Toronto hospital workers celebrate having no COVID-19 patients

Staff at Toronto General Hospital celebrated having zero COVID-19 patients in their intensive care unit for the first time since March 2020.

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  1. July 3 2021 news: “New lockdown rules loom as Delta variant in Toronto General Hospital spreads”

    1. I can’t wait for the Delta House variant:

      “Hospitals overwhelmed by food fight, toga party, and beer-drinking victims as Delta House variant spreads unchecked.”

  2. There is an experiment

    15 minutes treading water a mouse will start to give up and be close to dying

    They will pull it out
    Dry it off
    And let it rest for just a couple minutes – then back into the water

    The mouse then goes on to tread water for another 60 hours

    This is your out of the water dry off
    So they can put you back in for a long haul

    Don’t get your hopes too high..

  3. Why everyone say their exhausted all the time? Nobody know what hard work is? I work 12-16 even 24 hrs a day sometimes and u do what u gotta do. They have help, they are ok

    1. So, your the only one that works hard. Probably work 25 hours a day right. You think your so special. Why don’t you spend a day in there shoes. Probably wouldn’t last 4 hours.

  4. Just to be on the safe side we should extend the lockdowns, travel bans and mask protocols for another six to ten months.

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