The Lincoln Project is imploding. Here’s why. 1

The Lincoln Project is imploding. Here’s why.


The Lincoln Project is a well-funded group of “never Trump” Republican consultants who banded together to fight against the Donald Trump’s reelection in 2020. Despite finding huge success early on, the group is now dealing with a series of allegations against one of its co-founders, followed by a set of high-profile resignations. In his latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains what we can learn from the Lincoln Project’s implosion.

Scoop: The Lincoln Project is becoming a media business

Lincoln Project under fire over handling of sexual harassment allegations against co-founder

How a leading anti-Trump group ignored a crisis in its ranks

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Resigns, Citing ‘Grotesque’ Behavior

Inside the Lincoln Project’s ‘toxic’ workplace

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    1. @William Parks
      How in the hell can you compare a lying, thieving, narcissistic, egomaniacal, con-man to Biden? Biden is totally sincere, compassionate, trustworthy, empathetic and level headed. You sheeple just like being amused by a clown that pretends to be rich and tough. It’s all a con. Trump’s the biggest snowflake I’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing. He’s been a con-man his entire life. Inherited millions of dollars and opportunities. Never done an honest, hard days work in his life. Handed everything, and you think he could ever relate to hard working Americans? Give me a break. You’re delusional.

    2. @William Parks Can’t believe you’re actually defending Trump, but then again his cult has regretfully seduced countless others with his lies. So you want answers? Will you acknowledge these answers or will you simply scream fake news in reply? Nevertheless here they are. Trump mocked mask wearing, bashed scientific fact, clashed with Dr. Fauci in particular whose outstanding track record dates back to 1984 under Reagan (funny how only Trump disliked Fauci but the other 6 presidents both Republican and Democrat alike that he’s served under to date gave him high marks), he held super spreader rallies, frequently spread misinformation and lies about Covid, sat on news about Covid back in February 2019 as the Woodward recordings prove but did nothing, he bashed news agencies for continuing to cover Covid, he downplayed the hell out of getting Covid himself despite getting airlifted to the hospital, and well there’s countless other facts but I’m sure you’ll dismiss them all since you love that pro-virus lunatic so much. SMH If that orange buffoon had actually worked with scientific experts and planned accordingly, we’d be a lot better off right now and he’d have coasted to re-election. But he didn’t, he sacrificed America to that damn virus. So think about that and face reality.

    3. They’ll all be in labor camps, hopefully, after Trump returns to power following either court decisions or civil war that overthrows Biden and restores Trump to his lawful position, and of which he’ll makes amends by declaring Martial Law and toss all leftists in FEMA-run camps under Rex 84, which he SHOULD have done to begin with!

      Never-Trumpers have no future. They are traitors, plain and simple. They need to be incarcerated.

    4. @Eric Aberle well it’s pretty easy considering that all those things you just claimed describe Trump are perfect discriptions of Joe Biden. I’m not saying your wrong on Trump I’m just asking why democrat voters are willing to give Joe Biden a pass for doing everything that Trump is accused of? Are you just unaware of Joe Biden’s bad behavior or what? I mean I would not be mad or shocked if that was the fact. I’m just not sure why it is acceptable for Joe Biden to be worse than Trump. It’s a bit confusing.

  1. stilll they were great on making people realize that the constitution is something extremely important to uphold…and that Trump was a huge threat!!

    1. @therealhumanguineapig Dems plans (and some Republicans) violating the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th Amendments. Unlimited executive authority over people’s churches, businesses and homes for the sake anything they deem “public safety.” If they survived your lockdowns, you tried to get them with your riots. Despite the sarcasm, everything in the previous comments are the actual philosophy being pushed and used whenever convenient as a power grab.

    2. @Susan Wikiwiki – With this particular statement (and the last one as well, frankly) you are only offering your opinion and guessing. Please try using facts instead please. Thank you! Blessings!

    3. @therealhumanguineapig I’ve got plenty of problems with Bush and Grant (as far as the political corruption and cronyism). I guess I’m not a very good Republican either.

    4. @therealhumanguineapig Yet the “Republicans” CNN is now buddies with are the establishment ones who did those things.

    1. @M Hall – about gas prices, there are many factors why this is occurring. Google / fact checking is your friend.

    2. @Charlie Harper
      Biden’s a mess and Trump isn’t? lol! Biden has done more to improve life for the average American in a few weeks than Trump’s done in 4 years. It will take decades to straighten out his mess.

    3. @M Hall
      You know the president has no influence over the market value of oil, right? Regardless of Trump’s lies. Google it. Gas prices only dropped because of the failed Covid response from the Trump administration. No demand for gas lowered prices. The economy was in the crapper. Now that the economy is improving, gas prices are going up. That’s a no brainier, just like Trump. Nice propaganda though.

    4. @Bat Boy
      Right, Trumpsters just parrot what they hear on alt-right propaganda outlets. The president has no influence over the market value of oil, but they never research anything, just parrot what they hear on FOX narrative.

  2. They achieved their goal as part of a larger movement to bring back civil society and democracy to America.
    If any of the group is resurrected through necessity, much will have been learned by the processes of LP 1.

    1. Civil.. by launching targeted psyops at people. Nothing civil about these grifters. They played you all and wilson will use the same tactics to push GOP agenda in the future. LP isn’t altruist in any way.. it’s an exercise in pettiness and identity fundraising.

