Kamala Harris Swears In Padilla, Ossoff And Warnock, Officially Giving Dems Senate Control | MSNBC 1

Kamala Harris Swears In Padilla, Ossoff And Warnock, Officially Giving Dems Senate Control | MSNBC


Vice President Kamala Harris swears in the newest members of the Senate, Democratic Senators John Ossoff, Raphael Warnock and Alex Padilla. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Kamala Harris Swears In Padilla, Ossoff And Warnock, Officially Giving Dems Senate Control | MSNBC


  1. Well republicans, you’ve lost it all. You did it to yourselves… ..and in the words of your own Lindsay Graham, “You deserve it”

    1. I sometimes wonder if America is worth defending anymore. If I was an American soldier, I would ask myself, f*** that, I’m not sacrificing my life for a bunch of communist liberals. I’d rather support Russia than the Democrats.

    2. Idiots… a hundred years and you couldn’t figure out the federal reserve was a ponzi scheme.
      200 plus years and you still couldnt figure out all elections are rigged…
      Almost a whole year since they told you to put on a muzzle, shut up, and stay home… you still haven’t noticed…. you’re slaves.

    3. @Shaun Stark I would urge you to donate your brain to science one day so that scientists may study the significant abnormalities that are definitely there.

  2. So many significant moments today. So many. History books for the future generations is going to be amazing to read.

    1. When Trumps son Barron learns more about the evil tyrant President Trump that caused 300,000+ deaths and attacked his own people at the Capital.

    2. @Stephen Ng Horribly the number has passed 400,000. People are now dying at a faster rate than any war the US has been involved in, including the civil war. Not poking at you, and you did put a plus sign at the end of your statement, really only trying to get the current number out there. And the really ugly thing is Trump told Bob Woodward that the virus was very dangerous BEFORE it got out of control and BEFORE he started making stupid statements about how it was no worse than the flu, would magically disappear, that people should drink Clorox in order to disinfect their insides. But his uncle was a scientist at MIT. The stable genius was neither.

    1. Thank God I am so happy he left. Left a mess we lost of precious Americans but their death is not in vein may R.I.P. dear God give strength to those who lost love once and to those who lost their jobs. Please it is going be a little difficult but be patient every thing will alright.

  3. Seeing VP Harris brings tears to my eyes and make me say to myself that the United States is back!!! God bless AMERICA

    1. @allie crain I’m black and I do not like her personally. She has said out her own mouth she would attack our 2ncd amendment rights and has a law abiding citizen I do not appreciate anyone who wages war on my rights.

    2. Us native American were hear before all others…and thrilled to life that trump is gone we now have Biden/Harris thank you creator…….

    3. @Just Saying
      Obviously for a reason she said and irritated you because it went against your selfish beliefs. She’s about everyone! Had her focuse been towards like of people such as yourself, she would be have found accused of favoritism. We’re all not going to get what we want. #Dealwithit

    1. Until some nasty horrid targets him purposefully to knock him over, as they did to Cynthia McKinney?// & others. Only I hope not too.

    2. Let’s see
      A telegenic, intelligent, charismatic white boy, with a commanding presence and with strong black support in the South and strong “tribal” support up north, I’d say he just might have a very bright future; some would even say “presidentially” .

  4. And NOW Moscow Mitch wants to work bipartisan with Dems, now that he’s lost power. Yeah, ok . I didn’t think Georgia would do it again, but they brought it home! Today is such a great day, watch these guys get to work!

    1. …just don’t disconnect and stop paying attention when politics gets back to being normal and boring

      Have to keep showing up to the polls and supporting these guys when they’re position is back up for election (if they do a good job that is)

    2. Mitch Mcconnell is suppose to be done when his time is up in the Senate this next time. Hope they find out everything they need to know before he retires.

    1. We hope. But they might just try to ride the dividing line between democrats and republicans. Being “tolerant” and all, after people were sent after their lives no less.

    1. David Victor
      Yeah the first ice president to lose her campaign for president to a guy with dementia lmao.


  5. And that, dear people, is how the balance of power shifts from republicans to Democrats in the Senate after 6 long years under the ‘grim reaper’ Moscow Mitch…

    1. @Sheila Boston That’s about Senate committees… voting rules… the filibuster… the incoming bills… trump’s impeachment.
      Schumer will likely be the majority leader in a 50/50 tie w/ VP Harris giving Democrats the majority.

    2. @Kristin Gallo He’s almost 80… he’ll soon be gone to meet the REAL grim reaper. And right now, he can’t block bills from the Senate floor for debate anymore!
      That itself is an ACHIEVEMENT!

  6. Vice President Harris, it will take some time to get used to being called by that beautiful name. God bless you!

    1. It’s an awesome feeling to know that we finally have a group of politicians who actually care about the American people and who would do anything to help the American people prosper again instead of those lying fascist right-wing crooks whose only objectives are to make themselves rich by passing laws to help the rich people get richer and to align themselves with the Russians so that they can get help from the Russians to rig elections for themselves and help with their attempts to overthrow the US government.

    1. He has to get the votes for that. Has he done that? I’m asking as I’m not aware of that having taken place.

  7. We need the Infinity Stone’s to snap away the last 4 year’s of Trump’s Presidency. But…it’s time to look forward and move on to a better tomorrow.

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