Last U.S. military plane leaves Afghanistan | USA TODAY

The U.S. military has met its August 31 deadline to withdraw forces from Afghanistan after 20 years in the country.

The last plane carrying U.S. forces left Afghanistan on Monday, meeting an  Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw U.S. forces from the Taliban-led nation, after 20 years of war that left nearly 2,500 American troops dead and spanned four presidencies.

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  1. I hope all the Americans that got left behind so we could evacuate fighting age afghan men can make it out before they’re tortured or sold into slavery

    1. @theivory1 I guess it makes the guy stupid to hope our fellow countryman can make it safely out of the country before befalling a horrible fate. For some reason that opens him up to insults. Give me a break.

    2. @theivory1 you realize the state department told Americans to shelter in place and not to go to the airport? They left thousands of Americans behind not hundreds.

    3. @ToadSauce Yeah, biased news sources said this so it has to be true. Also, Trump won without any evidence of fraud being presented to the courts.

      Derf derf.

    1. @El Cid Campeador The term is used correctly in the 🇺🇸 and correctly in the 🇪🇺. By claiming the opposite you have also now claimed the title for dumbest thing Ive seen on the internet today. Thats like saying the term mate is used incorrectly in Britian but correctly in the 🇺🇸. Different countries have different words and meanings. I am aware he was talking about Classical Liberalism. Its exactly what I was calling bad. Moron.

    2. They had 4 years during Trump watch to get them out , also Biden , should know to be full alert of Sabotage , the Republican Sabotages the Jimmy cater election with lots of military men dying in the rescues operation in the deserts. of the Hostage Embassies ”lots of deal went down don’t release any Americans after the election .

    3. @Peter Venkman The Military duty is too take all their belonging including their service Dog , i would never leave my dog behind going on a car trip .

    4. ​@JSE AHMED Yah, I’ll listen to a guy named “AHMED” and his broken English tell me about how it’s magically Trump’s fault that something went wrong in his dirt home in the Middle East, all after Biden abandoned the plan completely, ignored all intel, and admitted that they had nothing in place.

    1. Haven’t you heard the song. “It’s 5:00 somewhere”. Seems that the USA got about 110,000 people out, huge, record breaking, and think, 110,000 people away from the violence and war torn country now controlled by religious zealots who are already finding conflicts with and opposed to other religious zealots. But 110,000 people now have a “chance” to make a new life. Not bad, in fact, amazing considering what we were up against.

    2. Same thing I was saying. There’s a big difference between night and day, So that plane in that picture couldn’t of been the last. Why can’t the government ever be honest with us americans?

    3. @Ben Boothe Sr. just imagine if we all fled this country during the Revolutionary War back in the 1770’s-1780’s. No Treaty of Paris. No United States of America! If you truly want to be free from oppression and obtain a better future for generations to come then fight for it!

    4. @Ben Boothe Sr. WHAT?????? This was a total and utter failure. You get the people and military equipment out before you pull the troops! But Joke Biden decided to pull the troops,,,, What a disgrace the US leadership (or lack thereof) has become. Time to put ole Joe to bed and vote out Harris asap!

    1. @Miguel B. You love straw. How could anyone discuss anything with you, when ALL you do is deflect and perpetuate strawman arguments? You’re arguing with yourself. Who mentioned impeachment? You can’t even acknowledge or comprehend English, or you refuse to. Either way, go play childish games with someone else.

    2. Jrock Az
      I didn’t think so. but you want other Americans to die for your freedom while you are sitting at home getting fat and baking cookies.

    3. @JR Porter I never said that resources weren’t left behind 🤦🏽‍♂️
      The most important/valuable things like vehicles were disabled and destroyed. You can find proof of that on Twitter from many sources. Other than that we didn’t leave anything they don’t already have. The Taliban isn’t as primitive as you might think they were very well equipped before the evacuation.
      How about you stop deflecting now?
      How should have this been handled then? How much longer should we have stayed?

  2. He said there’s still 200 Americans that want to leave well closer to 100 like that makes it better??wtf there shouldn’t be any left behind. Biden and the defense team have to go. If Trump was in office there would be protest and rallys!! Wheres the American people now….why are we not coming together and forcing them out? Don’t they work for us??

    1. @Joe Potato Every other Country in the World got all of their people out but the USA.Biden is going to hell for this one buddy.

    2. @Elinson Berroa Hmmmmm…… A requirement of being in the army, or any military service is…..
      You must speak, read and WRITE the English language fluently. Given your post, It appears you couldn’t have met the criteria by a long shot. 🐂💩

    3. @Lola Blakeslee 🤣🤣😀😃😃 that doesnt hurt me. Great effort on your part. I know what i have accomplish and your would never have a clue about it. Take care.

  3. they left americans and service dogs behind (we wont even talk about the incompetence of not demoing the equipment basically handing it to the taliban) the US military is a joke and the leadership complete and utter clowns.

  4. They r still trying to feed us the bull of all these Americans who did not want to leave. They must have found one to keep the propaganda going.

    1. @lesmo whomever That we may have in common, just tired of the big divide over everything in this country, good luck to you.

  5. We also left behind over $85 BILLION Dollars worth of Military Equipment too. The Taliban will be ROLLING IN CASH as they sell a majority of it to other countries!!! The threat of a terrorist attack at some point in the future is off the charts!!!

    1. Most of that equipment, especially the complicated stuff, doesn’t work, or was left because it needed repair. It will cost more to get it all operating than the entire Afghan budget could possibly pay for. But the Taliban will need the guns, to fight against all of the other radical groups which want a piece of the country. I predict it will devolve into a place divided into regional sections, each controlled by a different radical group…that seems to have been it’s history doesn’t it?

