Kevin Blackistone: There’s A ‘Historical Irony’ To The Intersection Of Sports & GA’s New Voting Law 1

Kevin Blackistone: There’s A ‘Historical Irony’ To The Intersection Of Sports & GA’s New Voting Law


Sports columnist and panelist on ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” Kevin Blackistone explains the intertwined history of civil rights and sports in Atlanta, and argues that sport leagues should remind the city of its history in the wake of Georgia’s new voting restrictions. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Kevin Blackistone: There’s A ‘Historical Irony’ To The Intersection Of Sports & GA’s New Voting Law


  1. “Republicans want to make it a crime to bring grandma some water waiting in line.” Is one of those talking points that can stick with people and really highlight the absurdity of the GQP.

    1. It also shows the actual targets of this law, poor people (mostly black folks) who have to stand in ridiculously long lines for hours in order to vote.

    2. How can we let such acts of cruelty go unchecked? We the people! That means they WORK FOR US CITIZENS! Fire them all!

  2. Completely boycott Georgia. Call it ‘cancel culture’ all you want. Georgia Republicans have now shown us all that they do not care one whiff for the United States, or any of her citizens. The Georgia Republican party has shown itself for what it truly is: evil incarnate.

    1. It would be so heartwarming to watch those GA “lawmakers” & their usurping “Governor” who signed those racist voter suppression laws lose ALL of the sports teams as well as the WHOLE film industry for GA. None of them would even be able to be elected head of the Department of Sanitation after that!

  3. To use an analogy, this would be like the NBA changing the rules so that the slower and worse shooting players’ points counted double what the better players’ points counted for, because the worse players aren’t good enough to compete with the better players so need to change the rules to level the playing field.

    1. @Smoove J Yes, you’re so right. Look at his pupils when he talks. They constrict uncontrollably when he is confronted about race being an issue of the passage of this cruel law. Yet he claims to be a Christian. Their religion is hate; & their God is money they trust!

  4. Also, Jackie Robinson Day is April 15th and all players will be wearing #42 to represent Robinson. Maybe they should wear #24 in black to represent Jackie, but also the 2024 election.

  5. Georgia’s new voting law mirrors Biden’s home state of Delaware election laws..Proud of that ??..Just Askin’ !!

  6. You have more voting rights in Georgia than you do in DELAWARE. Listen to this guy he hasn’t read the bill.Your making your self out to be ignorant. We already have the HOLLYWEIRD CROWD trying to run OUR STATE AND CALIFORNIA IS FOLLOWING APART.

    1. Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution ‘Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such regulations (affecting elections for Senators and Representatives) Pass HR 1 For the People’s Act already passed by the House to protect elections, end partisan gerrymandering and keeps dark money out elections.

  7. Sadly, this would impact black Georgians the most. It doesn’t seem fair to punish a black city for the actions of racist white politicians.

  8. The idea that you could persuade somebody to change their vote with a glass of water is preposterous. The problem is clear, the onerous day-long line-ups are a tactic by the GOP. Their purpose is to dissuade voting … by not doing the obvious … providing an appropriate number of voting stations. Giving relief to help people put up with hours of waiting … that’s the crime.

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