Kamala Harris explains why she got personal with Biden during debate

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) tells CNN's Anderson Cooper about why she confronted former Vice President Joe Biden with her personal story about race during NBC's Democratic presidential debate.
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    1. @Joseph Pace I think Anderson Cooper is keeping CNN alive and Shepard Smith is keeping Fox news alive. Other than that the rest of them can go eat a bag of dicks.

    2. @wvu05 …….No the states rights position is always a horrible idea……but Kamala acts as if this was last year…..when in reality it was over 4 decades ago…..Bidens record on civil rights for the most part has been very good….he also wrote the violence against women act which cut domestic violence in this country by 50%…..the first votes will be cast in Feb.2020 in Iowa and New Hampshire and i just do not see those voters caring about his working with sleazy racists 40 yrs ago…..they will remember the man he was working for 8 yrs along side Obama.

    3. @elijah sessom If you still defend it, you are still accountable. All he had to do was say, “I was wrong, and I am sorry,” but he didn’t do that. He defended his position, and he talked up his work with Eastland last week, so it is fair game.

  1. Bennet, Harris, and Sanders just officially ended Bidens 200 year old political career in 2 hours

    1. Robert Alexander no this country just stupid. The youth have to grab that torch from our parents and grandparents and lead.

    2. @Rich Brake Keep up the spin. Thw whole world saw him get KO’d last night because of his past. The bigger fact was him making the Bush tax cuts permanent. Obviously is own party is still pretty upset about it.

    1. yes exactly. Where are her ideas like Warren, and. how is she going to pull the swing states that Hillary lost? but otherwise lets just get nasty toward our own team.

  2. Why she is not doing better with black voters? Because she put black people in jail at a alarming rate.

    1. @R3d33mingFir3 yeah but she went out of her way to lock blacks up why do you think shes known for it, every prosecutor locks up blacks, whites, and any other race, but she set a precedent and was way harsher there is doing your job and then there’s targeting

    1. White working class have zero interest in voting for Harris…Plus black people hate her cause she locked brothas up at record rates. She’s toast, enjoy your 15 minutes, Harris .

    2. Diana Mitford I am a white working class male I live here in Iowa and I am going to vote for Harris πŸ™‚ she’s awesome

    1. @RunFor OurLives how dare you try to take money from some and give it to others. If the others want money and benefits, they should go earn them on their own. Shake my head.

    2. @Logan Johnson he is stating a fact that they are hypocrites. Telling the American people one thing, but living a totally different life. Put your head back in the sand buddy. They will tell you which one you will be voting for. Don’t trouble yourself.

    1. No, what you’re calling the Race Card, is Black People Reality. These are the things that Biden did, Man Up and Own it! Doesn’t He want “The Black People’s” Vote? He’s on a Job Interview We as a Black People are Fed the F..k Up with OUR VOTES bring taken for GRANTED. If you want Black People Votes, You’re going to have to Earn it. Time is Up, we’re NOT interested in ALL the Bull S..t ANYMORE. “Black People Lives Matters ALSO.”

    2. @Buck Bumble If I were in her Position, I would have arrested the Parents too!!! WHY? You’re a Parent, isn’t it Your Job as a Parent to make sure Your Children are attending School EVERYDAY unless their SICK or have a VALID EXCUSE for Not attending? Why do Someone have to MAKE You Accountable and Responsible for what’s SUPPOSE to be your Job as a Parent? It’s my understanding, she only threaten to jail them to make them be responsible for doing their job as Parents. In regards to the other stuff, I heard about it, but I have to Investigate it for myself. I don’t Believe Everything that I hear, I do the Research for myself. I’m a Leader not a Follower.

    3. @Krystal Ball So does that mean we’re voting for her or not voting for her because of her race?

  3. Carmelita has some issues and her past and while I understand I haven’t seen any documents but I’m pretty sure it’s going to come up

  4. buttigieg my city is hurting my city is hurting I was lmaooooo. He so phony and that was the same Saturday morning cartoon speech he said to his city before he failed them.

  5. Harris: “Americans don’t want to see a food fight.”

    Also Harris: “It’s on, Joe! Let’s rumble!”

  6. Ummmm where are these rights she is speaking of. Neely Fuller spoke about the house negro and the field negro. Oh Boss our house is on fire, oh Boss weez sick….lol

    1. maids huh – how you know she dont have female sex slaves in her basement – hope they are adult age

  7. Not to defend Buttigieg, but Kamala Harris’ race record as a prosecutor isn’t blameless either πŸ˜’

    1. Kamala harris made her name by throwing countless minorities in prison as the head prosecutor and now claiming new found love for race relations. She sells snake oil.

    2. Kamla haris benefited from police racial profiling blacks and throwing em in prison. She promoted it. She also has hidden scandals that will be brought up by Trump. Facts are facts. Go with mayor peter

  8. The second debate was again all about illegals and the free crap they will give them at the tax payers expense.

  9. Buttigieg appears to be the best well spoken individual of the bunch.He appears to be honest and considerate.Something about Kamala Harris that can’t be trusted.She has lied in the past.

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