Klobuchar: ‘We Basically Stood Up To The Bullies’ With Inauguration | MSNBC 1

Klobuchar: ‘We Basically Stood Up To The Bullies’ With Inauguration | MSNBC


Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) discusses the meaning of today's inaugural ceremony: "We basically stood up to the bullies, stood up to the racists, the insurrectionists and said 'No, this is our nation, and we're going to have it back.'" Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Klobuchar: ‘We Basically Stood Up To The Bullies’ With Inauguration | MSNBC


    1. God does not bless one nation over another the Bible says this……It’s at ACTS 10 34-35….. When people say :God bless America, they aren’t reading their Bible…..It doesn’t matter to him where people live. It matters to him if they are doing his will and considering him in their daily lives.

    1. Can you imagine if Trump and the GOP actually DID something to prevent the spread and stop the virus? He would have been reelected. His ego and mishandling of the virus, social unrest and the economy is the reason the majority voted against him.

    2. President Biden and Vice President Harris have my respect and full support …an out of control pandemic and all the seeds of division “he who shall not be named “and his enablers tried to sow….from making masks political ,instead of public health (still trying to with masks and check points/metal detectors at the Capitol ) etc President Biden and Vice President Harris have so much to undo,repair and fix. I have faith they will try their hardest !

    1. Yes but it’s really only the ones now being sent to jail that are humbled, the rest still believe it won’t happen to them and at some point, we won’t be able to arrest them all. It is the standards of news media that must be regulated. All news networks must be independently evaluated in accuracy and how complete their coverage is. The number Opinion Editorials must be limited and clearly announced as only opinions and not necessarily accurate and research departments must surpass mandated levels. It is the information bubbles and the ala cart social media that is the problem.

    2. @John Wang right I am blocked from posting on facebook for reporting these trump sheep were planning a coup> they complan to facebook so I was blocked>>> FB needs to be investigated for their part in the Coup!!!

    3. @Don Clayton Appeal to FaceBook. It takes a couple of days but it discredits those who complained about you and vets your account. I was banned for saying Biden did indeed win the election and of course the appeal reinstated my account. Granted those rightwing trolls typically have recently created disposable fake accounts but as they make these attacks on you, so long as your posts are reasonable and moderated, all that happens is you get vetted against such attacks. They literally defeat themselves which has always been the history of Trump supporters.

    4. @John Wang I tried it was one person that filed all the complaints a Daniel Hoeltzel>>> when I get back on He is getting what he did to me and others!!!! But still FB needs to be investigated for helping plan the attack on OUR government!!!!

  1. I loved this anogeration. Small and special. Loved all the performers and the poem reading. One major thing I loved NO trump flags. Woo hoo!

  2. I just finished watching the entire Parade Across America….it was absolutely Fantastic!!!
    Brought me to tears more than once.

  3. Klobuchar’s speech outside the Capitol Building was more presidential that Trump’s stream of consciousness crap where he took credit for a vaccine he did not help to develop, to take credit for Obama’s accomplishments and to take pre-emptive credit for any of Biden’s accomplishments. The man is a walking shambles. Good riddance.

    1. @alfredo vazquez “All” meaning? To be honest, I do hope those that have sought to divide by supporting egomaniacal Trump ate seveewly reprimanded. Cruz, Graham, etc. For entertaining the megaliar of the last 4 years they deserve punishment.
      You can’t attempt to dismantle American Democracy for your own selfish gain without consequences.

      If there is any consolation for those who have had to watch on for the last 4 years at the path of destruction it’s the wonderful knowledge that Trump is facing an onslaught of legal-cases for his crimes now that the shield of the presidency has been lifted.

    1. @Cory Allen Trump thinks so little of you he pardoned Bannon.

      Trump is laughing at you all the way to his CHINESE and Russian bank accounts.

    2. President Biden said ‘Justice for All’ !!! Racial Equality in the Justice System as well as equal justice for the rich and well-connected! I fully expect the pardoned white guys will be facing the courts along with Trump and family! Seditious Senators will also be facing Justice! Like the man that robs the Dollar Store – there will be JUSTICE FOR ALL!

    1. actually .. it’s ‘bugs’ from Malaria And Dungald. spray clorox.. rinse repeat .. and shoot all traitors.

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