Kirschner: Trump’s Alleged Engineering Of A Sudden Cash Windfall In 2016 Looks Potentially Criminal 1

Kirschner: Trump’s Alleged Engineering Of A Sudden Cash Windfall In 2016 Looks Potentially Criminal


Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss new reporting detailing how Donald Trump engineered a sudden windfall of cash in 2016 and why he could face federal tax evasion charges. Aired on 10/09/2020
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Kirschner: Trump’s Alleged Engineering Of A Sudden Cash Windfall In 2016 Looks Potentially Criminal


  1. vote blue in all elections to stop the madness. our REPUBLIC is in grave danger of becoming a version of russia . putin wants to destroy the USA BECAUSE the we destroyed the ussr and trump and the gop are doing his bidding.

    1. i vote for Putin in every US election by writing his name on my ballot so by your logic i should vote for Trump instead so i am doing Putin’s bidding. Vladimir Putin created the universe and only he is worthy of worship.
      I support Vladimir Putin as Supreme leader of the world, Xi Jinping as Secretary of war, alexander Lukashenko as secretary of State, Kim Jong Un as Secretary of Interior, bashar al-Assad for secretary of Education and Ayatollah Khameini as Pontifex Maximus.

  2. Homeless people in UK have better healthcare system than Americans.

    Let that sink in, while you figure out why.

    1. @The socially responsible Anarchist nobody asked for sympathy. It was a debt and it was more than paid back in full!

    2. @The socially responsible Anarchist true on the healthcare system although the NHS has been deprived somewhat by tory governments. I now live in France and we have a superb health care system here.

    3. @The socially responsible Anarchist I agree the Aussies, Canadians, kiwis and Indians came to the aid of the UK and we are eternally grateful. I had the privilege to serve with commonwealth forces on a number of occasions during my 25 years of service.

    4. @The socially responsible Anarchist Yes and created by a leftist government. Even the right wingers broadly support it, even if their chosen political parties have been wanting/trying to tear it down for the last 40+ years.

    1. @StratMatt777 Thanks Don,t know if you remember a tv ad went something like this :If he,s sick let,s help him but 1st get him off the streets (white house) .

    2. His cult always says..”Well, he’s not taking a salary”. WHAT??? It costs taxpayers over $3 MILLION every single time he golfs at his own resort! Total in 4 years…Over $64 MILLION. In 2015 he whined about Obama’s golf. Trump has golfed 280 times in less than 4 years (as of Sept). Costing taxpayers $141 MILLION! In Obama’s 8 years, it cost $110 MILLION… “I’m going to be so busy, I won’t have time for golf” -Donald Trump

    3. Ive been saying all along that creep is a junkie. Ive seen meth heads on the subway that behave just like him.

    1. That only applies while in prison in some states. But it is improbable that once convicted, he will ever get out of prison. At his age, he won’t live long. But he will like the food… It is better than fast food, but still not healthy in the least.

    2. @Diane Hooper Any member of that clan will have to stay hidden/change their names for a long time. Has anyone heard of any Hitler grande nieces or grande nephews? Or any other descendants? No any that I have heard of.

    3. @IVAN IVONOVICH your scenario is quite true. This will be tRump’s legacy for his family, who richly deserve a life of being incognito. Having a natural interest into the psychology of the madness of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and numerous other vile leaders, I am aware of their demise, as well. I believe the trumps have placed targets on their own backs and they will be reckoned with as soon as they leave the our WH. How? I don’t know how but things never work out in favor of these monsters. I do remember hearing of a family member who changed their name from Hitler to another but were found out anyway and that person was shunned.Hitler himself has no descendants except through his father’s first marriage.

  3. When Trump yammers about indicting Obama, Biden, and Clinton, he is merely trying to shout over his own terrors of his own future indictments, convictions, and incarcerations.

    1. @Zeek Banistor That’s how trump won in 2016. People sitting it out. So really, what you’re subliminally saying is you really want trump to win again and are attempting to influence us to do the same as in 2016. No thanks. Biden wasn’t my candidate of choice but I already sent in my Ballot with his name checked! Democratic voters are outpacing Republican voters this year than in 2016 by 53%. Even though Biden’s poll numbers are about the same as Clinton’s were this same period in 2016, the difference is the surge in voters voting for Joe Biden at this early juncture. trump’s going to lose the popular and electoral vote!

    2. ruth depew: Yep, you got it! One of many narcissist strategies: deflection and projection. Let us pray that our severely compromised DOJ actually finds a backbone and sufficiently prosecutes him, when he’s voted out of office. Let us pray, too, that all of Congress prevents him from somehow wrangling a pardon from Pence (or God forbid, Biden!), for most of his crimes. We should all stay vigilant until that is all made clear.

