Laurence Tribe: Trump Acting Like A Dictator With ‘Absolute Immunity’ Defense 1

Laurence Tribe: Trump Acting Like A Dictator With ‘Absolute Immunity’ Defense


Donald Trump’s lawyers argue the former president has “absolute immunity” from legal charges related to the Capitol invasion, a defense Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe calls “a remarkable claim.” Prof. Tribe says Donald Trump answers to the American public, and that “one of the ways you answer to the people is by being held accountable for the damages that you do when you aim an angry mob at members of Congress.”
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  1. Hopefully America will learn it’s lesson , grow up, and never vote in a manic ever again.- time for new anti dictator laws to be passed.

    1. They have them it’s called the constitution and bill of rights. I know some folks don’t know this. look up the 2nd one it’s a good one for it. I’m pretty milk toast when it comes to politics but to be honest it’s the Left that’s been colder than ice.

    1. @sabin97 You don’t get to negate someone’s history nor rewrite it. Religious oppression being the cause of the revolution still stands, regardless of who was already in America.

    2. @Adam Taylor Thanks Adam. Our education system has clearly failed where she is. Its a country wide entity.

    3. @Eddapults Tab Very true. And where I live, here in Colorado, fell under the Mexican Purchase “Deal.” At least Seward’s Icebox turned out to be a pretty decent deal for us. This is great stuff 🙂

    4. @Antony Stringfellow to add, the Americans decided after rejecting a monarchy to instead have a president with more actualised powers and authority than the Monarch they had just revolted against.

  2. Anyone who expects or demands immunity from laws prohibiting criminal behavior should automatically be disqualified from any democratic election. How much more of a giant red flag could they possibly put up?

    1. @Just lina Yeah, sure. That’s why Biden always took the train home, rather then a chauffered limo. And I don’t think Burisma’s contract for help in incorporating in Delaware, USA – a necessity for global businesses because Delaware actually makes corporations develop good governance policies and audits them to guarantee compliance – amounted to very much, considering the work of two Yale trained lawyers.

      Now Naftgaz is different. That company had Governor Perry (R Texas) helped by Giuliani, as presenting (read appointing) a Texas oilman – a BIG contributor to Perry – on the board of Ukraine’s State owned oil company. And lo and behold, that same Texas oil man was awarded a fabulously lucrative oil drilling contract worth Billions. Yeah. Burisma is smallish and incorporated in the US. Ukraine’s State owned oil company is huge and somehow quite fond of Trump and his friends Perry and Giuliani – fond enough to put a contributor on their board and then give him a big chunk of Ukrainian oil field drilling rights, even when there was a higher bid from a competitor.

      Strange how the GOP and their trolls always ignore comparisons like that.

    2. @Cyd Oman Giuliani wasn’t in government. So the comparison is as lame as it gets. And the thing is, Biden is now dead to rights as having lied to the American people time and time again. Including in the debates.

    3. @Ignacio Couce O wow. More of the ” If you dont believe what Im saying, Im calling you a bad name” rhetoric eh? Hows that working for you over there? Thanks for the laugh buddy. Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Benghazi. O we wanted a multitude of investigations at the Federal level when it was Hillary, didnt we? What happened? Why are you melting, snowflake? Get over it! LOL. You guy’s tears taste like ice cream on a hot day. How about you all settle down now?

    4. @Alaj Belaj Yes, because we are so emotionally trapped that the truth doesn’t even matter unless it serves you or feels good. If it doesnt help your cause, its fake news. How many times have you seen this movie? you’ve been bamboozled. You dont have to admit it. Just do the right thing. When the truth doesnt matter, no-one can trust you. Think about it.

