hard topic to understand. Slavery in the US WAS racial at the time. It was originally religious, but predominantly racial, then completely racial. Denying the primary focus with whataboutism is moronic.

    2. @J M Slavery in the United States was almost exclusively black people being enslaved by white people. This is easily evident through the blatantly discriminatory and race-based laws in place at the time. No academic versed in the history would deny that slavery in the US was race-based.

    3. @Chavvy what about the white slave trade, or what is called the Barbery slave trade which took place between the 16th and the 19th centuries. This was also part of the Atlantic slave trade as well, and it was the same type of slavery that the colonial black slaves experienced here in the United States. But I guess you’re going to say that was racially motivated slavery also?

    4. Y yes y not? We all should get it out on the table. We, I want to know who doesn’t want to treat fellow humans equally.

  1. Talking about the past let’s start about the truth how reality is being twisted and lies about the American dream shattered in lies nothing but lies.

    1. Never a holiday about white slaves, and always blame the whites and never the correct group for slavery.

  2. Slavery ended with the passage of the 13th amendment. But according to Biden no amendment is absolute. What the Democrats don’t want to talk about is their party’s role in trying to keep slavery legal. Their role in creating Jim Crow laws. Their role in keeping segregation legal. Their role in opposing 100 years of civil rights legislation.

    1. @Saul T. Nuts man you bought in to the nonsense huh? Man I am sorry couldn’t stop laughing at your comments you are too much

    2. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. You really love to ignore the actual truth do you of course cause you love and believe in the media like MSNBC

    3. @BRYAN STARS no I like to believe the history books I read growing up the past 30 years of me reading historical information. And no I don’t believe everything on MSNBC for they are owned by the corporations that that gives dark money to politicians to pass laws that has some form of racial biased in them. That are still in affect today and could be taken out if we can get people to understand they exist and are there

    4. @DrumWild so basically you tell him he’s wrong but you are unwilling or unable to explain why. Could it be because you know you can’t really refute him? typical brainwashed lefty

  3. Brilliant, white politicians voting them selves a day off. Closing federal offices that poor blacks reply on and a day off from school that put their children further back on the under funded education they now get. Happy juneteenth!

    1. Under funded? States like NY, NJ, CT, MD, PA, etc spend $20-30K per student per year on education. Funding is not the problem.

    2. White politicians? Congress is pretty diverse but an antiwhite racist like you live in denial otherwise.

    3. If your kids are still going to school in June, you got bigger problems than ‘a holiday’.

    1. @Grant S not all black people no. But black people especially in Texas more than likely did

  4. Important to know your history , we just need a human month or day ,this just stinks like racism like no other .

  5. You have to admire how they conflate Juneteenth with Critical Race Theory. What does this decision do to help black people alive today? Does it pay for college? Help buy a house?

  6. There is no parallel between “Juneteenth” and “CRT”. Juneteenth, abolition of slavery and the civil rights sought to unify and strip away what makes us different and seek to find what we share in common. CRT is designed to fragment us socially based on our skin colors alone. Very frightening that the democrat party is picking up where it left off when it LOST the civil rights battle. Do not forget! The left opposed desegregation, the democrat party filibustered the civil rights act in Congress, not Republicans.

  7. Juneteenth would not even be spoken about if it wasn’t for the Democrats! The Democrats caused the Civil War to preserve slavery!

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