    2. If it was me I would of taken everyone of those rifles they planned on leaving and BENT the barrel just a little on everyone so they never could hit what they was aiming for when they used them.

    3. @john riser – 😂😂😂….that would be AWESOME!! The dumb s**** wouldn’t figure it out either!!

  6. Yay! Participation trophy for America! Because it’s important to feel good about yourself! Yay America! Mission Accomplished!

    1. Those 110,000 people that we helped get out of there, are thankful indeed. Who knows though, when the Taliban tries to run the country, perhaps millions will want to escape to the west or some other country which offers peace and opportunity. This is only the beginning of the devolution of the country. But the Taliban first will try to suck money out of Russia, China, N. Korea, to survive. Then it is possible the country will break into 4 or 5 sections, all controlled by seperate “power” groups. The best think the USA has done, is to “get out of Dodge” and let the fight for another few decades. Sad for the good people still there, but a lot of them will find a way out. Millions of people around the world are willing to help.

    2. @Ben Boothe Sr. Perhaps America’s greatest strength is in how we turn absolute, devastating failure into perceived success through fantasy, denial, and egotism.

  7. This same general said we left behind inoperable, broken equipment. Meanwhile, Taliban video shows thousands of guns and huge piles of stacked American cash. We’ve been lied to.

    1. @Ben Boothe Sr. Both Biden and Trump felt that it was a good idea to negotiate with the Taliban. Our politicians just wanted to be known as the ones to declare an end to our nation’s longest war. This has been a 20-year waste of time, treasure and talent. The new Afghanistan will be “terror central” while China and Russia conspire to punish America. Hard to believe our country has devolved to such disgraceful levels. But, as usual, we have everyone hoodwinked by the media and waving their respective tribal flags so continue on with your victory tour.

    2. @If 6 Was9 You ever look in the mirror to see how delusional you are? Biden bypassed the supreme court.. like dude if Trump did this naturally the media would stir you into massive frenzy. Honestly, what are you opinions today? Have you checked on CBS to find out?

    3. @Nicholas Turner Yes. Taking over a couple blocks to show opposition to police brutality (may or may not be a just cause, but there is evidence of it actually happening…you know, like the dead bodies of Floyd and the hundreds of others murdered by police) is different than taking over the capitol to upend a fair democratic election with zero fraud proven. Absolutely 100%.

      While both are protests against perceived injustice, the difference is what the protest people want: One wants fair policing of minorities (reasonably honorable cause overall). The other wants to put in the 2nd place finisher in an election (ie: upending democracy).

      If you cant understand the STARK differences between the two then I guess you need to pull hard on your shoulders. Heads lodged.

    4. @Michae Dove I understand that both instances were riots just cause or not. Nobody is defending the cop that killed Floyd. But like I’ve said it doesn’t justify rioting looting and killing others in the name of justice of all things. On the subject of minority policing the problem with minority neighborhoods is a cultural problem. Until they clean up their own neighborhoods and change the mind set it will remain the same. I’ll give an example you might be able to understand when a black kid gets good grades he’s ridiculed for trying to be white. If you think ur beat right outta the starting gate then you are. There is no white conspiracy to keep blacks for succeeding. And btw don’t be a cuck it’s not a good look

  8. I know this is a very difficult situation and we don’t want anymore lives lost but how can we leave behind the Americans that want to come home. This is so so 😢.

    1. We have had plans to leave since the last president. Why are they still there? Who’s fault is that? I would have left years ago!

    2. @Lola Blakeslee
      We did when we voted for Trump.
      unfortunately the dems stole the election with fraud and gave us creepy child hair sniffing Joe the lifelong criminal politician who didn’t do anything his entire career but abuse his authority to line his pockets.

    1. @Sahir Damani welp, I’m not in disagreement with you, slim, HOWEVER, you SHOULD shut up , when your foot is in your mouth, friendo. Re-read my response up there, hell, Timmy O’Brien is RIGHT. HERE, ON YOUTUBE, talking about My Lai, he IS a Vietnam veteran, Army infantry, and his kind were the 99% over there. What you’re talking about is the 1%, I’ll stand toe to toe with ANYONE trying to slander good men with a shitty stereotype.

    2. @itsalltoofunny There are many other instances than Mai Lai and Haditha. There’s even a book called “Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam.” Also capitalizing your words does not help your point.

    3. @Sahir Damani you’re right, only so far one can go when conversing with a window licker such as yourself. Again, your book is the one percent……..

  9. Now we have to worry about terror attack meanwhile our government is trying to take out only means of really protecting ourself and loved ones against them. I wish the government would push for more education on firearms instead of trying to ban our 2A rights.

  10. Thats not the last flight, that was the last shred of credibility from those defending this U.S. unelected terrorist regime in power!!!

  11. My heart goes out to the families of all the people Biden and his puppeteers murdered. I am also heartbroken for the loss of this great country of ours. So sad to see Anerica fall …..history always repeats itself and it’s sad that so many doesn’t know their history. We no longer live in a free country. Buckle up people…. it’s not going to be good….if you want a preview then just look at China

    1. @Ben Boothe Sr. in the most disastrous, poorly planned retreat in American history. Hell, at least in Saigon we destroyed equipment so Charlie wouldn’t get it. Biden and Talibiden alone is the trigger man here. We and our allies we left hanging our to dry will pay for this for decades to come.

    1. Yesterday at a press conference Biden said the one thing trump the dump never could in his entire “adult” life or his presidency….”I take responsibility”.

    2. @Ben Boothe Sr. Joe, “My pronouns are Idiot and Moron. I maybe dumb, but my woke followers are even dumber!”

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