Lawrence: Supreme Court ‘Crushed’ Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Lawrence: Supreme Court ‘Crushed’ Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


The Supreme Court unanimously denied Donald Trump’s effort to overturn Pennsylvania’s election results. Lawrence O’Donnell says the court told Donald Trump “you are out of your mind.” Aired on 12/8/2020.
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Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of "The West Wing," Lawrence O'Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. O'Donnell convenes diverse panels of guests, including a variety of politicians and cultural voices, to offer unique viewpoints and perspective. In his signature style, O'Donnell highlights the latest news developments and offers his take on the political stories driving the national conversation.

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Lawrence: Supreme Court ‘Crushed’ Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Let me guess….the Supreme Court is part of the “deep state” now? Trumpsters live in an alternate universe.

    1. @Baron Eagle Since America is a total disgrace to democracy. Maybe you should pack your bags and leave this Country, that would be a splendid thing for you and the rest of you Chumpanzees to do. I will start a gofund me account to raise money so as many of you as possible can leave the USA.

    2. @Gordon J Alley trump is a threat because he’s doing what the democrats didn’t want to do. Bring our jobs back from China and end Zionism

    3. @Mr. Beefy
      Um…… you do realise that Trump‘s daughter is Jewish right? And that she has products manufactured in China which she sells to Americans for 1000% profit? So much for your anti/Zionist bringing back jobs from China theory. I used to think that people who supported Trump were merely uninformed. I’ve change my mind,…………….you’re from another planet.

    1. @Danny Ball I am a non partisan voter I am neither i represent a democratic republic, and I respect you as a Republican, you yourself are a part of the republic, the country is a democratic republic meaning you vote who put in, democrats have the same rights as republicans do. It’s always been about being at each other’s throat I just wish somehow they can agree on something and BOTH stop trying to corrupt the system. I’m not going to deny it was shady but there is nothing to prove it in a court of law in this point in time that would effect the outcome unfortunately. Merry Christmas to you to man. I don’t believe in the weakening of either party I prefer a balance.

    2. @Danny Ball no problem, though we may not agree to everything it’s always good to be civil. Hindsight I may find myself voting republican again as I did in 2016 depending how I feel this election goes. The president is important, but I feel who governs the state is of more importance. Just remember the Supreme Court still leads republican, 6-3 even if Biden wins his powers will be extremely limited in changing much.

    3. @Dustin D. Not only do Republicans have a 6-3 advantage at the supreme court…they also hold a delegate advantage in the house ….27-21. Fraud eviscerates everything…one vote per state. I love the constitution. Peace brother…Americans together,…divided we fall.

  2. All narcicist are sore losers and they will retaliate on those they think are responsible for them losing.

    1. ​@Cobain Cowboy Dang, you are full to the brim. trump is a disease. Money laden or Bankrupt not the issue with trump.

    1. @John Dough Are you kidding me? You think those crank circus hearings in Pennsylvania and Michigan provided solid evidence? See, you’re delusional, like every other one of you in his stupid cult.

    2. Pretty sure he already pardoned his family, or was trying to. Weird, since why would you need to pardon your family if they aren’t even convicted yet or if they did nothing wrong.. hmmm.

    3. @John Dough
      “Do your own research”!! Doing one’s OWN research has led to all kinds of crackpot ideas and ideologies. Fools simply don’t know the truth when they hear, read or have it spoken to them. You should know how all of this goes. You are as your cult!

    4. They tried that…it was called impeachment with no evidence…opinions are not a crime….there are hundreds of people in those 4 states swearing under oath with affidavits of the voting laws and rules broken!

    1. @Brian Nave Please go do actual research. Posting links like that, proves your ignorance. Move on to another conspiracy theory.

  3. I think HIS team tried to insert fake votes, that’s how he even got this close.
    The best form of diversion is to accuse the enemy of your own deception.

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking for weeks now. I wondered if maybe Trump sympathizers changed votes electronically just enough to win, yet not enough to create an obvious number discrepancy. And then do what they always do… accuse the opposition of their own sins.

  4. “Let’s see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right”… and they did.

    1. @Leona Schulman Exactly!! Where are they??? Republicans forgot all about that as soon as the election ended…What does that tell you?

    2. @mikey fiftythree Atta boy Mikey53. None of the lying,cheating and stealing he did was enough to destroy democracy. But, seeing all that he MIGHT get away with I was worried he was going to get away with the presidency too!! I’m still a lil nervous, too many pubes still haven’t admitted Biden won.

  5. trump loads the court and yet they wouldn’t even lower themselves to trumps level. Maybe there is some hope for America.

    1. @AbsoluteTruth LOL, still clinging to hope eeh? Trust me, it is over. The jokes in the White House ends on 19th January, believe that.

    2. @AbsoluteTruth ” Look how they parrot their overlords the fake news” is literally a projection of your own inability to think for yourself. Watching you try to make a valid point is like watching a bird trying to fly through a closed window; you’re both too stupid to see what you’re doing wrong. Trump lost, get over it snowflake. I’ll make sure to come back here next month when Biden gets sworn in so I can laugh at your feckless delusions one last time.

    3. It is a country run by laws, every single day. Each and every justice has lived that ideal, and never veered from it. The law is more important than the President, and the law is the only thing that keeps the country free.
      Trump can appoint all the judges he wants to. They might be nice to him, schmooze with him, do what’s required, right up until they’re officially appointed. Then it’s all over. They are from that point on, American judges. Not Trump judges.

    4. @Cindy Tener Not even the Supreme Judges he appointed are supporting him as they know there is no fraud. And now because you don’t get your way, you want a civil war? That’s called treason. And no, the American people are not ready to go to war. Only sick delusional trump supporters would even suggest such a stupid thing. You really need help.

  6. Trump should be jailed. He’s taking down the country because of his hurt ego. The level of this, really is deplorable.

  7. They passed the test and had the COURAGE to do what was right by the LAWS they GOVERN! Not Fake News Hoax Laws made by you

    1. Now if only we can get our mailboxes and sorting machines back his plan to grind the post office to a screeching halt failed he mad big time.

    1. hmmm i guess u are ok with being a communist country ? im canadian so im not biased and the stuff thats out there is obviously hidden from u . why does the bidens get millions from china . why is he a millionaire on a polotician salary ? i see communist america coming from all the way here . i have seen just the other day a chinese professor telling in his lecturehow trump stood in their way from their goals , and said biden rumors in america are true , and once biden gets back in office they can continue to work with biden to reach their goal , then cnn ceo and bidens advisor went to a chinese conference with the leader of china and it was about communism and how thats the only way to have a country work together ! does your news tell u these things ?

    2. @lori pip well ahut up, you’re making Canadians look stupid….we will never have a donny dump cult here…just a few losers who think donny is smart

    3. @Łã Føñđ u sound like a typical abusive democrat …..and a lot of canadians i know love trump ……let me guess your a trudeau lover ?

    4. @MRnewkTrane you are absolutely right and I was glad even the Supreme Court couldn’t save him. Laws need to change and Americans need to keep voting in droves. That’s how our voices are heard.

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