  3. Well, we could only hope that the supreme judges appointed by this would-be dictator respect and honor their duty if the responsability falls in them to deliver accountability. And that the acolites of this false idol do not shower in blood our streets. AGAIN

    1. All of those who committed violence at the capital deserve to be prosecuted as well as members of BLM and Antifa who committed violence all last year. Democrats lost me when They allowed their radicals to run rampant destroying lives and property. Then progressive DAs let them off the hook or folks like our new VP bailed them out but grandma fumbling into the capital gets the book thrown at her. I do not hold different standards I did not think Bernie was responsible for for the congressional shooting at the baseball game and I didn’t think Obama was directly responsible for the Dallas cop shooting. Trump wasn’t either. Now I a average guy look and see the censorship the doxing And canceling. I see the ruined lives of conservatives and I see the leaders of blm buying multiple mansions. I believe in America and I would lay down my life For the principles and liberty she stands for. I pray for you and this nation. Please all look up Tim cast IRL on YouTube for good conversation

    2. @Bobby Long I agree that, no matter the party, race, gender or age, every politician, news reporter, influencer, common person, should be held accountable for what they say or repeat, for the world to became a better place. Violence must be be punished. BUT LIES TOO. They allow the birth of more violence. The 1st amendment is often missused or misinterpreted. The ethics, kindness and politeness are seen as cause of shame or cowardice. I see trolls stalking the flames in every place… Miss Green is just the most visible example. It seems that in this digital era freedom and debauchery are interchangeables. So far, the burden to held our representatives accountable falls in the voters, that had to make a real effort to listen and compare every bell, because they tell us only half of the story. Because the specialty of the milennium is to show things out of context. It is hard to see the whole picture. I am tired.

    3. @Bobby Long BUT ATTENTION: not to be confused: the Jan 6 commission ONLY SHOULD INVESTIGATE JAN 6. What happened in the Capitol and the facts asociated. The BLM, Antifa and the others NOT. Those must be investigated by the police, FBI, CIA or the autorities of the states and cities affected.
      No antifa or BLM where found in the videos of Jan 6. If the bipartisan investigation reveals otherwise, then the justice would follow.

    4. Look up John Earle Sullivan He was The Who filmed the girl get killed then go on cnn and then get arrested for incitement. He was blm I think he left later and started a new organization. I don’t have a problem with a commission on it I don’t feel like there is anything to be found. My only problem is with the double standard that exist in many cities including DC. Just remember if you work this hard to cut out the tongue of your adversary you are only proving you fear what he has to say. Much love every one just please try a new point of view Timcast irl on you tube or a podcast is good

    1. @grandma k. Hey grandma, all I want to ask them is one question. On a normal day with peaceful tourists just walking nicely through the capitol…. DO SECURITY SUDDENLY RUSH TO FIND YOU, CORRAL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FELLOW CONGRESSPERSONS, AND PROCEED TO RUSH YOU TO LOCKED OFFICES AND OTHER SPACES WHERE YOU CAN HIDE IN CASE THE INSURRECTIONISTS TRY TO ACTUALLY GET TO YOU AND HARM YOU?????

      Yep, that’s the question I’d like the trump republicans to answer

    2. @John Graboski he’ll be in prison, state or federal take your pick. So save your pennies, he’s already embezzled millions from you sad people
      Wait a minute, weren’t you the OP. Wow, you were either pretending by your opening post, or you just felt like a cheap chair. Must have been the persuasive comments of that sage, summer adventures.

    3. @Austin Douglas dear lord what was in the cocktail you had tonight? LSD I’m thinking. Alternate realities, a nice place to visit but nobody should live there

    1. @Michael Duckworth I work law enforcement in CA. I see what goes on in the streets. I see those who are convicted, how much time they get, and their early releases thanks to governor newsom and a democrat DA (district attorney). I handle crimes that “news” outlets report on which are never accurate and extremely democrat leaning in nature. I SEE everything. How about you? You never answered my question.

  4. When he lost the election he completely neglected his duty as President and that hurt the American people during a pandemic and cyber attacks. He fkd is over and caused lots of damage after he lost he let us down even further to show his character and no one should support that what he didn’t do for us. All the rinos must go people or we the American people All of Us are screwed.

    1. @Dan Chanquin Correction, agent orange claims to have won with 75 million votes, ~6million less than the actual winner.

    2. @The Alpengeist 3 million less employed after trump, gas prices nothing to do with Biden so stop your nonsense. 3 trillion further in debt thanks to trump. Trump started tge lick up in cages and separated children from their parents without taking who belonged to who. His staff told him about tge children suffering and Trump’s response was they need to be punished.

