Large demonstrations across country anchor weekend of protests (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Large demonstrations across country anchor weekend of protests (LIVE) | USA TODAY 1


    1. @The Mean Liberal
      I can read more into you than you might think. You dont know what party im with or any of my view points, even though im the only one of us comfortable to be open with their opinions. I know that you’re pretty close to an extremist & enjoy calling people out that have an opposing view, but are affraid to correct them or say anything to expose the weaker cause that you’re actually backing. Hows that for knowing something about you. You call people out, but wont say a thing. Take care.

    2. @The Mean Liberal
      I have a question that i know you cant answer 100% truthfully…. A random question, What do you think about Antifa?

    3. @Dolores Kjar Ezra Klein has a book out on polarization talking about the role of the press. His description of how they compete is interesting.

  1. Since Rodney King and possibly before him… 30+ years and things don’t change do you know why?
    – Police forces accross the country don’t have a uniform engagement and detention protocol.
    Now, just now some have decided to prohibit CHOKE HOLDS… just now? Choke holds are extremely dangerous when you don’t have a WWF referee watching you so you don’t kill a man….
    Make a basica national protocol on what NOT TO DO when detaining an individual. Too many times I’ve seen that and individual has been subdue yet, you still have 3 OR 4 officer still applying excesive force.
    – The Justice system too many, too many times has sided with local police, basically giving them a free check to do whatever they want for they know, courts of laws will most of the time back them up. Change the protocols.
    – Change the ‘blue wall’ at police forces. The 75yr old man the other day, when the officers were asked what happened?
    THEY OUTRIGHT LIED SAYING HE TRIPPED. Video then showed how they pushed him, saw him bleed after he hit his head, yet they moved on!!!!
    Change the culture of I cover your butt you cover mine. It is costing municipalities too much money when unjustice is done.
    – Allow outside, third party civilian institutions to have the power to oversee events when officers get out of hand.
    The military has it, justice and executive powers also do so, why not the police?

    1. These protest have reached all around the world. People are rising up against the injustices. You may choose to grumble or you could join by just listening for starters.

    1. The virus is real and needs to b taken seriously if goin to protest peacefully wear masks but they want people to b fearful and stay inside but sunlight and heat kill it but don’t tell people that and don’t loot and riot and being corruption to the light and change for the good and rightous yes it will and can b healed by prayer god can and does do alllll

    2. @JBW lol don’t blame u right now but u should only fear one and that’s god bit I send u respect and alll the love ur way ur amazing

    3. Although the humidity helps covid by making vapers unable to travel as far it’s still very contageous; especially on hands and surfaces. Please be careful; still asymptomatic carriers among us. Get tested if possible.
      Keep protesting, but rioters and looters are playing into trumps hand. We are about change, not destruction. The world is watching. ♡
      Stay safe, be well. Vote

  2. I guess people were fed up with their rigged system and it took George Floyd for the coming out en masse.

    Yes , the victim was no saint, so I was told.. A real scumbag for all it mattered. Yet even scarier is being executed by the police in plain day view, let alone in a dark alley.

    These are the same kids who camped out about 10-12 years ago on the 99% protests. Call it lockdown cabin fever , I will say they had enough between their mortgaged future, exclusivist health care, the decay of democracy.

    It’s the 60’s all over , only this time Americans are not awash in prosperity.

    1. Really what gives u the right to call him or anyone scumbag to me u just showed world ur a scumbag and god sees all and heard all my opinion tho how about the rest of America on him calling the loss of George and his life scum he is the real scum not George rest n peace for George and sir u will pay for ur words with nation and god one day for ur igronace

    2. One world order. Then God’s. Turn. Will judge. The world. Do. God’s kingdom. Do. Bad. Satan’s hell. You. Choose. Period

  3. Love how the liberal media does not dare mention social distancing during these protests…. But UBER emphasize it when I go to get dinner or anything else… Gov. Murphy protesting with thousands, tomorrow he’ll tell me we need to be cautious for reopening….. 🤦‍♂️

  4. When will protesters “black lives matter” come tu Russia or China? I’d love to see that storm on their heads.

  5. Get the virus is sad…….. All family will in troubles………. Floyd take away a lot of people because they fight for him? it is worth? 😑😑😑😑😑

  6. Hoping the people who march don’t get infected with the virus, or the whole family are in trouble……… 😭

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