    2. They were a marxists organization funded by George Soros in his attempt to bring down the western civilization. That someone can still be as naive as you are is just incredible.

    3. @Mikkel Petersen Hang on, one of your buddies above says they’re funded by Putin. The problem with you lot is you can’t get your lies straight.

    1. @Joshua Joe
      Maybe if you bothered to look at the cases brought on by Trump or his legal team, they all dealt with the Constitutionality of the way. The states high courts bypassed the legislatures. Many states’ legislatures made many changes to accommodate for the pandemic. But the high courts bypassed their rulings (unconstitutional, only state legislatures can make any changes to the manner of elections in the respective state) and made their own accommodations.

      If you read justice Thomas’s dissent from the recent SCOTUS ruling, he lays it out for you. Kavanaugh made the same dissent in other cases based on the constitutionality

    2. @T Electronix
      How would you or the courts know? They never gave the time of day to hear the evidence. But if you pay attention to the battleground states, there’s a lot going on in regard to the election

    3. @godzopaf
      Funny thing is, any video link or articles detailing the fraud… will be removed. So, the burden of research falls on you. Everything I or someone else will link will just be removed.

    1. @Jemel Shahid funny… we say the same thing about y’all. Except we got the guns and restraint. Let’s see how long the restraint last.

    2. Not really. Those ads were much like what media does. Pandering. The audience was mostly people who don’t like Trump. They were very ineffective and a lot of the donations did not go into the videos either.

    3. @Nernat Bentley They’re past behavior/rhetoric created the pathway for Trump! Wrong that be the Democrats, 2022 a lot of Democrats will be voted out.When you have a dysfunctional president, that is incapable of answering question off the cuff without a Teleprompter. His handler’s whisk him off before anyone can ask questions or flat out refuse to answer. Biden has been signing all those executive orders and has no idea what the hell is in them is going to catch up with the Administration.
      Pretty soon you will have Kamala Harris making all the calls to the foreign leaders and Someone will knock over Biden’s cardboard poster they will bring out they’re Big Gun ,another Obama Retread roll back the curtain, the (Wizard) Susan Rice will emerge calling all the shots, the High Level Global Puppet Masters will tell her exactly what to do. Going to be a rough road ahead. Trump 2024! Save America Again!

  3. The only reason I can giggle at some of their videos I because I know it’s a sign the party is eating itself alive. Sort of a ouroboros thing.

  4. We finally have a President and Vice President that are Forthright instead of the ones that were trying to be the Fourth Reich

    1. @frank hayles he’s literally got one good finger he can type with, therefore can’t spend the time you and I can to make what he writes sound as intellectually pleasing. that was a low blow, but i wouldn’t expect any different from you far left lunatics. you talk blm and transgender pronouns but are so quick to be hypocritical. leftism is a mental disease.

    2. @ghostsintheforum No suprise you believe the crap people post it’s something to do with belonging to a cult .FYI I type with one finger to princess.

    3. @frank hayles you don’t type with one finger, that was just a cop out way to weasel your way out of harassing someone about their disability. speaking of cults, the dems will now force women to compete against men, force women to share women’s abuse shelters with men and allow puberty blocking drugs to be administered to children. so I guess I’m part of the cult that isn’t mentally insane so thanks for the compliment. imagine, a liberal calling someone a “princess” lol. that was kind of a anti-gay rhetoric, in thought you liberals were against that kind of thing?

  5. They served a great purpose to keep us liberals sane during the terror reign of the crazy king! I thank them for this no matter what happens to the organization. Never before could I have thought I would fall in love with so many republicans. These were the sane ones. Where are they now in congress. I wish them well and thank them for their perspective. God bless them.

    1. The only difference is how one cleans house really, theres almost no way to 100% prevent the wrong persons from joining an organization but how a group takes care of it and tries to prevent it matters.

  6. I’m glad they helped when we really needed it. Their ads were timely, targeted & effective. Freedom – priceless.

    1. @Maria G. – That is not true…the progressives said that about their ads only because they wanted a piece of the pie.

  7. “Casting people as either heroes or villains… misses the real story” Exactly. Celebrate the good people do, call out the bad, but don’t pretend either doesn’t happen.

    1. As if other media and networks didn’t do the same or worse. I did like Jennifer Horn and wondered why she did not have a show. They still do a good show with good guests. I hope the reform and survive.

    2. @uppgrayyed Bad arguement, pal:
      You require us to ignore those who Trump DRAGGED onto beds throughout his life.
      You have sailed into Stormy waters similar to Daniels abuse in the lions den of biblical account.
      I understand that others suffered in that Imperial arena, and their statements presented.
      Such a comment, with the casual diminution of the disgusting nature of such actions complete with total absence ofconsideration of the huge damage physically and emotionally to the abused diminishes you in my eyes. Significantly!
      Abuse is abuse, be careful when mocking abuse as it reveals more about you than the other abusers who are typically much more cautious in their written record than you have been.

    3. @labboc – Good points. Although one thing that I can say is that Trumpists pretend that the bad that Donald Trump did, did not happen. They think that he walks on water and that he’s some sort of god.

    1. @Margaret Wordnerd Republican Voters Against Trump. It’s a YouTube channel that posts self shot videos from regular people explaining why they were not voting for Trump.

      Edit: It appears they may have changed their channel name to The Republican Accountability Project

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