    3. Agreed. It is not about a political party devoted membership…This is about our Country. Our People who suffered at the hands of a lifelong con artist. Wth

    4. @The Alpengeist did you just recite what Tucker spew? Do you have your own eyes and mind? COVID death is down so much, communities are opening up, rising price is part of supplying chain strain due to higher demand as market open up, something Economic 101 would teach you. Please take some classes to educate yourself instead just echoing some talking points.

    5. @The Alpengeist – Of course crime went up in 2020. The orange moron did nothing to prepare the nation for the pandemic for four months after knowing it was coming. Then he wasted another month finding republican donor companies to get orders for supplies. Then he wasted more time on trying to doctor data from the WHO and the CDC rather than actually focus on things necessary to stop the pandemic (more testing, everybody mask up, etc.) People saw their bank accounts dwindle as they lost jobs and retirement savings. Desperate people had to do something to feed themselves and their families as the orange moron and the demented kentucky turtle sat on relief funds for months and months. Then in May-June 2020, he just punted the whole pandemic thing to Pence so he could go out and hold super-spreader campaign rallies with his MAGA sheeple.

      Meanwhile, George Floyd was murdered by a White supremacist Minnesota cop. The resulting protests drew out donald’s white supremacist friends to incite violence, looting, and even shootings at BLM events. Several of donald’s militia members have already been indicted for these murders, including little Kyle Rittenhouse.
      on his fictional narrative about the election.

      It is self-evident to anybody who was paying attention to what was happening in the world during 2020. Perhaps you feel smug that you know something others don’t.

  5. Legend has it that it takes at least 10 flushes to get rid of just one of old Donnie’s “official duties”..

    1. Yeah. He got rid of the swamp in DC and brought his sewer to replace it. The ‘duty’ is still floating in the cesspool he created. It’ll take decades to ‘undo’oty.

  6. The Republican Party has been heading back this way ever since the civil war, but behind closed, or slightly closed, doors until now.

    1. @Satanic Microchip v4 well, you’ve been wrong about everything and all you can do is whine like a little girl. You try some Midol for those cramps?

    2. @Satanic Microchip v4 whatever dude, look it up yourself, they didnt change overnight, all im saying

    3. @SGT Gunner If you read my original comment I said nothing about the politicians. The voter base flipped red, and has stayed there ever since. The modern republican party is the home of white nationalists.

  7. “Donald Trump just made a fundamental mistake”. No kidding. Trump will never get the immunity he thinks he will.

    1. He’s that dumb. Did Trump really think he was going to get away with it forever? I bet so, even though it’s becoming increasingly clear that he faces a grim future and prospects. He’s more than toast can be toast.

    2. @Richard Tackett I wouldn’t count the SCOTUS out, these are a bunch of textualists which is why his fake claims got short shrift from them.

    3. @Tetherball 3
      He won’t see prison if he hasn’t already, but it will damage high level followers. Pro trump have to schpiel the party line. Anti-trump won’t be endorsed by the base.

    4. @Little Dikkins I hope you are right. Maybe the court will take more of an interest in future cases involving his financial misdeeds than they did with regard to his emoluments violations.

    5. @Richard Tackett No Court is going to go after a sitting President, unfortunately in this case but there is good reason for that rule. He is now Citizen Trump with no more protections under the law than you or I.

  8. Laurence Tribe is spot on. In America we do not have a dictatorship…..yet! The former president seems to think that he doesn’t answer to the people but they answer to him.

    1. @FLASHBACKS INTO and he now has a fence up and 60k armed troops around the white house theis people are Moran and he also canceled the veterans day bike run

    2. But he doesn’t. And he hasn’t. America made him feel untouchable. He won his election with the help of your greatest enemy. You let him stay! His election should have been null and void. You let him get away with everything.

    3. @Les The thing is that OUR military would not bow to T****. This is why the attempted coup he narcissistically actually thought would happen,did not happen. He is so on his high horse that he believed these morons who rioted at the Capitol could pull this off. Ha! One thing..big thing one needs to create a coup is to have your military in your side. OUR military (and I say this with 100% certainty) would never do this. But look what happened….people got injured and killed. That’s it.
      What a big booby! He’s such a loser..sore loser.

