1. @gamingthunder Its guilded gold over a solid wooden door so yes its technically real. Or paint with gold flakes. If you’re thinking it was solid gold then it would be impossible for a single person to even open one door with just a hand. Those doors might weigh 1200 lbs each if it were.

    2. @BagoPork Rinds you are correct the weight totally slipped my mind. That would be very heavy. I was just thinking of Putin trying to impress people my mind wasn’t even on the weight. Anyway thanks for the reply.

    1. Voltaire is pretty zen. He’s the guy who also said if god doesn’t exist it would be necessary for man to invent him. Pretty sure he was an atheist when it wasn’t safe to be one

    2. 2003: ”The airport is still open and we are winning”, Comical Ali, minister of Information under Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
      2022: …

    3. In layman. If an influencer can make us strongly believe anything, they can make us commit sin of murder.

  1. Putin’s dream of reestablishing the Soviet Union appears to be a catastrophic failure.

    1. @S. D. You learned how to speak and spell by watching straight outta compton, was that hard, offensive nobody

    1. @jorge gonzalez-larramendi if you put the word cameras in the third line that would have been a very accurate haiku

  2. How come sanity in the military doesn’t see the insanity of Putin and step in. This is the question I wish you would have asked her.

  3. Some Russian people better find some courage to sideline Putin or else the worldwide suffering is going to be beyond comprehension. COURAGE:. Mental and/moral strength to overcome fear, diffidence, or embarrassment.

  4. My husband was a drill instructor during the Vietnam War and I can tell you the barracks were spotless and NOBODY slept or ate until it was to his standards. Discipline is taught for a reason. What I’ve seen of this Russian “situation “, including the arms instructor… it’s unbelievable!

    1. @Mage’s Almanac The surviving soldiers have witnessed their wounded comrades murdered by their commandeers. They will never be the same in their mindset. The commanders are failing to get their deceased soldiers home. The Ukranians have a huge heart, risking stepping on mines and checking boots of the russian soldiers which sometimes the russian comanders place mines or grenades in case the Ukranians do collect the dead soldiers bodys.

  5. Such irony that we may creep into full-scale nuclear war after decades of scaring ourselves with breaking news scenarios.

  6. Everybody at the time thought Khrushchev was crazy when he took off his shoe and banged it on the table at the U.N. and said ‘we will bury you.’!

    1. The musical choice was a bit bizarre as well – First song – Dreamer, Second Song – Go West, Third song – I believe in miracles, Fourth song – Don’t believe a word, Etc.!?!

  7. This insane speech reveals a lot about Putin’s thinking. Konstantin Kisin has tweeted a very useful summary of it in English.
    It makes for some fascinating reading, and makes it clear what we are up against.

  8. Watching Russia going through this autocratic oppression again is heartbreaking. Watching it slaughter their own brothers (Ukraine) to acheive it, despicable. The people of Russia should feel hopelessness as their near futures (and maybe ours too) look very grim.

  9. I pulled some old pictures of Khrushchev (the man) and yes, I can see some family resemblance. Reading history, he was quite a character!

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