Lawmaker responds to Taylor Greene's tweet about transgender daughter 1

Lawmaker responds to Taylor Greene’s tweet about transgender daughter


Rep. Majorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) tweeted an attacked Rep. Marie Newman's (D-IL) 20-year-old transgender daughter after Newman displayed a Transgender Pride flag outside of her of office which is directly across the hallway from Taylor-Greene's. The two lawmakers are at odds over a piece of equality legislation that Taylor-Greene opposes.

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    1. @Naira Renault but it’s ok for Ted Cruz to use his daughters as an excuse to go to Cancun and abandon his supporters while they are freezing and without water. It’s ok for MTG to go to someone’s school and harrass them. Take your idiotic thinking and shove it

    2. @Kevin the Duck Men have a biological advantage over women? Yes, men can be stronger, but that’s simply not always true. There are plenty of female body builders that can take a man.

      Also, plenty of straight men are victims of domestic violence by a much smaller woman. Professional football players have been battered husbands.

    1. @David Burgess so we should ignore
      woman’s sports, woman’s history, and woman’s rights, got it thanks for not answering the question and deflecting.

    2. She does believe in the fact that there are only two genders. Everyone should accept this scientific fact

    3. @Ana Perez That’s what I’m wondering. They said Taylor Greene’s tweet is about the other other congress woman’s “transgender daughter”, but all I see is her putting up the sign. What am I missing?

  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Trust the science”
    Also Marjorie Taylor Green: “Jewish space lasers started the California wildfires”

    1. @Jimmy Ray A little less time worshipping a malignant narcissist and sociopath and pathological liar and con man would help.

    1. I’ve got feeling that a congress person colleague of hers is so gonna one day throw her @$$ out the d@mn window. She’s right now just seeing what she can get away with. But I’ve got that odd feeling that things with her actions are gonna escalate with somebody one day. It honestly looks like her only purpose of being there is to antagonize other lawmakers.

    2. Because America is a democracy or are you saying that anybody who you don’t agree with just gets ousted based on your feelings?

    3. It’s so confusing to me I though he was totally out of there. Guess I don’t understand much about how it works.

    4. @Thyalwaysseek you know everybody’s entitled to their feelings but when you’re putting up signs like that you’re crossing the line if I do that at work I definitely would be fired

    1. @Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise why not?
      Also, well done catching that I did.
      I fully admit that one of them is actually pretty justified and one of them is just flat out insane… but they both got in the mud and did incendiary things.

    1. @Smooth Operator i don’t think identity changes every day thats a bit broad. But I value including everyone also.

    2. You make less than 80k a year
      You have multiple failed relationships
      You have more debt than capital
      Your parents are divorced
      You have failed yourself most of your life

      I will garuntee i got 3 out of 5 right, prove me wrong!

    1. There has to be some really heavy science used to trust is someone can build a space laser with AI that identifies as Jewish.

    1. Yeah its ironic that the sign says there are 2 genders which is biolocial fact and you babies get triggered like the media commands of you.

  2. Petty Green smh. She has too much PAID time on her hands. She should’ve been removed from office and payroll.

    1. Does Greene even have a basic knowledge of American history, politics, economics, jobs/working conditions in her District? Does she have anything worthwhile to offer?

  3. You don’t win against the sociopath next door. They eventually escalate their behavior until they destroy themselves and she’s well on her way. Just stay out of her way, focus on your positive work and let it happen.

    That being said, good for you and your approach—it serves us all and I am grateful. I’m so sorry for her disgusting and reprehensible textbook sociopathic behavior. What an awful and disgusting thing to have to endure. You and your daughter have my sincere sympathy and support. stay strong!

    1. MTG is the ugly, ugly, UGLY new face of the Republican Party!

      To be fair, all congress people should keep their decorations inside their own offices, not out in the halls.

  4. MTG should resign, PERIOD. She’s too hateful for my taste and the people of Georgia should have never elected such an evil person SMDH

  5. MTG’s “really good friend” was one of the Capital insurrectionists! Filmed himself inside and made sure everyone knew he was a Trump supporter, not “antifa”!

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