    3. @Living It Up Rest assured that many career Patriots in the DOJ are keeping Barr in check thus far. Biden/Harris 2020!


    5. @Zeek Banistor MOST of us don’t want Biden! And many of us wanted Bernie. But ‘sitting it out’ and not voting is foolhardy. At least vote for a 3rd, write-in candidate. I believe making a showing AGAINST trump has to be better than passive silence! Because that’s why trump won in 2016… poor voter turnout allowed the voter suppression efforts and the Electoral College, combined, to throw it to trump. Don’t participate in that dangerous calculus this time.

  4. One thing about lying, one has to lie to cover the previous lie. Eventually a lie will circle to the original lie.

    1. I think that has already happened. On one property, he gave it a high value (based on declared high earnings) so that he could get a loan secured against the property. In a different jurisdiction (it might have been in Europe v. in America) he gave the same property a low value (based on declared low earnings) so that he would be able to pay very little tax. The two jurisdictions have now talked to each other and discovered the discrepancy. Donny’s been a naughty boy. The phrase in question is “tax fraud.” Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

    2. Which is how the entire GOP came to infect themselves with their own brainwashing and demagoguery—they are getting swallowed up by their own feedback loop.

  5. Here’s the thing…Trump is going to “win” by dying before he ever spends a day in jail. His kids and son-in-law…not so lucky.

  6. Great to see Kirschner telling truth on MSM. I watch him on youtube almost every day from Europe, he gives me some hope that justice might prevail, in the end. A good man.

  7. I’m sure Trump got cortisone “early” because he got infected earlier than he says, & he tried t infect Biden

    1. The first thing I thought when the debate started was that trump looked really pink instead of his usual orange. He probably had a fever then.

    2. Yes yes and yes he did, He is a desperate man and will do anything to defeat his rivals you see what Putin just did to his opponents. Biden -Harris need to be very careful the next few weeks, we must always remember Bobby Kennedy, the man who would have been President.

    3. @rana pipien Fear that Trump will try to ‘off’ Biden. Maybe he’ll ask his buddy Putin for a nerve agent.

    1. Are people on MSNBC high? Nearly everything MSNBC have said has been completely false or complete conjecture that led to nothing.

      How does MSNBC still have viewers? No wonder the only news with worse ratings is CNN XD

      If you don’t have TDS, believe every single action Trump makes is the work of the devil, it sort of doesn’t fit on MSNBC does it.

      Why are MSNBC viewers so delusional, hate filled, gullible and paranoid? Even objectively speaking, the people in the comments seem deranged with hatred over the most mundane things with the loosest of evidence, normally non-existent.

  8. Glenn kirshner will take care of everything as the attorney general . BECAUSE JUSTICE MATTERS !!!

    1. Mmmm yes, there’s a cell block reserved just for him. That sparks a thought: didn’t Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein write a song with just those words?

      Copyright (c) Simon Read 2020

      There’s a place for him
      Somewhere a cell for him
      Exercise in the prison yard
      Long and hard

      There’s a time for him
      So many years for him
      To atone for his many crimes
      Time to pay
      Day by day

      One day, one year
      His lies will wither and crumble
      Down one more ramp he will stumble

      There’s a wing for him
      A cell block just for him
      With strong lights and security
      Cuff his wrists and so there he’ll be
      Someday, somehow, somewhere

      Copyright (c) Simon Read 2020

    2. @Greg Truempy The definition of giving no quarter will have to be updated if Kirshner/Clinton take Trump and his nazi followers to court.

    1. @STEVE BANNON — The evidence? It’s in his tax returns, which were examined and written about by the New York Times. The guy’s $400 million in debt. And come on, does that really surprise you?

  9. I Think they should make it where
    If A President is Impeached!;
    They Should Not be Able to Run again for the Office of the POTUS!!!

    1. the USA should not make laws in regards to who can and cannot run. If a person runs and elected that is because the idiots who voted them in wanted him. If Adolf Hitler ran for president of the USA and won that is because smart people wanted him for president. American people are always attempting to make laws that stifle other people’s rights. The USa is in a better place now than it was 4 years ago. The only problems we are having now are because democrat run cities and states refuse to keep order in their jurisdictions. The moment BLM and antifa started burning and looting the police should have been called in to arrest all who were present. If you are present during the riot you are an accomplice and should be charged as such. All those who are rioting should be arrested and charged with felonies.

    2. @Michael Stewart “the USA should not make laws in regards to who can and cannot run”? You are 233 years behind the 8 ball on that one. There have been ‘laws in regards to who can and cannot run’ since 1787. “If Adolf Hitler ran for president of the USA and won that is because smart people wanted him for president…”? History has proven that backing Hitler was not, and still is not, a smart thing to do.

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