1. We might as well change the name of the country and dismantle government while they’re at it. We can’t change the past and it’s getting a little extreme now

    1. @Pojomania hahaha whatever. We are becoming a pathetic vassal state.

      “If you’re weak, you’re backwards”

    1. @Internet Drifter curriculums change over time. You do realize that right? For example. many Canadians are not taught about residential schools in pre post secondary history classes.

    1. @canadianreserve Right, put it in a dark corner where nobody ever sees it. That’s a great way to learn from our history – relegate it to the shadows – sarcasm

    2. @Dennis Chen it a place full of two faced bigot, just like the one who are wanting the statute down. , They are the worst two faced hypocrites you would ever meet

  2. If we keep erasing history, we’re doomed to repeat it. Makes a lot more sense to learn from our mistakes as opposed to hiding them.

    1. @Alec Oram Well you better not give candy to your kids then, you never know, might be a slippery slope to them becoming a crack addict.

      Slipper slope fallacy I think it’s called.

  3. Don’t tell me these Canadian want to cancel culture also. These monuments are reminders of that era, not idols. So what the hell is the problem. Leave it there

    1. @Rebecca He basically established the nation… you know the one you live in now, and all other Canadians.

    2. dude.. it’s just as bad up here. Someone designs a system. others corrupt it and he gets blamed for it. 30 years from now all of our past accomplishments are screwed when eating Beef is taboo. Judging things in 1800 to 2021 standards is stupid.

    3. @SilentBudgie You’re the one idolizing. A statue is a statue. If I take a photograph of something does that mean it’s an idol? (no it’s not)

  4. Because nothing satisfies bullies like appeasement. I think it was Neville Chamberlain who said that

    1. @yourmanwatson I grew up in Kingston, thanks for asking, although obviously it was irrelevant to the point.

  5. I dont consider myself Canadian much anymore. I just live in the country and obey the laws and do my part as a human being. This is a shame because as a child I loved everything about the country, in fact – I love what it was, not what it is.

    1. I just turned 71. I’m just an old stock Canadian. Your post is exactly how I feel. The whole population is hyphenated now. It’s a hollow shadow of what it was. I’m glad I’m old. We’re laughed at by the world and Trudeau in his little bubble can’t grasp that fact. We’re nothing but a dumping ground living on a credit card that will reach it’s limit soon.

    2. @SilentBudgie Just curious if you have gained any legal privileges or financial incentives around the same time that you learned to love Canada again…

    1. So the day has come to show our true selves, yeah that’s kind of the point here. Quit covering up the bad stuff and playing make believe.

    2. @dustigenes true selves? You sound like you might have some personal issues that need “sorting”.

    1. We’re almost at the bottom of the slope. Pointing stuff out did nothing. No one cared. We live in Jonestown against our will.

  6. Jesus Christ … he had almost nothing to do with the residential schools. He just signed the papers to allow it and then later even criticized it.

    1. The boarding schools were meant to uplift the Indians from the stone age to the present.
      They also learned a written language so their history could be preserved.

  7. Instead of learning from history, let’s just hide or destroy everything and pretend it never happened. The same thing ISIS does.

  8. Will Council also be voting to demolish the Catholic Churches in Kingston as well? MacDonald may have sanctioned the schools, but the church ran them.

  9. Politicians fighting hard to remove the statue of dead person while completely ignoring issues plaguing canada currently.

  10. To some this is an issue that just suddenly came up while for others it’s as much as generational. The righting of a beloved yet listing ship. O Canada you got this Change remains inevitable and world wide

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