Largest Protests In Decades Erupt In Cuba | MSNBC 1

Largest Protests In Decades Erupt In Cuba | MSNBC

Andrea Mitchell is joined by Ed Augustin, Havana based freelance journalist who is witnessing the protests against the Cuban government, sharing that the underlying sentiment is that people are “fed up with waiting in line and economic privation.” Augustin, who has been reporting in Cuba for years, says “I’ve never seen protests of this scale and I've never seen violence on this scale.”

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Largest Protests In Decades Erupt In Cuba | MSNBC


    1. The police and military were shooting at them, unarmed civilians. That’s why we need the second amendment.

    2. @Commie Hunter The police and military were beating people because there’s not rule of law or democracy in Cuba, otherwise their right to peaceful assembly and protest would’ve been granted, not repressed.

  1. Feel it baby you may have talked these flakes out of democracy but here in Miami we will never ever give up democracy the moment has arrived for communists to fall.

    1. @MilkCow Cuba was mentioned by big bird, by Sanders, a.o.c the squad , most u.s. Marxist lefties
      Most academics, many teachers, professors , doctors even,

      This collapses is no small thing in the world of the radical left if? They were being intellectually honest, if they aren’t then it’s just a passing political protest.

    2. @MilkCow Not scared at all. Even if he was a communist. What do you get out of being dishonest and not seeing things clearly? Besides healthcare that’s based on greed and controlled by an unnecessary entity ending with terrible results. The entire FIRST WORLD DEMOCRACIES of the world have socialized healthcare. That’s not socialism, let alone communism. Get smarter.

    1. Are the Republicans finally figuring this out? Democrats have known this for years which is why we believe in Capitalism and Democracy.

    2. @Tidbit Socialism communism and a marxist fascist agenda! Yeah, I think we’ve figured it out alright!

    1. @Anonymous Yessir what? Hanging political rivals on lampposts is the OPPOSITE ato Freedom and Democracy.

    2. @Jaques Studly Yeah There So Communist they HAVE NOT Removed the Harsh Sanctions imposed during the Trump Administration! You Must Be a Trumpsters that you are Brainwashed! Did you know it was the Democrats that Started the Vietnam War to Stop Communism and the Republicans that Pulled out of Vietnam! Not Defending them but it what you said is True America would of been Communist a Long time ago! Stop Watching any for Form of Bias Fake News! Like Fox or CNN!

  2. You think Cuban leaders are going hungry? Asking for a friend, Venezuela!
    Is America supposed to be responsible for Cuba’s choice of government? Questions!

    1. USA chooses governments and their leaders. The School of America’s is a school against humanity. Shame on USA for implementing the heaviest embargo humanity has ever known. Who else they going to blame for their hunger and missery but their own government tbey sure cant come in front of white house and protest.

    2. @Bat Boy I don’t support anything with ISM , Its overrated or its undermined, Cuba and the whole Central America should have tje freedom they deserve.
      I wanted to laugh but it was sad when i heard Kamala Harris went to bring order to El Salvador.

    3. We don’t need anyone’s help. This is our fight we will win or loose it on our own.

      Cubans make our own way. We have never needed anyone’s help, just an oppurtunity we do the rest.

      We stood up a city that was smelly fish town 70 years ago, and now it is a global powerhouse where Cubans have 1 million small businesses a cosmopolitan city state employing millions, like a Sparta.

      We have plans in place for a post communist Cuba. That will not be an endimity liability to anyone. hemispheric leach sucking up american jobs. Like what your use too.

      This will be day 1 ground running a second world nation very fast. Then first world in a matter of years.

      It will not be third world for more than a few weeks. We will be pouring in capital from Miami real quick.

  3. Police shot multiple protesters these videos were transmitted live yesterday before the government cut the internet.

    1. Mmmm…. It wasn’t my impression that the US and the Internet are being blamed, in the sense that they are the bad guys. “Attributed” would be a better word.

      The sanctions are to get people to do what they are doing now, to take back their country. The Internet access allowed them to get the information needed to make it happen.

      I’m telling you, it would be an amazing thing to see Cuba free before I die.

  4. It is just appalling how the force the rhetoric to highlight the embargo as the responsible . The Cuban government had 8 billion dollars from USSR and the oppression was horrible back then . Letting the Cuban government make money does not guarantee a decent living for the people . Cubans just had enough !!!

  5. Sixty years of Communism with a Castro; now we got no Castro, let’s not have any communism either.

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