Kathryn Garcia: 'We Need Health Professionals Working With The NYPD' 1

Kathryn Garcia: ‘We Need Health Professionals Working With The NYPD’


New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia joins Andrea Mitchell one day ahead of the city's primary election to explain her decision to hit the campaign trail with fellow candidate Andrew Yang and discuss how she plans to address some of the top issues on voters' minds, including public safety and homelessness.

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Kathryn Garcia: 'We Need Health Professionals Working With The NYPD'


  1. They already have health professionals working with them it’s called a medic and they usually come with the cops or an ambulance

  2. My guess is that they are now trying to find jobs fr all those with useless psychology and counseling degrees.

    1. LOL .. no it is for the border crossers with NO degree. These jobs are for them..
      When they take jobs that ” americans refused”, they become ” front line workers” and need citizenship.
      Next will be Education.. because you are racist to discriminate based on having-an-education or not.
      Mayorkas has removed all relevance of degree for legal H1b- High skilled visas..
      If you insist on Teaching math in schools- you are a racist.. who doesnt want equity.

    2. Look up stats on employment and earnings of those with these degrees. They are impressive, and most don’t work in academia. Kind of like philosophy degrees (they make more than those with bonehead business degrees, even MBA’s…look that up too) who also mostly don’t work in academia.

    3. @Progressive Humanist I see some benefit in carpet bombing ivy league schools. Useless mOfos.

    4. @Dudelookslikealibturd nah man! Have you ever been to any of those places? Don’t blow them up, turn them into public housing or hospitals or something useful for the general public. Rec centers. Parks. Gyms.

    1. Who’s cares about a celebrity or politician I could care less and the rich well the gubmint and debt will be who does them in as the poor can’t pay so someone maths didn’t do well but when all that fails and it will if a good plain is not made especially as poewwww lease make 50k to 100k depending on area and no money to pay them so either super high property tax or less POW lease

  3. I’d like to see how many mental health professionals are going to put their life on the line when the person has a gun or a knife pointed at them.

    1. @AB0LISH P0liticians well we’ll just hire you to visit these situations. and the police weren’t created to catch slaves. the first police dept was in Boston. you are just believing what the TV said.

    2. @AB0LISH P0liticians like a stated before… The unprofessionalism of lacking preparedness (not to mention efficiency) puts other’s at risk as well as yourself

    3. @AB0LISH P0liticians you say you’re pro2A right?
      Well, then you understand the concept of a gun being a tool, right?
      Then you should have every tool available at your disposal in the scenario we’re talking about… That means the police
      If you don’t trust all cops because they’re cops then become a cop and be the change you wanna see…. Honestly, you’d do better by becoming a cop with counseling skills than being anti-cop while trying to talk down and control a hostile situation

  4. It’ll save them lots of money on body armor, just let the “health workers” go in the front. Maybe we should stick with Back the Blue but also include get in Front of the Blue!!!

    1. That would require the disempowerment of women and a return to the nuclear family. Feminazis will never let it happen.

  5. What happened to the almost $1 Billion Dollars that Mayor DeBozio put his wife Chirlane McCray in charge of to address Mental Health Issues in NYC? Probably into her pocket, since they didn’t track where any of the money went. Looking at all the mentally iIll who are attacking people, I guess that money was put to good use. Good job Bill DeBozio and Chirlane McCray, Ya CROOKS.

  6. Yes… we should sent nurses into houses of crazed psychopaths. I can only image the numbers of trained professionals who want to put there life on the line for government pay.

  7. Why do politicians need armed security?
    They should fire their security and hire professional mental health workers.

    1. I also wonder why people have walls and fences around their homes. Obviously, walls don’t work!

  8. Yeah, so they can be shot or stabbed, or yell “hey stop” as the suspect runs away.
    Just admit, you want police like demolition man.

  9. Democrat vs Democrat lmao. What’s even the point of running? They’ll both do the same thing, exploit taxpayer cash to live lavish lifestyles of the elite.

  10. “10,000 guns off the street”. That literally means nothing. These scambags are all talk and NO WALK.

  11. AOC: “I’m the dumbest woman in politics”
    Kathryn Garcia: “Hold my grab bag”

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