Manhunt for homicide suspect Eric Wildman focused on Manitoba’s Whiteshell area

Manitoba RCMP are focusing on the Whiteshell area of the province in the search for homicide suspect Eric Wildman, and are also receiving help from the Ontario Provincial Police.

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    1. ha. .jokes on me too..
      solstice is in a couple days.. that was my intent..

      equinox is like three months away
      he’s doomed..
      i hope he knows nature better than me…

  1. Up until the 3 minute mark of this video I would not have known he was hunted for a homicide. I would have thought this was the beginning of finally involving the public in tracking down violators of offensive speech as their ongoing silencing the truth campaign.

    1. @Stephen Rioux Are you serious? How asleep do you have to be to not see the mass arrests happening for protests right now and offensive speech.
      Go back to sleep

    2. @JABHEAD I can see how they missed it since it was right at the start lol. I tend to tune out until they get to the on site anchor. It happens. 🙂

    1. @Mr. NYSE are you paid to be a troll? Can I get your employer’s number? I’d like to apply..

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