Kurt Andersen: Trump 'Shamelessly Stupid' For Believing In Reinstatement 1

Kurt Andersen: Trump ‘Shamelessly Stupid’ For Believing In Reinstatement


NYT best-selling author Kurt Andersen joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why Trump is “really dumb” for not understanding he can’t be reinstated in August and why believing untruths is “so central to Trumpism and the Republican Party.”
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  1. Laugh?? I thought my pants would never dry !! To borrow from Biden “COME ON MAN !! “”

    1. @Barnard FlapdoodlePeyote and magic mushrooms are sent by God. LSD was probably some CIA chemist.

    2. @Barnard Flapdoodle U MSLSD crowd never disappoint, so U got the name calling in there c’mon man U can do better then that, wheres the personal smears and vulgar language???

    3. @Scahoni oh maybe bleach will do it. Covid will magically disappear after election. The election was stolen and sooo much more try listening to Glen kirshner

    4. @Steve Bethooty I’m getting older but my looks are pretty good yet. So I’m told. I haven’t seen you on notifications before but your awfully judgemental. Name calling will gain you no respect here.

  2. He’s delusional, but he has The Best Delusions Anyone Has Ever Had. 
    Many people are saying that no one has better delusions.

    1. @SarkasmaTV you do know that presidents aren’t instated they’re elected so if Trump wants to be president again he’ll have to be elected president

    2. Everyone: laughing at trump, ridiculing him, no one respects him nor takes him seriously
      Delusional dimwit: everyone is scared of trump.

    3. A draft dodger nah but he’s a fun looney I’ll give him that ….and grifter GOAT yes indeed

  3. where is the video of him saying this??? or are you just making it up from an anonymous source

  4. Why not let trump talk so we can actually hear his opinions and his side of the story not just this echo chamber yall created by banning him but continuing to bring him up all the time completely biased

    1. just listen for the loud roar of laughter…. that’s how you know when dementia donny speaks…. no one takes him seriously nor respects him

  5. To quote Obi Wan Kanobi: “Who is the greater fool, the fool, or the one who follows him?”
    He is certainly not stupid. He is just accustomed to not being held accountable, as he repeatedly said “I can do anything I want.”

    1. yes, it’s what dementia donny’s tiny little insignificant minority of trailer park supporters are inflicted with… that’s why it’s a proven cult.
      back out here in the real world: WINNING

    1. yeah, highest stock market has ever been, highest economic growth rate in 50 years, lowest unemployment since the 90’s…. yeah, it’s really driven in the ground.

  6. Media “shamelessly stupid” for continuing to perpetuate the big lie… “I don’t need your vote, I just need your support when I win” fraud in chief.,,,

    1. There are many layers of crooked media. And conservative fake-patriot media, Evangelical apocalypse media, bigfoot conspiracy media is BOTTOM OF THE BARREL and worst of the worst of any media in existence.

    2. @Marilyn R. Always glad to see someone willing to stick up for the truth. Trump et al have recently been trying to rebrand “The Big Lie”, by telling their base that it actually refers to the fact that he didn’t win the 2020 election. Typical Republican maneuver–if we don’t like something, let’s redefine it because…Newspeak, why not?

    3. @Marilyn R. Biden is a lying Joke, destroying America from the top now…. and you Biden backers somehow call yourselves sane. You think 70 million people are just going to fade away, keep dreaming, like you thought your lying Russia hoax would work too… Congressional Regime Change 2022… Its coming! Bye Bye Nancy!

    4. @Tee Mack – Talk about a lying joke? Other countries were looking at us Americans as if we “elected” (& I actually mean appointed/assisted by Russia) a mentally deranged crack dealer, for a president.

      You want to talk about damage to a country?! Take a good, hard look at what hapless to this country, for the past 4 years, when Trump was in power!

      You Trump supporters really don’t get it, sadly – do you?

  7. Remember when Trump told the World about Obama spying on his campaign? No way, right? Yes way. Stay tuned folks!!

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