    1. @Jerry Meeuwse i Think they put em against a wall (..which would be Deliciously ironic..), or hung from something kinda Tall. A tree, perhaps?

    2. @Jerry Meeuwse The current penalty for treason is LIFE IN PRISON, with no option for parole until a minimum of 40 years have been served, if that happened, Donald would be 114 years old before he could be paroled, sounds good to me.

    3. NO. It does not fall under the crime of ‘treason’. Read the Constitution before you make such inane claims. ‘Treason’ is a war-time crime, only applicable during times of a formally declared war against a foreign government existing on foreign soil. There hasn’t been a formally declared war since WWII. This crime is ‘sedition’, not treason. You are diminishing your own argument when you call for such laughable nonsense. It was an insurrection; it was an attempted coup; and it was sedition. Stop shouting nonsense and lies… we have enough of that coming from the members of the GOP.

    1. @Breakup GoogleNow hey so smart. Its the vax… arsonists showing up to put fire out fool. You start yelling too. Your sheep like aspect is done. The king has no cloths all false all horrible u see rise in miscarriages with vax. Your apathy disgust me

    2. @Michael Hart – so you’re the type who would launch a multi-year investigation into the skydiver’s cause of death when his parachute failed to open. Or the shark victim’s torso that washed ashore. Or the construction worker who fell from the 43rd floor of the building he was working on. To sane people, there are things that are just so self-evident, they don’t make fools of themselves asking for ‘proof’ or multi-year investigations. How many recounts of a certified election do you think you can pay for? Sixty plus like the number of court cases filed? If you’re going to steal that kind of money from your poor MAGA maggots, don’t you have better places to use it? Like finding a few candidates who know something about the law, and have sufficient leadership skills to actually govern?

    3. @WakeUpAmerican000s how lame . See dr shiva. Of some stole my kid I would never stop looking just like 2020. We won’t quit… Biden sucks regret fear sheepdom

    1. @Debbie Rushing Just ask Hillary how it feels, trump incited chants of lock her up for years making all kinds of claims about her. Did you defend her innocence also?

    2. But who helped create these delusions? If the monster keeps getting away with everything, then that does make him untouchable. America this is on you.

    1. @Carob Still trying to get Mexico to pay for a wall? I doubt it or you would have built it already.

    1. Laurence Tribe is a constitutional lawyer and Harvard Law professor. Very credible and distinguished.

    2. @Anne Goodin what an amazing just a plain speaking, intelligent man, a keeper and sharer of the simplest thing there is in this situation and the only thing we really need. Truth. Truth and facts under the law and within the Constitution. I could listen to him all day!

      The orange wannabe king, the emperor with no clothes (also no integrity, no honesty, no lawfulness, no grace, no graciousness, no intelligence, no achievements, no courage, no backbone… just a bully and a coward who lies better than the rest of us tell the truth.)

      He needs to be done. Permanently done. And the beautiful thing is he will have done it to himself.

    3. @Frenchblue8 he’s SO smart that he couldn’t even create a coup! Our military would NEVER bow down to that moron! He had his legion of morons running around scaring people and injuring and killing while he sat there for 3 hours watching it happen. You need the military to side with the moron who is trying to create a coup and this will never happen within our military no matter who is President.

    1. Absolutely right on target it doesn’t take all these jury and investigator to do this, just listen to the professor and keep it simple guilty as will be charge.

    1. Get a clue.

      Hint: Dictators don’t let opposition parties win any elections, let alone two (2018, 2020). They don’t wait to be invited by governors to deploy the National Guard, when the opposition is un-ironically throwing up an ARMED border around part of an American city and declaring independence. And they certainly don’t leave office because of a mere vote.

    2. But Americans made him feel like one, so why would he not act like one. America made this monster.

    3. @Ignacio Couce You’re complaining that the national guard was brought in after a bunch of terrorists violently tried attacking members of Congress. That’s like complaining about being thrown in prison after killing someone. What is it with the right and living in a land of delusions?

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