Katyal: SCOTUS Decision ‘Needs To Catalyze Voting Rights Act Bills' 1

Katyal: SCOTUS Decision ‘Needs To Catalyze Voting Rights Act Bills’


Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal reacts to the Supreme Court upholding Arizona voting restrictions and says Congress needs to act on voting rights legislation
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    1. You never thought they would stoop so low as to betray their oath & country for dark money they do not deserve to be on the highest court in the land they totally desecrated that now!

    2. @Luntershaptop Fukinov Just pointing out misuse of power and prejudice is not insurrection. That is proper debate.

    3. @Kyle Sharby State law is subject to the Constitution which is federal. The federal government protects rights of citizens even against state laws.

  1. I really only understand things after Neil explains them. Thank you for your great clarity of thought.

    1. @E Major no he’s not. He’s a fake progressive who’s for hire to the highest bidder. He just represented a corporation before the SCOTUS(the decision was just released a few days ago) & he helped them get away with slavery. I used to think he was one of the good guys to, but he’s not… he’s a money hungry lawyer

    2. @Leah Vogel Leah, I don’t know anything about that, what I have seen from him I love, his intelligence to see Trump really F**ked up the country, so till I see proof off what you’re saying is true, I am still a fan

    1. Prepare now to VOTE in the Mid-Term 2022 Elections. Remove The Mitch McConnell Controlled GOP Senators and Representatives. McConnell’s slimy tentacle extend into State Legislations (McConnell’s Leadership Foundation) and into the Supreme Court (Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission). VOTE.

    2. First thing I took away from a Law class: there’s no such thing as human objectivity.
      Second thing: It’s not even worth trying.

  2. This is the legacy of trump and conservatives force fed Americans with their supreme court justices… We got screwed for decades to come.

    1. @Kyle Sharby exactly and not a single bit of any of those bills is discriminatory in any fashion.

    2. This is what my fellow leftists who bashed Hillary and Biden don’t get. Elections have consequences.

    3. Hahaha,go and read the constitution , you are talking nonsense,if the state have the power to make election law, why did we have the election law in the constitutional voting bills guarding the nation’s election,what the GOP is doing is out of the books,and why do you think the GOP was forcing and nominating conservative justices, it is to cheat in tines like this,which is against the rules.

  3. While this is important, we need more coverage on the billionaire who is paying SD National Guard to do his bidding.

    1. @Dylan Smith So you think it is a positive development that the rich can get troops deployed? Remember when the US took military action for banana companies? Imagine the US did that for every item in walmart.

  4. Democracy always has enemies, but it will not be held back by the corrupt or ignorant or hateful minority. We shall overcome.

    1. @Jeff D Psych help is better than Trump’s losing criminal defense lawyers at $2,000 per hour.

    1. You and the media LIE when you say no fraud…ballots in PA were counted with no signatures….that was deemed legal by the state of pa……to me it sounds like fraud….atacy abrams going door to dorr forcing pwople to fill out ballots how she wanted seems like fraud

    2. That ballot you have counted over and over,happened to have signature in PA, and the entire world saw it and your trash GOP counted it themselves and it checked out , so why keep lying about what happened before everyone’s eyes, —pathetic, Satan is the father of all lies and the GOP 8s worshipping right now by honouring lies.

    3. @PRIVATEER exactly. Voter ID aren’t racist and 80% of Americans agree. Anyone crying about the voter ID laws are just people that want to cheat.

    4. @Kiki You’d have to be blind and stupid not to see how the democrats have destroyed energy independence, raised inflation, run on higher taxes, raised gas and lumber prices, and created the border crisis. Biden shut down a pipeline in America but opened one for Russia. Anyone that supports the dems is either evil or ignorant. Which are you?

  5. I never. Never thought I would see the day where the Supreme court, the most powerful court in the land, would peddle conspiracy theories in a Supreme court opinion. This right here should be all the reason in the world you need to expand the court.

    1. Nope, I’m more inclined to keeping it the way that it is. Remember, the Democrats cried foul about election interference for four years, then all of a sudden our election integrity is great?

