1. It’s equally important to realize that if trump is not indicted, the message sent will be “Your dear leader, and by association you and your cult will not be held liable for your actions”…. Think about what the consequences of that would be. Jan 6 would be a proverbial drop in the bucket…

  2. Thank you for not backing down, some the people in this country are very delusional. If someone did this that they didn’t like they would lose their minds. I commend you and efforts of your colleagues.

    1. 36 000 emails acid washed, dozens of smartphones crushed with hammers. That happened and I didn’t lose my mind over it.

  3. It’s all stuff we already knew. Glad there is proof. So who is gonna tell him he is not allowed to run again?!! Somebody needs to!

    1. @Flowers inherHair Keep dreaming, he’ll probably be dead by then after 2 years in prison.

    2. Shredder Tainment, His children! They all three need to stand up to that crook for once in their lives and MAKE him listen and UNDERSTAND. They are the ONLY one’s who can! Especially his Golden Girl daughter!!

  4. The very worse of the crimes isn’t mentioned- he is responsible for the actual loss of life and the potential lost of life that his actions caused.

    1. @carla carnegieBeing responsible for security is one thing, but I’m sure no one EVER prepared for Americans to try and overthrow our government. Hell it happened and I still can’t imagine. I know it might sound different to you, but yea that’s hard to believe

  5. Rep Kinzinger, you are a great American. Thank you for your hard work in defending our Country. We love you, sir. God bless you.

  6. Gosh, I serious respect this guy so much. I grew up in Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis. Unfortunately, my husband and I decided to raise our family in the St. Louis suburbs 20 years ago. So here we are…living in one of the most terrifying states in the country. Granted, IL has had its issues throughout the years, but knowing someone like Mr. Kinzinger is representing them now gives me peace. In the meantime, I’m over here in Parsons, Blunt, Josh Hawley-land living with anxiety and fear. Thank GOD my daughter is going to college in MA! I would be TERRIFIED sending my child to a MO state University…especially with what the Supreme Court is doing right now.

    1. Massachusetts is great. I have lived here my whole life. Sure the weather sucks and it’s expensive but it is also worth it

    2. So with all you have written here maybe you should be supporting the Democrat running against Hawley.
      Or the candidates on Emily’s List, a pro choice organization. Or both.

    3. @Eric oh, I most certainly will support the Democrat running against him, but he holds the seat for 2 more years….unfortunately.

  7. If more Republican senators and congressmen we’re like this guy, I would have far more respect for the party.
    Disagree on policy? Sure. But at least I know you believe what you say and you have lines you won’t cross. Can’t say the same for McConnell, Cruz, Gaetz, and many other so called “Republicans”.

    1. In various arguments with Republicans I’ve asked, “Don’t you believe you deserve better representation than ( Trump, Goetz, Boebert, take your pick)?” These guys are pretty much the kind of people I was talking about.

  8. Brilliant 👏 This guy really is finding his voice. Calling out both parties and the political system

    1. @lobopix I understand what you was trying to say, but if you truly want to get your point across, instead of showing your extensive vocabulary, maybe tone it down a little bit so that the average person comprehends what you’re trying to say.

    2. @solarman tint Are you an average person? You sound like it, and you seemed to have ‘got’ it.

      I too am a very average person. However, I express myself *_according to the topic’s own requirements_* and not for the purposes of displaying an ‘extensive vocabulary’, or trying to reach the ‘average person’. The topic is the issue and if it requires a certain vocab to address it then so be it. For those who were interested to read my post and understood what I was saying then hopefully some thinking gets sparked off. That’s all that can be hoped for.

      Let’s be clear now, I am not here to please you, nor anyone else. This is not personal entertainment. If that’s what you want let’s agree a fee and I’ll oblige OK?

    3. @lobopix lol,, I’m honestly not trying to be mean or rude, but normal people don’t talk that way, in case you’ve noticed

  9. Adam Kinzinger THANK YOU 1,000,000 X. You and your Committee ARE SAVING our country. Glad you and Liz Cheney are True Americans.

    1. His presentation was also a masterful performance. I’d say he has a great career ahead as a comedic actor. I don’t mean that in a disparaging manner. We needed a touch of humor while being faced with these horrific facts. If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry

    2. @Mr Rey That’s a pretty good interpretation of how he’s probably been feeling for the last seven months.

  10. I do appreciate Kinzinger for what he’s done with this committee. I just wish more members of the Republican Party would show actual bravery and stand up for truth, and not wait until they’re retiring and not seeking re-election to do it.

    1. @Phil Mabarak a mere one of Brandon’s 10% followers ( a tiny number) doesn’t say much at all ..again Cry louder

  11. Thank you, Mr. Kinzinger! You ROCKED last night! I may be a Democrat, but I really appreciate the courage you and Ms. Cheney demonstrated on behalf of the truth and Justice for America. Thanks so very much to you both! Stay safe, please! Hope you are being provided with security 24/7. Congratulations on your new baby!!

  12. Threatening a person for speaking the truth. Then calling yourself a Christian. God would never be in the midst of your hate! 💯

  13. What a terrifying environment having your wife and new born baby’s life threatened. God bless you and your family and thank you

  14. Rep Kinzinger’s closing statement reminded us of who we are. He has stood his ground throughout. It’s beyond me how the GOP faults him for his integrity. It’s their loss.

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