This Is Darkness Before The Dawn. | Brian Williams | MSNBC 1

This Is Darkness Before The Dawn. | Brian Williams | MSNBC


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This Is Darkness Before The Dawn. | Brian Williams | MSNBC


    1. @UC93OQ6cUJbNXrDgKtTMTn5g May God bless you today and always removing the hatred and vitriol from these past 4 years where you were the victim of a dishonest and vengeful administration & betrayed by those who had no principals in the governance. And may you look forward to this newly appointed and fairly elected administration with not hatred but with hope and optimism that you may see their good intentions bear fruit and once again walk among your fellow americans, brothers and sisters with not fear and resentment but with love in your heart. & May you have a wonderful day, week & new year.

  1. Today a dark cloud has been lifted and America can see light . The events of today have given me hope as I breathed a sigh of relief ….. We came so close to losing our Democracy January 6th 2021 . I am so thankful that we came out of that as good as we did . We will get through this together .

  2. I just got chills watching the video and listening to Brian Williams’ sad but beautiful words. May we get this pandemic under control, once and for all. The best of luck to you, President Biden. God, I like the sound of that, too! May you repair the damage and pain that’s been caused by the previous administration these last four years.

    1. @Nick Harley actually cheating Joe and his disgusting racist running mate will be in prison. You will see stupid

  3. Why did t’rump never acknowledge or mourn the loss of those 400,000 Americans?
    Guessing it was because then he’d have to face the fact that he failed.
    Gotta protect that fragile ego at all costs!

    1. You have to remember what he said about all the Americans who died.. It is what it is…that goes to show you how much he cares about American lives.

    2. @Ro G you believe everything you hear lol even john bolton said that wasn’t true hahaha got some ocean front property in arizona to sell ya

    3. @Williams Nike Can you prove he didn’t say it?!? (Using your “Stop the Steal” line of logic. )
      C’mon dude. That is totally something he’d say. Don’t even try to say otherwise.

    4. @Ro G well I’ll take the word of a man who was actually there and is no fan of trump over anonymous sources who don’t even have the balls to put their name on it. And why are you saying my stop the steal logic? Not all republicans believed everything trump says. So why lump me in with that? We ain’t a collective hive mind.

  4. We all look foreword to the day when a Covid patient is practically unheard of , and pray for the day it’s no longer deadly

    1. @Marc Harbison Nope, I think Lee Yang has used the appropriate word for Trump and his administration, fascists…is wannabe dictator more to your sensibilities? I have no patience for anyone who thinks inciting an insurrection and overturning a fair election is “okay” in their minds. Those were traitors to our country, and they need to be punished.

    2. @Marc Harbison … shut the FuckUp!. Facist is the perfect sum of trump. To add nobody cares what a traitor thinks. Also unity is friends that go to convict trump together so …. there is a path to unity. But still.. STFuckUp

  5. This must be done. I don’t care what side you are on. 400,000 dead is not okay and we must reckon with this. It is time to put aside our differences and stand together as one nation and one people.

    1. @Williams Nike so you would rather divide instead of come together? Ask yourself, is that really the American values you were taught? I don’t care what state you are from or what party you represent, you can do better… or at least I once thought so.

    2. @Roger Page Because what you really mean by unity is just compliance. I should just fall in line with the left’s policies. Why in the world would I “come together” with people who actually hate me and look at me as the enemy because we have different opinions on policy?

  6. That was a beautiful image and even more beautiful thought, however sad thinking there will be a need for more lights before this is over.

  7. The world has gotten a lot more peaceful. When an evil man rules the people rebel, when a wise man rules the people rejoice.

  8. My condolences to all who have lost a loved 1 to Covid -19. Each day we get a little closer to the end of social distancing. I do love the art and lights. Stay safe all!

  9. Never did I see anything come close to this kindness from Trump or his administration. This is The United States of America I love

  10. *The **_Deep State_** never reveals its hand.* It recruits as proxy the erstwhile commander-in-chief for a more profound, even more important, role. One thing is certain: You cannot anticipate the changes that will take place in your life.

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