    2. Matthew Higgs, it’s not the first time Alito has peddled his personal opinions in public, using his SC position. It was only a few months ago he aired his prejudices in a speech at a dinner, probably at the Federalist Society or similar rightwing group.

    3. Russian election interference in 2016, as confirmed by a Senate investigation, is NOT the same thing as voter fraud, a conspiracy theory spread by the failed Fuhrer.

    1. Alito once again speaking out of order, like he did a few months ago, at some legal dinner. There has been no proof of any voter fraud, but he’s willing to run down that rabbit hole, as if it was fact. So much for evidence based decision making. What happened to ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’?

    2. Actually they are high kings and queens now….. absolute power and no limits. PLUS they can LEGALLY take money for decisions. REALLY.

  6. The conservative Supreme Court guts the Voting Rights Act because they claimed republicans and southern states were no longer racist and no longer trying to stop people from voting. Now their excuse is Congress needs to pass a law to protect voters…. THE SAME LAW THIS SUPREME COURT GUTTED BECAUSE THEY SAID WE DIDNT NEED IT. You can not make this crap up.

    1. Alito has to be the worst. Or maybe Thomas. They are both horrible. How twisted does and African American have to be to go along with the disenfranchisement of African Americans?

    2. I agree Alito is the worst, but with Roberts as Chief Justice I’m not surprised the way the SC is going. His conduct during Tr**’s first impeachment trial, or should I say his total lack of any attempt to insist on proper judicial process, told me he was just a straw man, a GOP dummy.

  7. This is about our democracy, we must not let this happen, I’m asking republicans, as hard as it might be to help us, vote against anyone that trump chooses, we need to show them, that we the people are in charge of our government, not trump. They truly don’t give a dam about us, but they do care about their $$ and power

    1. Hahaha good luck with that, we as a republican who knows many others. I can promise you we are voting for whoever the true president Trump picks. We will get rid of every single RINO and traitor in the republican party.

    2. @John Doe Hey, remember when your ‘true president’ sent a bunch of people to attack the capital building? Remember how he had like two weeks there between when they did that thing at his command and when he lost the ability to pardon people? Remember when he did not pardon them because he considers everyone other than himself to be completely expendable? I do.

      The last true thing Lindsay Graham said was that choosing Trump as their candidate would destroy them and they would deserve it.

    3. I have to agree. Trump will try any wedge to get his criminal edge in effect. And it will be we the people who will pay for not moving to stop the shenanigans.

    4. @Lex Slate was kinda bummed that they didn’t raid the capital with AR-15’s…would of loved to have seen some politicians get a cap busted into their noggins

  8. The Supreme Court has dealt a massive blow to voting rights this is why we need the for the people act in the John Lewis Voting Rights Act passed immediately

    1. We also need to realize that the Supreme court has now become corrupt with Roberts, he no longer deserves the rank of Chief Justice, to me he is just Roberts the washed out judge who betrayed his oath by not protecting the right to vote, he tainted his position!!!

  9. This goes all the way back to the stolen election of 2000.Roberts and Alito were the beginning of the Right Wing Swing that led to weak Campaign Finance Laws and the gutting of the VRA.

    1. I just love the fact that all of the voter frauds are committed by right-wingers but at the same time they are the ones that are always crying about voter frauds! Right-wingers commit all of the voter frauds and to combat them they pass more voter suppression laws to the point that soon only registered right-wingers are allowed to vote! Until then they’re not happy!

    2. Wow, there are some incredibly brainwashed people out there. Guess that is par for the course on an “msnbc” video. Sheesh

    1. That’s stupid answer that will be an endless cycle. Dems add more justice then Reps are more etc.

    2. Packing the courts is just another pillar of democracy being knocked down. Once the judiciary is gamed like that there is no going back. Poland did that. They’ve witch hunted independent justices out. Republicans will dominate the senate in coming decades as democrat power recedes in the states. Even if dems dominate the whitehouse, they’ll have trouble filling vacancies.

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