1. There’s something wrong with humanity when so few are allowed to make decisions that affect so many in such horrible fashion.

    1. @Pete Smith I cant tell if you are being sarcastic but I made my argument and it hasn’t be rebutted, the supreme court interprets the laws, and cases and how they apply to the constitution, thats just how it is, not my opinion.

    1. @PC 4MLC if it’s the book I know of, “Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens,” then I agree that has no place in a classroom before 6th grade and only should be read by those interested in understanding the dynamics that LGBTQ+ teens face as they transition toward adulthood. I don’t believe it should not be mandatory reading for all, but some examples regarding what LGBTQ+ teens encounter can be taken from that book as lessons of tolerance for all. It’s not the exclusive authority on the subject, as other references can be consulted for the same information.

      However, you don’t know what I’ve researched in this. It’s not widespread as you suggest. What I’m finding is a handful of cases, and in each of these cases I suggest that the parents of the children experiencing these events push back on their local school boards when they have objections. I don’t believe detailed education of sexuality should be provided in schools until at least 6th grade, as I had. Before that time, I think it’s fine to provide an age-appropriate explanation to children who ask questions about their friends’ families that they see as different from what they are used to seeing.

      What I am opposed to is a blanket law at the state level that prohibits even a basic explanation when a child asks a question of why someone has 2 moms or 2 dads instead of what they see in their family. Once you set that in law, it is much easier to expand those laws to suppress education even at the age where children are starting to become adults and need to understand what is happening to them. And in states that seem hellbent on becoming evangelical theocracies, that gets into questions on infringement on the 1st Amendment of our Constitution by a minority of the population imposing their views on others.

  2. Moderate Democrat here. I disagree with Josh Hawkey often and deeply. But I find this professor to be rude, confrontational, and the one at fault here. Let’s talk about issues and not talk over each other. Hawley – the SOB – won this debate by staying cool and unemotional. SHE doesn’t like it when people disagree with her.

    1. @Halloween Jack The fact is not being “binary” or some other liberal BS. Biologist agree life begins ant conception. How much simpler can it be stated?

    2. @tom martinez What exact words did the professor say which you think are incorrect or misleading?

    3. @MNGuardianFan If you think she was correct and not misleading, there is nothing to discuss here.

    1. @Doug LeMay i don’t get intimidated by anyone who is saying men can be women and women can be men

    1. @Ace Boog is Back what in Gods name are you talking about ? Are you one of those semiliterate Americans who didn’t pay enough attention in school to know what words actually mean?

  3. So now these days it’s controversial to say men can’t get pregnant. We are living in Madness mate.

  4. Everyday I’m given a reason to not come to this country.
    No offense guys , I just don’t want to run into these people.

  5. She isn’t the right choice to be teaching young minds. Filling their heads with biased lies.

    1. What is biased about pointing out the fact that transgender people can become pregnant? Science is biased towards truth, if that is the bias you are talking about then I disagree. But I am curious to which bias you are referring to.

    2. @Bas Engelblik which transgendered person are you saying can get pregnant? When you say “people” that is all inclusive and misrepresenting the “truth”. A female that transition into a male, still has female reproductive organs. A male that transitions into a female does not have female reproductive organs. So be clear, truthful, and UNBIASED. A female is still the one giving birth, even if they’ve transitioned into a male.

      Stating that science is biased towards truth is true, but humans aren’t! Bending, twisting, and omitting facts to fit agendas or narratives is a human truth. There is a clear distinction in who is able to become pregnant. Instead of stating the truth, the lines are erased to include everyone.

      Just to be clear, my problem isn’t with transgenders or the lgbtq+ community. My problem is with liars, period. Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, and Liberals alike. I’m calling out everyone. The only side that I care about is truth. Not my truth, or your truth. There’s only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Omitting facts is the same as telling a lie.

      Now you don’t have to be curious anymore.

    3. ​@Bas Engelblik Since the topic is pregnancy then the senator is simply using biologically based definitions. He is just asking about biological women as a whole, but the professor is sub-classifying biological women into people that identify as men and people that identify as women. This is the source of the confusion; unless you are now saying that biological men can get pregnant.

  6. I can’t believe I am going to type this but: Josh was merely asking questions. She was condescending and attributing intent that was not reasonable. He was even gracious and composed despite the aggression. The American university is in big trouble if people like this are teaching us.

    1. Rick, he was instigating her. Your lack of ability to read social cues is astounding. You act like you made a profound statement here but you didn’t. We can all read between the lines. Education taught us that

    2. Yeah, I don’t believe for a second that he was “merely asking questions”. He was asking an intentionally provocative question to bait her. He’s not stupid. He knew exactly what she meant when using the language, “a person with the capacity for pregnancy.” He didn’t need her to clarify, he wanted to back her into a corner and when she pointed out that feigning ignorance about trans people is what contributes to violence and suicide rates he played the victim.

  7. Law professor:
    “Senator, what do you call a group of transgender women?”
    “The X-men?”

  8. The title is misleading, SHE GOT SCHOOLED🤣🤣. We already know you control the narrative. You people are going down 😂

  9. So she agrees that it “impacts Women” but denies what a Woman is..Make it make sense🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. Senator Hawley was looking at this professor like, “You can’t be this ridiculous can you? Oh… You are serious?!”
    Seriously, the senator had a “transphobicsline of questioning”??????
    More like Prof. Bridges has ridiculously juvenile line of answering.

  11. Imagine being so woke that you’re a college graduate and a professor and you think that men can get pregnant 🤣😂🤦🏾

  12. This is what happens when someone denies reality, believing in a logical fallacy will eventually short circuit them in the most legitimate way. For her especially because she built her career and identity off of her fake social issues and now she truly believes them. When probing questions make it deep to the core of her ego you’ll see the crazy in her eyes as she throws every bit of her being to project the lie, the delusion, the confusion that attached itself to her because she was too weak of spirit to stand up to the truth and accept it, and that’s how someone loses their minds.

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